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Hey there, my name's Ryan and I'm big into sci-fi and folk music. Cool huh?
I'm currently hard at work writing a legitimate sci-fi & superhero universe with a few partners but I often find that in order to keep from getting burned out on that, I need other projects to keep my creative juices flowing.
I work on two books, called ‘The Elect’ and ‘The Faint.’ I write both of these while fully realizing I won't have to draw them - that I'll have to find a skilled enough artist and I won't have to worry about it. So, recently, I figured with my extra writing time, I would write a simple story with the intention of having myself draw it. So in order to come up with a story I was to draw, I figured I'd sit down and see to what extent I can do this act. 
Let's get one thing straight. I write. Music, scripts, comics, stories, etc. I write, that's what I do. I DO NOT DRAW. I found this out real quick when drawing the first original pieces for this story. 
At first, I wasn't even going to bother hosting it here. I really created it as a way to pass my time. It's crude, sophomoric and completely silly. The drawings I did are not good - and I was having trouble believing anyone would want to see them. Then I remembered my own fascination with ‘bad art.’ I love the “Bad Art Collection” by Jhonen Vazquez and I'm a huge fan of Daniel Johnston who draws incredibly bad art - though it is in that quality that his pieces truly become incredible. I'm in no way comparing myself to these guys, but I figured I would at least offer up my silly stories for anyone interested - just in case there was someone out there with a similar fascination. 
Anywas, I just figured I'd fill anyone wondering about my book in. I should start posting it up by the end of January, if not much sooner.
Is the crudely drawn tale of three mediocre super-heroes who are recruited by God and his CIA-styled angels to join the ‘Ultra Mega Heroes’ and protect the Earth's “future” from any and all possible threats. It's up to Ultra-guy, Ninja Boy & Bruiser to pull off this task as they meet a colorful cast of characters including Super-Babe, Super-Babe's Ugly Sister, Lion Lad & the fan favorite Muscle Mouse. You don't want to miss this ACTION, FUN AND ACTION!

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