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Questions that should be asked more frequently

Who are you?

Me, Why? don't you believe me?

Why fish?

Because i have a fish tank next to me.

Why not use more known characters like Sonic or kirby?

Because i like originality and freedom. If i did a comic with pokemon or sonic or kirby then its not a original idea most comics on here are about them. Although i will use edits.

Will i read your comic?

Well chances are that if your on my friend list i check your comics all the time, If your a friend of someone on my friend list then i might eventually see it and if your a friend of a friend on my friend list then i will sooner or later

Why are these questions that should be asked more?

Because on every known authors page there is a commonly asked questions section and i felt left out despite not being known

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A whole bunch of adventures that get more exciting as time goes by

A gladiator trained to fight only for himself begins a new life amongst the chaos of the future. As he tries to carve out his new niche, he encounters many beings both good and evil, magical and mechanical. Let's see what happens.

SEASON 2! The prodigy of Omega Tau and Ren are going to be born soon. Things seem fine and all, but some people from O.T.'s past have come back to hunt him. WARNING! Rating Raised to Mature!

Just to prove logic makes no sense.....

basicly it's what the name says... no questions asked.

A Surviving Diamond and pearl comic. It is done Entirely on paint. (i won't waste my time trying to find other software)

A Sonic sprite comic that is 3 years in the making. Join Sonic and his friends as they go on hilarious adventures to strange for the video games. Prepare to enter the insanity that is Sonic & Tails Corner. Please? you know you want to.

Eggman has been mysteriously Kidnapped! Mobius is in war. Who is behind all of this?

In their free time, the Dimension Travelers take up storm chasing. See if they have what it takes to drive into the heart of a twister.

Joe pulled the short straw when it came to getting caring, unsarcastic nice people for best friends and instead he's stuck with Nick...

A group of friends, fresh from the edge of Mobius's Badland region, move into Onett, where Sonic and his friends are living life, unsuspecting and unprepared. New heroes, old heroes, and the crazed existence that is typical of Mobius...Let's watch.


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Rayqui at 12:19PM, Dec. 28, 2009

Yeah, probably. I'm, like, the Jesus of the Scrambled Style, or something. Are you gonna make such a comic, too ?

Rayqui at 11:44AM, Dec. 28, 2009

Well making my comic was probably the best thing I ever did. XD

Rayqui at 9:14AM, Dec. 28, 2009

DUUUDE. SCRAMBLED STYLE HAS GAINED OVER YOU TOO :D I like your hair, very orignal :)

Tifa Valentine at 5:44AM, Dec. 2, 2009

If you want any help with your comic(s), tell me and I'll do my absolute best to help you!!! ^__^ ~Tifa~

Salamar at 1:05AM, Nov. 19, 2009

If you want me to do HTML for any of your comics, including this new one, Let me know.

El Moss at 2:29PM, Nov. 13, 2009

Even though I forced you to do it, I'm loving Nick and Joe being recommended. :P

Tifa Valentine at 2:32PM, Nov. 2, 2009

Ex. Mark of Insanity, Team Dimension: Underground, Fighter House, March of Insanity, etc... Something like that.

Tifa Valentine at 5:40PM, Oct. 28, 2009

Are you ever going to make a comic with our sprites? I know you made some sprites! I've seen them! ;P Lol! I hope you feel better Tayo!

opdisk225 at 6:24AM, June 18, 2009

Email it to me at:

opdisk225 at 10:21AM, June 11, 2009

Hey Tayo!

opdisk225 at 11:16PM, June 10, 2009

If I make and aquatic animal sprite can I join the comic?

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