SS5 p193 An Odd Conversation

skyangel on June 25, 2016

I've had two really strange events occur since introducing the crow which I think are worth mentioning. The first happened when I was inking that large crow pic and I was home alone, half daydreaming, and it was beautifully peaceful and quiet until a bird suddenly smacked into the window just three feet from my face. It has happened twice before so I know it's not that unusual but the timing was perfect on this occasion as my thoughts were quite naturally on the bird I was working on.

Then this week while taking a break from the comic I decided to put some stuff up in the loft to clear a space in my study and I'd only been up there a couple of minutes when a large black bird of some kind suddenly emerged from nowhere and began frantically flying back and forth trying to find a way out. Apart from the initial shock I wasn't too scared but my main panic was the thought that it's claws might get caught up in my hair or that it might just crap all over me in it's panic to find a way out! So I hastily came back down again and I haven't been back up since, but a couple of times I've heard scraping sounds and odd noises which suggest it may still be up there. I haven't told my other half yet as I know she wont sleep at night worrying it's up there still!

I'm not suggesting for one second btw that the storyline is in any way linked to these incidents but it's thrilling when writing future pages to be inspired by such events and have a real life event to relate to as well!

Have a nice week :)