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Sooooooooooooo … I'm a 15 years old girl from Argentina who really likes comics and drawing :D haha, but, that's no interesting stuff xD haha…

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This is a story of two teen girls who happen to have magic... And yes, they have red eyes :D
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My first webcomic, made with my friend, of us, haha, hope you like it!
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It's jusht some drawings of mine and stuff like that, some of them are fanarts and there are anothers that I make based on characters from books, soo, I hope you like it! :D

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A comedy/adventure/fantasy story which refuses to try and cash in on WoW or D&D. Currently in Chapter 13 - Mordrolvia

In a collaborative effort spanning three nations, comes the fantasy epic of our century: Fate Running Wild - In which the lives of four somewhat dysfunctional protagonists take a turn for the strange.

It's got more Vikings, Rainbows and Narwhals then you can can shake a reasonably priced stick at. After all, wouldn't the world be better and more interesting with an excess of those three things?

Hocusha, Sorceress for Hire. Very helpful but expects monetary rewards. A girl gots to eat, you know.

Follow the adventures of the dark witch Meryl and her werewolf minion Gin as they fend off overly affectionate vampires, rival witches, dangerous dungeons and annoying village kids looking for adventure.

Chaos ensues when Kuro Shimizu finds a boy passed out in the rain. He brings him home and when the kid wakes up, he has no recollection of his past. Though he may not remember, his past remembers him and bizarre things follow him to the Shimizu's house.

High school shenanigans. Humor. Action. And surprise tests.

This story follows the interesting, strange, and in some cases eccentric staff of the Cafe d'Alizee as they wander through the trials and tribulations of life. They may not know where they are going, but they have four important things: love, life, coffee, and cake!

The world of Terra is plagued by a living nightmare in the form of an angelic child. Ancient beings that give Terra life can no longer control what they have created and the only way to awake from Terra's nightmare is for the planet to die. This is the tale of a girl created solely to assist a planet with it's own suicide.

In a world where fantasy and magic are reborn, only one man stands for the ideals of knighthood. He is Terry Lingal, the Errant Apprentice.

Castalia has been kidnapped by Circe. Her fate is unknown to Kane and the others. Her absence makes everybody feel uncertain and lost. Until a Messenger from the witches shows up on a golden ship to communicate what Circe's intention are and now it's up to Kane to do anything he can to get Castalia back.

Your father rules the West, your brother rules the East. Where will you run when both of them are after you?

Kikyou has a man crush on Matt. But is it really just a little man crush? Or could it be a man crush of epic proportions!?


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