SS5 p38 Getting over Lucy

skyangel on March 8, 2014

   I know it looks as though Lucy is out of the pic for good but as someone pointed out, both girls live locally so the chances of them meeting again are pretty good. I wanted to pull the girls away from each other for a while too so that Sarah can date some other interesting girls.  
    Although the main storyline is pretty much set in stone the wonderful thing about doing this as a webcomic is that it gives me the chance to listen to your views and preferences and that really does help influence the final script writing especially when I realise some characters could do with more focus  than others.  Janey's a clear example of that. I've naturally given her a real back seat in this chapter as she deserves to be put on the naughty chair but I know there are a few readers who have missed seeing her around so it would be interesting to hear your views on her after reading this page.
Have a lovely week :)