SS5 p68 The journey back

skyangel on Sept. 26, 2014

  The story so far:    Sarah has gone on holiday with her friends to stay at the home of her ex(Janey) who is now settled in a new relationship with a girl called Kirsty. Sarah has no plans to win Janey back or break up the new relationship and she can't forgive Janey for cheating on her in the first place but over the course of the week she is beginning to realise just how much she misses her company. At present, Kirsty is at work, Nikki and Leo are in Edinburgh and Sarah and Janey have spent a whole day together..alone.
 I'm sure you must all be getting tired of rowing pics by now! lol  Next week though the girls are back with the group as Sarah ponders this new insight into Kirsty. ;)

Eleanor's lovely fanarts are now in a seperate gallery and this week she's added a really super one of Sarah with the Loch Ness monster!!!XD
You can see them all here: