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Yoai Wirter Seeks Partnership with Artist. (paying)
bloodygem at 2:05AM, Dec. 6, 2013
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Hey, everyone.
My name is Ruby, I am 30, and I work for Gray Haven comics, and have been published before.
I am offering a partnership with the right artist all profits 50/50, I am currently waiting on a trust fund
to clear and then I will have 5k to sink into the comic. When the money
clears I will be giving you money for the work you already did, so yes,
you will have to wait to be paid, but yes, you will be paid.

I have
bios, scripts, and plot outlines all ready to go. I have plans for
marketing and for merch, I have fans I can bring from other novels I
have written. I have plans for cons and a street team.
It's going to be a hell of a ride.
story is called Blind Angel, and it is about a truly open world,
meaning that supernatural beings are known to exist by the whole human world, the other Nations are governed by the supernaturals, and humans and the Others live side by side mostly in peace.
However, dark forces are gathering down in South America, as Zia the King of the Aztec vampires is planning a war.
The first volume will cover the leads meeting and falling in love,
the second volume will cover a jaunt into the Fey world, and the third
Volume takes us on a trip all over the human world, with the leads
running from the knives of Blood Moon, a group of assassins sent after
the vampire Queen of America after she severs her secret ties to Zia.
if you think you want to commit to the next big thing, hang out with a
cool person and a lot of cool fictional people, then email me at
No PMs or comments here please.
LIFELINE COMICS at 3:23PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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