SS6 76 Reunion

skyangel on April 22, 2018

I've been asked by a teacher friend of mine this week if I would give some kind of art lesson to the children in her class. At first I was quite excited about the idea as it sounds fun and I'll get paid for it but having thought about it more I must admit I feel rather lost on how or what to do with them.
I learnt art through a process of studying the objects I've had the desire to copy and then progressed to trying harder to capture the character of that object, or how it affects me emotionally. This to me seems like the best and only rule you ever need to follow. From my earliest pleasures of defacing books by drawing on the end papers or going over beautiful b+w illustrations with my crayons I've always gone where the fun is and not the science. To this day I still glaze over when people start talking about colour wheels and complimentary colours etc. I used to read books talking about using brushes on Bristol board yet found ink pens on copier paper perfectly suitable for my needs. I love to learn things but at my own pace and in my own direction which is now why the art above is a combination of pencil drawing, over inked, and then scanned in and worked on as a digital image. Each stage feels flexible enough to allow me to play around but change my mind if I'm not happy enough, like with the music notes here. From what I've observed of other artists, we all have our own routines and methods for making our art and that's such an individual thing that I'd feel very arrogant saying to anyone, especially a child, ‘That’s wrong, you should do it like this.'
I don't think there is ever really a wrong on the outside, it's the way your art makes you feel on the inside that counts.