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God its been quite a few years since I last logged in, but obviously that didnt keep me from keeping up with a comic or two, but alas looking back ...

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My real name is Jason and if you hack me a thousand fire swords will stab your heart… at least I think so… Curse you State Farm!

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OK so pretty much I am a new comic writter. I am hoping to make at least one comic a day. I also hope to get better at making them ...

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Romance and comics, which don't really seem to coincide, are my great passions.  Contractor, student, artist, author, and maybe professor some day.  Things that describe action, not people.  Hopeless ...

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Hi im the Artist or going to be the artist of one of the Coolest team ups ever in comics using a
couple of diffrent characters
with lots of suprises ...

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Hello I am Teodor N.K. a.k.a. Worldtaker, TKalamov, Spiro and hundreds of other names. I am a big fan of WoW, I've been playing it since ...

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The continuing mission of the Obscure Gentlemen is to deliver an off beat brand of humor most nerds can relate to. We are equal opportunity offenders and will make fun ...

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