Last Call

fugli on Dec. 15, 2010

Over the last 3 years I have struggled to put out a fairly well written and constructed web comic. When I have had neither time or inclination I would not work on it because I wanted to deliver the best series I could. Because of this I have deservedly lost a majority of fans to the comic. I deeply give a heartfelt apology for this, for the fault lines only with me.

I also am extremely grateful to those who have continued to follow the title through my total inconsistent postings. Giving me even a second of your time to view my work is really an honor.

At this time I have the time and the inclination to create a comic, but the storyline of View of Venus seems to be outdated and lost in it's plodded pace and stale structure.

It is with this evidence that I regretfully doom V, Penny and the boys to an unfinished fate.

Thank you again