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Comic update: Random..
If you got a sprite comic to be advertised PM me..
Appreciate you guys still come and check out my comic. Sorry to disappoint you guys that I stopped updating, I'm willing to pass it down to anyone else though.
4th December 2010.
I'm still checking around
1st Jan 2012

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A Naruto Comic with tons of cool jutsus

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The redone version of the old Forte Battle Network with new characters and totally original jocks !

A more mature PoKeMoN sprite web comic following Fire Red/Leaf Green's plots BUT with a twist, done completely in Photoshop! Those twists are a lot, seeing as I'm not even at 100 pages yet, and I'm still in Pewter City.

Simon is just your average Southern California slacker, coasting through life with no direction. One night he is visited by a mysterious being who drags him into a life of adventure... whether he wants it or not.

Bowser stops kidnapping Peach, but Mario isn't happy, because now, Mario has no job, or a hobby. So, Mario needs to do something with his life. Updates on Monday.

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