SS5 p36 Discussing Lucy with Nikki

skyangel on Feb. 21, 2014

Hi everyone, sorry for the long delay in updating, it was a very messy week last week and as Becky already mentioned, I had lousy internet at home too so by the time we were ready it seemed best to just upload today as normal.
I've been trying to work out how to put a Facebook button on this page but as per usual the Duck refuses to behave so I've given up again for now. I'd really like to get regular readers hooked to that if possible though as it's a good back up for when we have site probs here. This is the best I can do to link so far:


(Just click on the word and it'll take you there!:)
Love to see you there, and you'll get to see the really cute Sarah and Janey dolls too! :)