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Barry Reviews Webcomics - A parody of comics that take to reviewing other comics. A cynical look at comics by a cynical man. It is now being written by Harkovast. Read and enjoy!

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Now a serious comic. Dead Serious.
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This is a real comic no seriously read it it'll be fun.

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these 2 bros just like do stuff

Gamesfield is the unoriginal fat cat, he's an asshole to those that provide for him and is unable to discern between fact and opinion. That's right, he's a gamer.

In the world of Harkovast, magical races battle for survival against the Nameless armies of the West. Betrayals, intrigue, warfare and unrelenting bloodshed will determine the fate of all nations. Epic fantasy adventure, with furry / anthro characters.

Pop culture references. Every day banalities. Characters randomly bursting into song. Skewed romance. Jokes about rape and racism. Grammar jokes. Dick jokes. Sometimes clever, sometimes stupid, always weird, and there's an oddity for everyone.. possibly.

Retro-sureal comic about 2 creepy guys and their wonderfull adventures :D

An artist without inspiration goes out to forget about his frustrations, only to find that the life outside is neither his life nor real. Done in watercolors, markers, pencils, photoshop and more.

A comic based on the badass Mega Man team.

Looking for colors that work well together? Can't get out of that BLINDING RED on HOT PINK look for your character's hair? This one's for you.

Warning: Comic Contains Spoilers. This comic is an overall parody of the entire storyline of the video game, Persona 3. Follow the MC's life both personally and professionally. Hope you enjoy it.

The story of two fellows who are destined to blow up the ocean or die trying.


A comic about gamers and gaming, and a psycho PS2 that wants to take over the world.

The Kuzunoha name has been passed down for generations. But when a sudden tragedy befalls the 18th Raidou everything falls onto the shoulders of a high school screw-up named Johei. Is he really worthy of being Raidou Kuzunoha the 19th?

This comic is a rip off of many things.

An autobiographical comic about me. It chronicles most of my senior high school year, my freshman year of college and soon my sophomore year of college. Updates daily.

Now a serious comic. Dead Serious.

The Ghostly spirit has taken control of Bowser and it's up to Mario and Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction.

Two die-hard gaming roommates and a girl take everyday challenges to the extreme.

Uncle Billy is a bearded badass who shoots Pokemon out of his crotch. This is his legend.

Bodies in the street, killing over head Marvel at the sky, as it turn blood red Peelin' caps back til the white meat show This is natural, for the little Afro Pressure bust pipes, minds is feeling up And when I lay it down, you ain't never getting up Revenge is on my frequency dialing Prayers for these fools, well it ain't worth wilding You say that you a Samurai? Whatever I'm fueled with my father, he's inside me forever Ya'll ain't never seen this greedy young boy Not constructed by girls, by games, by joy See I'mma think for ya, I'mma think for me Out think the enemy, constantly It's murder on the rocks, slinging niggas on the roads Citizens take cover as I shit on patrol When they see me, they say 'Who that over there?' Just a lil' dude with a head full of hair Just a lil' dude, not a god damn care Just a lil' dude, so you best to beware Phony niggas talk bull, but I know they don't kill And they know it's for real, but I hope they don't squeel They hold me bigger than a bull, to left my home alone grail Only trigger that he pull, is on the hungry pope drill Show you how the coke feel, four in yo dome, now go chill He ain't never gettin' up like O did with no pills V.I. pop stars, I'm strapped like Bokeem Gettin' shot, pa, no turn back with those keys Try'nna shop hard, bigger than obese And I say I cop cars, I ain't talking bout the police Nigga broke, pockets look like the ears of Odie From Garfield, know how my heart feel Winter Benz, stop the rims, do cartwheels Now I'm the Man, like Meth from Park Hill Bring a pound, cuz I smoke trees, a little hash too Break ya down, so I can put weed in little capsules

Harkovast and I Fell Down The Stairs give honest reviews to brave volunteers and their comics. A new review every Friday.

Following the daily events of a young woman with the mind of a mentally challenged 5 year old and the dream to one day become a "real artist", Vice and Virtue celebrates stupidity in all its shades and shapes.



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metabad at 3:47PM, May 28, 2011


metabad at 3:47PM, May 28, 2011

bad jokes cut and paste and i thought my stirp was bad at this you are the worst if you what to do and cut past job use you own art not others

metabad at 3:46PM, May 28, 2011

Yoh Larty

Locoma at 9:36PM, March 24, 2011

and what do you mean you don't know what "sucks" is? It's a serious comic!!

Locoma at 9:35PM, March 24, 2011

more super seinfeld super comic or I'll end you

metabad at 5:49PM, March 15, 2011


Errick at 2:11PM, Dec. 31, 2010

Larry! You're my second first-friend on DD -- an honor!

darkpower101010 at 12:36AM, Dec. 31, 2010

Wait, really? I haven't left you a comment yet? RIDICULOUS! HAVE A FREE SAMPLE OF MY SUPER FREEZE BREATH!

I Am The 1337 Master at 8:27AM, Dec. 29, 2010


Strain42 at 4:09PM, Oct. 22, 2010

My name is J.C. Scott, and I approved that comment...hope you approve this one. You do some pretty damn awesome work yourself

Shadeblade_01 at 9:12AM, Sept. 14, 2010

Thanks so much for the comment on my comic. I am very serious about improving the art/writing. I hope you like all the future changes. Anyway! I love your comic, but who doesn't? :D Thanks for adding me as a friend as well. I hope we keep in touch~

Limzee at 8:24PM, Aug. 8, 2010

Hi-lo! Thankies for the add! :D

DrLuck at 9:37AM, July 11, 2010

Thanks for the add!

altprom at 12:10AM, May 31, 2010

Hey, thanks for the friend add!

DarkChibiShadow at 7:46PM, Dec. 10, 2009

No worries, I'm not on msn a lot just cuz I do a lot of drawing- but when we catch each other on magically then we will talk. Why yes, I am a lizard-man and I planned the internet to make people satinist. There are no women angels because only us demon-lizard-men control them to make you do bad things and put them up on churches. Even if it's recent like the internet, it's still connected to satanism, that's just how us lizard-men roll.

metabad at 5:19PM, Oct. 4, 2009

No that cannot be.

metabad at 12:25PM, Sept. 23, 2009

I am the evil!

harkovast at 5:03PM, Sept. 19, 2009

Thanks for the ad! Glad you are enjoying the web comic review, your support is greatly appreciated!!

Locoma at 12:15AM, June 23, 2009

what's up, Larry?

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