SS6 p21 The Curse of Carlingford 8

skyangel on March 18, 2017

The Curse of Carlingford:
Lenore was a young gypsy woman of vague origin who was happily roaming the countryside with a travelling sideshow until the night they parked up on Lord Carlingford's property. Carlingford was not only very hot
on ownership rights but also prejudiced against gypsies too, so he instructed his gamekeeper to round up a gang of thugs to drive the gypsies away but things got out of hand and both her husband and child died in a horrific blaze. Lenore's particular gift though was some mystical connection with crows which gives her the ability to use them as her loyal servants. Carlingford is now aware of this.

“…And each seperate dying ember wrought it's ghost upon the floor.”

Next week: Carlingford dies.

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