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I'm a 57 year old, retired, happily married guy who loves to write stories.
I've always been an artist, always drawn things for as long as I can remember, from crude stick figures when I was about three or so up to airbrush work on Japanese silk stock. I've used a lot of media.
I worked for Warner's back in the eighties doing dougas and cel work for their animation studio back in the days when that studio was in Burbank before they outsourced it all to Korea.
I was also a freelance commercial artist.
Sadly, I began losing my eyesight about five years ago to glaucoma. This meant that I could no longer render by hand on sketchpads or canvas, a state which broke my heart. Still, the power to create and the Muse will not be denied! Where there's a will there's a way, as they say.
Enter the computer age.
My eyesight isn't good enough to let me render works by hand, even on a digital tablet but, thanks to a very fast computer, a huge 28" high resolution monitor, digital graphics rendering software and a rather complex video game with lots and lots of modifications and custom content, I've been able to create, which always was and remains my one great passion in life.
Although this is a comics hosting site what I do could more easily be called graphic novels which run in parts and tend to be rather long. Such is my creative process.
Also, the stories I create tend to be rather deep in their content. Hence, they're not for everyone but that's okay. I write what I like.
I hope to start posting my stories here, soon, and I do hope you enjoy them, even as much as I enjoy creating them.

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The year is 2005 and secret genetics labs around the world have been rooted out, exposed and shut down. What remains of these labs are the beings created there. Odd, strange, powerful, they now find themselves lost in a world in which they do not fit and which they barely understand. Rumors have grown among them of a place in which they may have a chance to make lives for themselves. That place is Strangetown, an odd little town located in Southern California's Mohave Desert and, even as the rumors spread and grow so does their hope that, just maybe, they can make a home for themselves among the local inhabitants... While fighting to survive a secret war of extermination!

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