SS5 p102 Driving Home

skyangel on June 26, 2015

   The used bookshop in panel three was one of my favourite haunts while I was at art college. In my first year I didn't know anybody and being shy I found it hard to force my company on others so when I discovered this little gem just ten minutess walk away from the town centre I spent many happy lunchtimes here and bought most of the arty books I now own! 
    The guy who ran it for at least 30 yrs died a couple of years ago and it's my one regret I never took the photo of him in the shop that I'd always intended to ‘one day’. The shop was his life though and it's nice to thing he died while the business was still thriving and not just forced to close by the lure of his customers towards the Kindle and ebooks.
Have a nice week :)