SS5 31 Sarah buys some bread

skyangel on Jan. 12, 2014

    And next week:   Sarah buys some teabags!!! lol   It was lovely to see so much enthusiasm on last weeks page! :)  I had thought that running with a down to earth romance story might feel a bit tame after the murder investigation but then they say you should write the stuff you like to read and I've felt for a long time it would be really nice to finish with the sort of romance story that started this comic off in the first place.  
    Another lovely surprise this week was winning the Best Romance award on DD!! Being as we took a six month break last year and then came straight back for a mere 5-6 pages before the Duck crashed badly I hadn't expected us to get into the voting list at all and that would have been understandable but still some of you voted us in on this one category anyway and the judges made a really lovely remark that made us feel really special so thanks to all of you always for your support. Next week there will be a special extra bonus page just to show how much we appreciate the lovely connection we have with the readers on here. 
Okay nuff said, have a nice weekend :)