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Hello everyone. I am brand new to this site. I discovered it while looking through Deviant art. My dream is to be a comic artist but I could never ...

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I am mainly a comics artist/writer and a musician.  My main comic project is Molasses, but I have some others I'm also working on.  I might post them ...

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Name: Victoria the Fox

Age: 15

Species: Fox (Duh.)

Gender: You really think a guy would have a name like Victoria?

Side: Good, but I have my moments.

Height: 5 ...

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Well, I'm Victor.
I make comics, usually sprite.
anyway I found this site and I wanted to share my comics with the people here.
Well thats me for you ...

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Hello everyone, I look forward to participating in assisting anyone on any comic ventures they might have. I am new to the business but not to art work. I am ...

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hi my name is Chris V i started making web comics in
2003 with Chris V presents… but i didn't take it as seriously as i
thought i would ...

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