SS6 pge13 Tea and Cupcakes

skyangel on Jan. 21, 2017

The story so far: Since moving into the family home of her girlfriend Lucy, Sarah is convinced the house is haunted. At first she assumed it was Lucy's previous partner who died there in mysterious circumstances but now she is not so sure! An old lady Sarah met a short while ago said she had heard stories about the place and Sarah has now decided to visit her and find out what they are!

I find empathy a very interesting function of the brain as it's quite a vaguely defined area of study. We've all met ‘tactless’ people who seem to be unable to relate to anothers feelings or situation, however tragic or emotional that situation is and it's obviously easier to relate once you've experienced the same situation yourself. In the other direction though you do get people who either rightly or wrongly over-emphasise and say things like ‘I can imagine what you are going through’ even though they have no experience of it themselves.
An interesting aspect that I've heard about over the years, is that children who have grown up with domestic violence often have a more highly tuned sense of empathy than normal, no doubt from a need for self-protection.
I don't dismiss animals here either as there is much evidence around that pets etc are also very tuned in to an owners moods and thoughts!

So being a true ‘empath’is an interesting notion and I don't know how many people would claim to be, although I imagine there are many. As always though I'll leave it up to you to decide if you think Sarah really is in tune with the spirit world or just having her imagination fuelled by an eccentric old lady!

Have a nice week! :)