SS5 p66 A day on the lake

skyangel on Sept. 12, 2014

  I feel your frustration here, believe me! lol  I really wanted to do this page though as I'm an incurable romantic and wanted to try and get across just how close these two really are despite the fact that they seperated. I love the pressure it puts on Sarah too! lol  On one hand she has Alison who pesters her and Lucy who seems unattainable while Janey is a constant reminder of a relationship she so wished would last forever. But Janey cheated and that's a tough hurdle for anyone to put behind them let alone the fact that Janey is in another relationship now as well. 

Ohhh and we have another gorgeous fan art from Eleanor A this week, this time of Janey looking very hot! XD Just click back a page to view it :)

Next week: We find out Janey's little secret. hehe
Have a nice week all :)