SS5 page 59 Kirsty

skyangel on July 25, 2014

Becky showed me a post by the Duck this week which says something about handling control over to the community that have supported it for so long. I can't really quite picture how that will work but it does sound like very promising news. I know the staff who run this thing are very dedicated and passionate about making it run well and I've seen evidence in the past of that frustration of wanting problems fixed and being ignored. This was a really great site when I first came here and it was only since the revamp that was supposed to cure all the old bugs that everything seemed to fall apart. Despite all that though, this has always been our main home and even though I started loading the comic elsewhere at it's lowest point I did always hope the Duck would get back on it's feet again, and it has certainly felt much more promising in the last year for sure. Loading is sometimes still a bit slow and the stats so badly needs sorting out still but I was really pleased to hear this news and it will be great to see the Duck taking prominence again among the comic websites.