SS6 p55 Ron's story 5

skyangel on Nov. 12, 2017

Just to clarify: Before Lucy was born, Ron had an affair with his bosses wife Catherine but when she discovered she was pregnant with Laura she decided to end the affair and let her husband believe it was his child to save her marriage. Ron knew nothing about this until she contacted him 8yrs later with a plea for him to adopt her daughter as she herself was dying of cancer.

As we discussed last page, the truth about who is Laura's real father still remains to be proven but for the time being Ron is happy to believe he is, despite the problems her arrival has caused. His wife Helen has her concerns about the truth but now she's aware that the girls have formed a more intimate relationship it's clear she has to rethink the possibilities!

Next week: As Ron avoids the situation, Helen takes steps to keep the girls apart!