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I make Manga.

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Based on the fanfiction by Squirrelking of Updates daily.

no longer updating here . go to-------------

For years the world has been helpless against the Nephilim, yet there is hope as a new empire rises to save and unite the nations. Will the Empire be able to recruit the heroes it needs? Are their intentions truly noble? Only time will tell...and me.

A science Professor hires the help of a few people to work in his Lab. They get sent on far-out missions and get sucked into Kung-Fu fights for the fate of the world. Interweaving plots and lively characters make for an action and adventure filled story.

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VinoMas at 10:07AM, March 10, 2013

I'm BAAAAAAAACK!!!!! Did you miss me TCB? My new comic is called Your's actually an interactive comic on Facebook where fans answer survey questions on what they would like to see next, then I make it happen...Your Choice...I think you will like it. Check it out!!! I need to get caught up on all your work and your accomplishments...I haven't posted since 2006 and here you are working your arse off as always. You are a comic hero!!! :D - VinoMas

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