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HA Trade Paperback Vol. 1
Abt_Nihil at 7:13AM, Feb. 12, 2014
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I'm currently in the process of preparing HA Vol.1 for print through indyplanet/ka-blam. If you have any suggestions regarding content, I'd be glad to hear them! What's certain is that it'll include web chapters 1-6 (i.e. print issues 1-5), the #0 issue, all illustrations from that era I have on disk in some shape or form, and new front and back covers by Josh Holley (lineart) and myself (colors).
So far, I've approached irrevenant for fore- and afterwords, since he was instrumental in creating the HUniverse wiki (he's also done a massive amount of work restructuring the forums these past few days). Rather than approach more of our contributors individually, I thought the best thing would just be to ask here in the forums whether any of you would like to create anything - articles highlighting the making of HA or individual chapters, pieces on HA characters, additional artwork, timeline & background info, whatever you can think of.
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cdmalcolm1 at 12:39PM, March 30, 2014
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A few Ideas you can look at below.
Fun Facts from other artists and writers about the page could be one Idea.
Promos about Vol. 2
AN Ad about artist invites for future issues.
short interviews with artists, creators and writers
Plans for our future heroes and villains
Crossover possiblities or spinoffs,( which I think I may do for HA. very much like what Ironhand is doing with. but with my own little twists art wise.)
Power Meter for the HA and HU universe. ( I pre wrote one with scales 0 to 8 )

I can not dedicate a lot of time on a lot of stuff but I can add things here and there. 
Abt_Nihil at 10:02AM, April 2, 2014
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Thanks a lot for your suggestions! These would all be pretty cool, I think. Going through them one by one:
Promos about Vol. 2: I can do these myself.
An Ad about artist invites for future issues: Great idea, will also do this!
Short interviews with artists, creators and writers: I'd love to have these. Should make an ad on the main site to motivate people to do these.
Plans for our future heroes and villains: Hm, not sure how spoiler-free we could do these… and they could be combined with the promos (above) into a “promo section”.
Crossover possiblities or spinoffs (which I think I may do for HA. very much like what Ironhand is doing with. but with my own little twists art wise): Can you give an example?
Power Meter for the HA and HU universe. (I pre wrote one with scales 0 to 8 ): Yep, that would be interesting - care to share? :)
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irrevenant at 11:32PM, April 2, 2014
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Some great ideas there!

I still think a HUniverse timeline would be awesome too, but every time I start thinking about it, my head hurts. xO  (Does the HUniverse run on real time? A sliding ‘the past ten years’ time window like DC? Something else?).

I started a reading prerequisite list over at the wiki too (ie.  What order to read the comics in) and that scrambled my brains as well. :/  Should HA6 be read in chronological or series order, for example? Should ‘The New Guard’ be read before most of HA (ie chronologically) even though it isn't actually out yet?  etc. 

With regard to a power rating system for HUniverse characters, I'm of two minds about it. It'd certainly be a useful reference tool, but it'd also risk straightjacketting us in future, especially since we're dealing with characters from individually-written comic titles.

Unless we're doing a HUniverse role playing game (which would be *awesome*, BTW) I'd suggest keeping any power levels to fairly vague ‘classes’ to allow writers leeway in writing them.  Supers' relative power tends to vary a lot depending on whether they're having a good or a bad day anyway.  Who would win in a fight between Comet Kid and SHELL? Between Relik and Amalgam?  Between Kaine and Bujin? Or Kaine and Peligroso? Depends on the circumstances and who's writing it. 

All that said, there are official power stats for both Marvel and DC's characters, and that doesn't seem to stop writers being flexible with it, so… 
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Abt_Nihil at 8:21AM, April 4, 2014
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What about this timeline here? http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/forum/topic/173625 It hasn't been updated in a while, but has some important info. It's safe to say that HUniverse time passes considerably slower than real time, but may make occasional jumps. (This has been creating problems for me on Bombshell, where I reference real events, but I have to keep Bombshell's age more or less the same. Thus, I use a combination of the DC method you mention and a bit of fictionalization of real time.) According to the timeline linked above, Heroes Alliance was already established five months after Heroes Unite had been established. The paradox would then be:
(1) HU#1 happened in 2007
(2) HA#8 happened in 2013
(3) There's considerably less than six years separating HU #1 and HA #8.
Of course, we practically don't have to insist on anything like (1) and (2). I think the most important thing for a timeline is that the events are related to one another plausibly, and that's been established.
As for the reading list, could you give me a link, please?
Regarding a power meter, the result would not be binding, but much like the timeline provide some important info nonetheless.
irrevenant at 3:23PM, April 6, 2014
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I can't find the reading list now. :(  It's possible I didn't save it - I did it on the wiki so it should be there otherwise. 
Abt_Nihil at 4:22AM, April 13, 2014
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Pity - I didn't find it either :/

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