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Tremble in fear! For The_Emperor is here! =O

Welcome. These are the tales from my Toyverse. Basically, think TOY STORY… but not limited to just Disney stuff. =D

My collection is pretty huge so I cannot feature all of them in my comics. But there are particular favorites I tend to feature…


figma Mikuru Asahina: Curious, insecure, and often prone to getting herself into unfortunate situations. Tends to get tormented by other toys in The_Emperor's Toyverse due to her silent, innocent nature. (Note: She is special since she is my first figma. =3)

figma Mio Akiyama: Very similar to Mikuru in that she is easily scared. Mio absolutely hates macabre or gross things and cowers in fear whenever such topics are brought up. As a result, she fears pretty much all horror figures in The_Emperor's Toyverse.

figma Yui Hirasawa: She tends to be more secure than the other girls and is the most outgoing of the three.


figma Adult Mikuru Asahina: A future version of the young insecure Mikuru from the future. She arrived to hopefully protect Mikuru so she's not tormented as much. She's secure, sexy, and not afraid to fend for herself or start fights with any toys that challenge her or her past-self. (Reality: I love Mikuru so much I had to get her adult verson figma as well. =3)

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Diend/Daiki Kaito: Selfish, scheming, and often the minion performing the dirty for other (evil) toys. Diend is a self-proclaimed "treasure hunter" who will go out of his way to get what he wants. He also has a hidden soft side that emerges only occasionally. Is a skilled Iron Chef of the ingredient Sea Cucumber.

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Joker/Shotaro Hidari: Cool, stylish, and "HARD-BOILED". Cares for other toys who are weak and cannot fight for themselves. Has a tendency to be overly confident and cocky. Absolutely hates being called "HALF-BOILED" by others. Is a skilled Iron Chef of the ingredient Egg – especially hard-boiled eggs. XD

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In The_Emperor's Toyverse, figma Mikuru Asahina has a tendency to get herself into various unfortunate scenarios and often becomes the victim of other toys. Mikuru is occasionally joined by figmas Yui Hirasawa and Mio Akiyama in her misadventures.

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When the master is away, the toys come out to play. From playing their owner's video games to surfing the web on his personal computer, they live a life outside our own, only doing what a toy does best: having fun...for the most part. Updated Tues. & Fri.

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