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Yeah…I'm really below average.

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Real name: Tuyet Nguyen
artist name:Yuki Kuriyami

location: nc,usa
age: not old enough

art sytle: shojo-anime
history of drawing: I have been drawing since I was about 4 ...

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The Names Kris.
I love vampires ^^.
They are so smexy.
Im kinda.. Wierd obviously XP
I love music.
Mainly rock.
I also love anime!
Cause im kool like ...

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Hi, No I am not a real midget; don't ask me. Other than that I just joined this place due to Elenawing's great works. Oh yeah, and I ...

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I've been drawing for a while, but it was only copies. One dark, gloomy day, i began writing WHATEVER the heck came into my mind, and thus, TWORP was ...

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 Dave Ivan Alcantara {デイブイワンアルカンタラ} Deibu-iwan Arukantara) born August 26, 1998 in Philippines is a male Filipinio manga author known for the -running series The Golden - Rising  The Golden- Rising  is ...

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