16: long walk

kalliikak on Oct. 16, 2006

so… my computer died. the really really dead kind of ‘died’. motherboard or ram or something must of burnt up cause all i can get is the black screen of death. tried formatting… even tried installing a new hard drive, but the trouble was deeper en all that.

anyway, bought a new computer, but it took a while to get here. got a labtop for convienance sake, though i see that the whole ‘screen color’ issue hasn't been solved in the seven or eight years since last i purchased a portable pc. meaning some of these new pages might have really dark coloring or extremely odd contrast (odder than usual, i mean) this will last until i get around to hooking up an external monitor to check all the colors, till then, just let me know if the images are too difficult to see.

any rate, lets see if i can get these comics rolling again (i expect the scanner is planning to die soon, seeing my luck of late *grins*)

thanks for reading.