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Who would win?
irrevenant at 6:14AM, Aug. 16, 2014
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Because every superhero forum needs one of these. :D
Who would win, out of:
* Shell and Iron Man?
* Relik and Iron Man?
* Titan and Wonder Woman? 
* Comet Kid and Green Lantern?
* Mr Imp and Plastic Man?
* Azumorph and Plastic Man?
* Bombshell and Black Canary?  (Bombshell's hard to find a match for, but that one should be interesting…)
* Bleeder and Witchblade?
* Peligroso and The Demon Etrigan?
* Sparkle and Wonder Woman?
* The Bujin and Lady Shiva?
Or any other matches you'd like to throw into the ring…
cdmalcolm1 at 9:23PM, Aug. 27, 2014
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Honestly, I think the well known one would win in most cases. I can't see Shell beating Ironman or Comic Kid beating Green Lantern. Titan maybe strong but have you seen wonder woman lately? She's kicking ass and taking names. Since when she became soooo strong that she with stand punches from darksied.

The only one I can see winning is Azumorph vs. Plastic man or Mister fantastic.
Why Lady shiva? Why Not batman vs. Bujin? Seeing the way how some of them (HA), handle issues and problems some look not prepared. I might be wrong.
irrevenant at 12:08AM, Aug. 28, 2014
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I tend to agree re: SHELL.  His suit seems a fair bit more down to earth than Tony's.  What about RELIK though?  His suit is alien tech that has been shown to be able to fairly effortlessly level a city.  Thinking about it, the current Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) might be a better match for Relik…

Titan is really hard to judge, unfortunately, because she's had very little opportunity to cut loose.  About all we really know about her is that she's supposed to be very powerful, and Energize easily kicked her posterior during his “eats gods for breakfast” phase (though she lasted a little longer against him than anyone else, including Deuce).  The fight against Ms Ari's goons got shut down too fast and the big fracas in HA7 was such chaos it's hard to see what she actually did.

I chose Lady Shiva rather than Batman because both Bujin and Lady Shiva are supposed to be the martial artist supreme of their respective worlds.  Lady Shiva has kicked Batman's posterior.  Plus they're both pure martial artists without bat-gadgets and things confusing the issue…
Abt_Nihil at 6:59AM, Sept. 3, 2014
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Hm, Bombshell doesn't have any super effective long-range battle technique, so Black Canary's sonic scream could give her a run for her money. But if Bombshell could evade it and get close to her, she'd have a good chance at knocking her out :) Black Canary is probably fitter, but Bombshell's glove would make up for it. Plus, Bombshell can take a hit or two.
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