SS5 p88 The Spanish Date

skyangel on March 20, 2015

If you thought last week's page was confusing then…ouch! lol This is the last of the dating pages and it was inspired by an experience a friend of mine had which I found so funny I wanted to include it. I did hesitate about whether to go ahead with it or not as it may just be too hard to read but it's done so I thought we might as well show it. I've put the Spanish translation below so that at least you wont be half as confused as Sarah is! Many thanks to BO from SJ for doing the translate for me too :)
PS: I've also replied to all the rest of the comments from last week too now.


Panel 2: told you I wasn't going to wait forever and you didn't believe me did you?
What's that? You think I'm making all this up just to try and make you jealous?
No I'm not with my sister! Hold on one moment and I'll show you.

Panel 4: Yes, and she's absolutely crazy about me! She texts me all the time and tonight
she told me I'm definitely the one for her! We were just discussing which
one of us should have the first baby.

Panel 6: Oh I love you so much! I love you, love you, love you!!!