Chapter 6 Page 13

Abt_Nihil on July 1, 2010

Oops, she really did eat him! Okay, so time for talking is over…

Fun fact: I added that creepy smile in the last panel because without it, it had seemed more like the engine-things were attacking her.

Voting for this year's dd awards starts today! If you'd like to vote for signifikat (which I'd encourage, since this is probably the last chance for my baby *sob*), I'd recommend the following categories. If my memory about statistics serves me correct, concentrating votes on fewer categories should be more helpful than spreading them out over all categories - but of course you're free to nominate my comics in any category you like! ^_^

Best Dialogue

Best Sci-Fi Comic

Best Overall Story Comic (I'd be flattered, but you should know that this is a lost vote! :P)

Most Deliciously Offensive Comic (not sure I've been that offensive, but depends on what you find offensive, right? So I guess you should only vote here if you're not sure. I could think of a bunch of comics which would definitely “out-offend” signifikat any day.)

Best Layouts in a Comic

Best Black and White Art

Best Completed Comic (signifikat will be completed in three days, after all - however, if Shades ends soon enough, you might as well give your vote to Shades. Then again, Shades is gonna win anyway, so you might as well vote for signifikat - well, I'd be extremely happy about a nomination already, and losing to Shades is actually an honor ^_^)

Best Writing (again, just go and nominate Shades already! :3)

Best Philosophical/Spiritual Comic

Best Adult-Oriented Comic

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DAJB: Dawn? I could arrange for noon! (Students…) :P (Suffice to say, thanks!)

Fitz: Well, frankly I have no idea what was so creepy about Metropolis, but I do have to admit I was very much influenced by Akira. That part where Tetsuo grows into this huge organic mass at the end will haunt me forever! You might catch another few nods to that scene on the next pages.

Obo Biber: Thank you very much!

JNP: Haha, ummmmmaybe?

alejkhan: Just the beginning of the end, I guess. One of the later beginnings of it.

Nepath, Zephyrion, mmm bacon0: Thanks!