10th Anniversary Retro Cover

skyangel on June 25, 2017

In the 10 years we've been doing this comic we've turned out 595 pages, and at an average of six panels per page that's a rough total of some 3,500 individual panels of art in all! I imagine every artist probably has their own particular favourite panel too where they feel they captured something more than they originally intended and the one above is mine.
From the earliest pages, I always felt the facial expressions were the most important part of the panel, as they not only express as much as words do but also help define character too. A simple smile or frown is easy enough, and pain and anger are also fairly straight forward for any artist but capturing the look of love is something else entirely challenging so I probably work harder on the romantic panels than I do anything else as I feel a strong desire to try and nail those feelings as best as I possibly can, and in this particular panel I felt I did.
Nikki so often wrestles with her love for Sarah and the rejection she feels in return, but in this moment I felt Sarah's awareness of Nikki's pain brought out much deeper feelings than she had ever expected to feel towards her best friend, and although not a look of love in the most romantic sense, it still feels like a look of very deep affection to me.

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