SS6 84 An agreement is reached

skyangel on June 16, 2018

Kim mentioned in her comment last page that she thinks I'm quite brave for putting so much of myself into my story and it reminded me of how I felt before posting the very first page.
I've always credited Patricia Grullion for being my inspiration because it was her comic ‘Friction’ here on the Duck that set me off from the very first. Her art and writing touched me so deeply that I felt an incredible urge to follow her same open approach to making comics. I wrote the basic script for the first chapter in one evening and then did the art for six pages but when it came to going live I felt extremely vulnerable and nervous about having been so open. I was pretty convinced the general reactionto my main character Sarah would be that she was just a self-pitying teenage whiner, so I helf off posting for almost a week before finally taking the plunge.
To my relief though so many readers across the world related to Sarah's thought and feelings that it was a huge lesson for me and in a strange way the old addage ‘Art imitates life, life imitates art’ is quite true because putting myself out ‘as art’ was testing the water and when I felt comfortable enough to go in deeper it reassured me that it was okay to keep sharing all my personal baggage.
In return it has made me stronger in real life too because I'm far more outspoken in my views now and honest about admitting my weaknesses and mistakes because Sarah has shown me that a lot of people will agree with my perspective on life and what fun it is being human rather than feeling like I have to pretend I'm something more impressive than I really am. You can't win them all, but knowing you can say something stupid and not curl up in a ball for having spoken is an important step to learn.

Next week… As DV quite rightly pointed out last week, Sarah's incurable quest for truth will inevitably cause her to discuss the strange events at Carlingford with Laura and that in turn will lead the story back to a very interesting conclusion. ;)

Have a nice week! :)