SS5 p73 A rude awakening

skyangel on Oct. 31, 2014

  I know it was naughty of me to do this but for those of you who maybe concerned it was never meant to be a rape fantasy. The idea in my mind was that Sarah went to bed with strong urges that have built up inside her during a lovely romantic day with her ex and the conflict in her mind about the morality of wanting sex with her that led to a dream where she could enjoy having sex with Janey but be able to shed the guilt by being able to say ‘there wasn’t much I ould do to stop her'. So Sarah was never really saying ‘no’ from a point that she didn't want sex with Janey but on the principal that they would be cheating on Kirsty.
I apologise to those who were upset by this scene but at the same time I've been very impressed by the amount of passionate views that came out as a result of it. It shows how seriously many of you relate to this comic and it's storyline.