SS5 85 New friendships..maybe more!

skyangel on Feb. 27, 2015

As you may recall:  
      Sarah's friend Stacey stabbed her long time abuser in the thigh after he attempted to rape her and then with the help of her boyfriend Ryan it turned to murder. When the police investigated the case later on, Sarah was hauled in a couple of times for questioning after evidence implicating she had been there at the time came to light. PC Jenny was overly enthusiastic about the case being her first time involved with a murder…much to Sarah's annoyance!
      Nikki is a transgender female who recently split with her wife and is now facing a more open and adventurous new life but still looking for love, the same as Sarah. 
   Congrats to Bear for guessing it was a policewoman even though he had doubts over the length of her nails! lol  You could be right though, I never checked the regulation length beforehand!   I also loved the idea it could be May, now that would have been a twist and a half! lol doubt the question on everyone's lips this week is: ‘Is that barmaid’s dress white and gold or blue and black?' ;)
Have a nice weekend guys! :)