That Shrinking Feeling...

gene hole on July 27, 2011

hey guys.  The recent changes at DD, aka “The Duck” have kinda left me cold.  never mind the colors, or the forum ugliness, the gateway errors and all the rest, but the compression and resizing of the artwork fills me with dismay.  Whensdays was created with a specific size and layout in mind, and when it is shrunk down to less than 1/2 of its original size, the images lose impact and the text loses readability.  Since the ability to upload large images was one of my main reasons for choosind DrunkDuck, the loss of this feature forces me to make a tough choice and migrate the comic to another site.  I'll probably stick around for a while & see if any improvements happen, but until things change around here, I'll be posting my updates at
hope to see you guys around!