SS6 67 Ron's Confession 5

skyangel on Feb. 17, 2018

Ron's clearly losing sight of the big picture and becoming fixated on getting his own way, as well as letting his feelings towards Laura's mother cloud the situation.

Becky raised the question of timeline during our conversation last night which was a very good point because clearly Sarah is floating around somewhere at this point. I always follow a timeline to make sure that events fall in a logical and realistic pattern, so out of interest
Sarah would still be with Janey at this point and probably just started her first job at the Smallwoods dept store. And although they will all eventually come to meet the elderly piano teacher May (who lived at the same flats as S and J) that's still a few years in the distance.
Bonus points if you recognised the two oddball girls here that Sarah dated after she split up with Janey, clearly together at this point even though Sarah dates them seperately later on. No doubt they freaked each other out as much as they did Sarah! ;)

Next Week: No more hesitation or cold feet for Ron as he finally delivers Laura into the hands of his hired thugs and she gets to see what they have in store for her!

Have a nice week :)