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I'm Renee
You can call me Ren or Scorpio!
I'm 23 going on 24 and a big kid at heart…albeit a foul-mouthed big kid at times. lol

I try not to take crap from anyone and I try not to dish it out to anyone. I like to be carefree and chillax while joking around and having fun. I like to make friends and I try to always be around in one way or another in case someone needs to talk or what-not.

I'm a goofy shortish blond,brown and black haired hazel-eyed Cherokee,German,Irish and etc woman.

Anything sweet is my personal shame seeing as I can never say no to cupcakes and pastries ;o;

I love art, the whole genre its self completely. It was my first and truest love!

I love to create art especially for friends.Which is why I may end up collaborating for a bit before breaking off to do my own thing.

Well that's about it for now, if you have any question at all snd me a PQ!

Later taters!

AIM: Ruikurodai
Yahoo: Alize_r2


More About me

Interests: Gaming,art,,manga,design,
sushi,comics,Travel,foreign things,Sweet things lol

Horoscopes Water Ox, Scorpio

Music: Gigi D'agosstino,Mono,Gackt, Buck-Tick, Yoko Kanno,tegan and Sara,Lordi,Iced Earth,Tarot,Falkenback,Sonata Arctica,Skinny puppy,Nyhm etc etc etc

Movies Noir,Horror,80's,Suspense,Psycho-Thrillers,Japanese, etc etc

Television: Most of anything on Adult Swim, my computer is my Tv so whatever I find interesting on there hahah :)

Books Alice in wonderland,Willy Wonka books,Calvin and hobbes,Lovecraft novels,Poe books,Godchild, Cain Saga, Rurouni kenshin, Shonen Jump, Shojo Beat Wecomics, Webmanga,etc etc etc

Fav Color cobalt

Fav Food Asian food :3

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A Final Fantasy VII doujinshi featuring Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi and Red XIII.

Welcome to the world of Hestonia. A mature comic with elements of renaissance, dark fantasy and industrial fantasy. Join the Chronicles as they tell snapshots of Hestonia's history, present, past...future...

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The Satoshi at 5:30PM, Sept. 8, 2009

Thanx for b'in my friend!! ^^

Ateljux at 2:44PM, Aug. 20, 2009

Im fine thanks ^_^ and thanks for the add too

amanda at 7:24AM, Aug. 20, 2009

Someone else who knows who Gigi D'Agostino is! *falls over* ^.^

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