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  • Magical Misfits
    Magical Misfits by magicalmisfits
    Mature, 2100 pages
    Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr
  • Gamer Dilbert
    Gamer Dilbert by ShadowGamer
    Teen, 263 pages
    What would it be like if Dilbert was a gamer? A DRUNK DUCK AWARD WINNER
  • Charby the Vampirate
    Charby the Vampirate by Amelius
    Teen, 1151 pages
    A fantasy supernatural horor-comedy about monsters and other horrible creatures like humans, made by and for the socially awkward malcontents. It's a character-driven story that features both whimsical magical elements and gory body horror, with big emotional drama.
  • Modest Medusa
    Modest Medusa by Jake Richmond
    Teen, 1414 pages
    Medusa is five years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes froma magical land. Now she lives with Jake.

    Updates Monday and Friday!
  • Powerup Comics
    Powerup Comics by ShadowGamer
    Mature, 1580 pages
    A comic about gamers and gaming, and a psycho PS2 that wants to take over the world.
  • Hawk and Flo Adventures Part 1 Ice Cream Truck of Doom
    Hawk and Flo ... by HawkandFloAdventures
    Everyone, 528 pages
    Part 1: Ice CREAM TRUCK OF DOOM! An Evil Ice Cream Truck is creating killer monsters and our heroes (Hawk and Flo) must team up with 2 new companions and do what they can to stop it!
  • Meatware
    Meatware by TheJagged
    Mature, 177 pages
    Girl meets croc: A biopunk romance. Status: In progress, updates frequently.
  • The KAMics
    The KAMics by KAM
    Mature, 2101 pages
    Random cartoons & series from the mind of Keith Alan Morgan. Updates when real life gives me time enough to finish a comic.
  • Birdmentimes Hero
    Birdmentimes Hero by Othosmops
    Mature, 263 pages
    The year is 2078 AD.
    The world has not moved on in the most beneficial way. The population of mankind is rapidly decreasing, but the poisoning and devastation of the earth is accelerating even faster. In this situation the International Mars Mission Project (IMMP) is supposed to send a sign of hope in a possible future of mankind - but isn't it about to end because the necessary funds are needed for renewed wars of annihilation?
  • simply sarah
    simply sarah by skyangel
    Mature, 902 pages
    Sarah is a fairly ordinary person who just wants to lead a quiet life but seems to have a habit of getting herself into extremely complicated situations! Contains themes of an LGBT nature.
Quail's Random
  • Game Savvy
    Game Savvy by Lecca
    Everyone, 3 pages
    A Comic Strip about a girl, her games and the struggle that is her life. Basically just a platform to make pervy jokes about games, with a little serious mushed in somewhere. Join Sadie Burgomeister and her Friend Leshy in their daily gaming life!
  • sonic battles
    sonic battles by sonicninja92
    Everyone, 17 pages
    no description
  • We Are A Doodle
    We Are A ... by MyBlackShadows
    Everyone, 8 pages
    Just… yeah
  • Unfortunate Truths About Vampires
    Unfortunate Truths About ... by jridercomics
    Everyone, 1 page
    Twice weekly webcomic about a misguided group of undead night wanderers who've made some poor career choices.
  • My Fresh Eggs The Supreme Ultimate Adventure
    My Fresh Eggs ... by BoogidiBzdo
    Mature, 33 pages
    This is all about turning people into beautiful eggs.
  • Asperitas Astraalia
    Asperitas Astraalia by Mr_D_Uneven
    Everyone, 9 pages
    Finnish graphic novel Asperitas Astraalia. Translated version may be available soon.
    If you like to support the artists you can buy printed book.
    ISBN 9789524982313
  • Tatsu Sketchings
    Tatsu Sketchings by Tatsu
    Mature, 42 pages
    This is the place where i put all of my filler sketches. If you want my comic, look in my user profile for ‘Grim’
  • Trupa
    Trupa by Szopwmeloniku
    Mature, 5 pages
    Grupa przyjaciół tworzących trupę artystyczną w wyniku nieprzemyślanej decyzji wplątuje się w kłopoty. Czy w sieci magicznych intryg uda im się rozwiązać zagadkę tajemniczego Kawki?
  • Shadow Sprinters
    Shadow Sprinters by Minyi
    Teen, 106 pages
    A universe alternative to our own, technology being far more advanced. The Shadow Particles, or dark matter as we know it, has dominated most of Earth's atmosphere. People developed a certain gear which allows the user to ‘touch’ and ‘control’ these.
  • Digimon Origins
    Digimon Origins by happymouse
    Teen, 6 pages
    A digimon comic by Grimmjow/Happymouse.
Latest Updates
  • Hawk and Flo Adventures Part 1 Ice Cream Truck of Doom
    Hawk and Flo ... by HawkandFloAdventures
    Everyone, 528 pages
    Part 1: Ice CREAM TRUCK OF DOOM! An Evil Ice Cream Truck is creating killer monsters and our heroes (Hawk and Flo) must team up with 2 new companions and do what they can to stop it!
  • Nocturne 21 Volume One
    Nocturne 21 Volume ... by Hirokari
    Mature, 86 pages
    After a long day of work, a doctor trudges home in the pouring rain only to find a dying teenage boy in the road. He takes the boy home, saving his life, only to discover the he has no memory of who he is. The doctor and his daughter invite the boy to stay with them and as time goes on, discover some strange and unexplainable things about their newest family member.
  • Banana Cream Cake
    Banana Cream Cake by DoctorSharktopus
    Adult, 2040 pages
    A sexy futanari story about a futa baker as she sinks deeper and deeper into lust
  • Incubus Tales
    Incubus Tales by hushicho
    Adult, 367 pages
    Join the adventures of sexy Incubus Dhiar and his fabulous friends and family. Full of satire, sensuality, and sexy guys, Incubus Tales has plenty of incentive to keep flipping pages!
  • Spazient
    Spazient by Cope
    Everyone, 282 pages
    A story in the far-flung future about a magical space helmet and the people who want it.
  • NeverLore
    NeverLore by InkyMoondrop
    Teen, 53 pages
    Comedy-adventure about a trio of kids who enjoyed playing pirates so much they never wanted to leave their fantasy and go home. Until one day they just couldn't.
  • Taur Brazen
    Taur Brazen by domicurry
    Teen, 323 pages
    : A brass statue with bull-like qualities that must be avoided at. all. costs
    : An instrument comparable to the brazen bull

    - An apocalypse merged the modern world into a single supercontinent. Statues came to life to guard what remained of humanity, but a dark entity possesses one such idol to pick the apocalypse back up from where it left off…

    “Taur Brazen” follows this afflicted idol and the people it uses to manifest itself -a torture survivor, a nightmare stricken vagabond, a disturbed patient, and a forsaken curator of oddities.
  • Jays Internet Fight Club
    Jays Internet Fight ... by jerrie
    Adult, 1110 pages
    A Bus Driver starts a Female fight Club in his Basement, with his wife and his wife's gal pals. They broad cast the fights on the internet.The cast gets into adventures outside of the club too.
  • Pistolera Mortal
    Pistolera Mortal by bmasson33
    Mature, 140 pages
    Trouble at night.
  • Saga of the Wide Winged World
    Saga of the ... by ReroOnyx
    Mature, 264 pages
    1,000 years ago, two beings known as the “Angels” and the “Demons” came into the world and since then have become an everyday part of life for the world. It is within this world, watched over by the world police, “The Enforcement” that one boy finds himself in a spectacular adventure.
Community Blog
Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 21, 2023

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Today its another technical comics making focused cast, suggested by Tantz Aerine! We cover our notions about how to maintain character consistency and consistency in general, plus ...

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 20, 2023

Photo: “TwistJam Page One”. Drawn by HawkandFloAdventures. (March 2023)

TwistJam, a collaborative comic involving many crossover interactions between original characters from TheDuck AND ComicFury started uploading new pages (*Patreon or *Ko-Fi only) two days ago.

TwistJam will feature a Basketball game with VERY special commentators (who have yet to be ...

Andreas_Helixfinger at 12:00AM, March 19, 2023

Rush hour veins. Heaven or heathen?
Will the electric pulse ever find peace? Even for a moment.
Ongoing trains. Bettered or beaten?
Will the kinetic swing ever be pleased? Where’s the atonement?
Computer chains. Tether or treason?
Will the genetic soul ever have ease? Even for a moment.

NaaN ...

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, March 18, 2023

So for some reason my youtube is being besieged by rant videos over The Little Mermaid live action movie by Disney… AGAIN. You'd think the algorithm would know by now that I only watch ER skits and debunking videos, but here we are.

The controversy (again) is over the ...

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 17, 2023
tags: DD, post, update

Site redesign update, NEWS!

The new comic page template is up and running on the test site here:
However, I've been working to make sure it will have a seamless transition to incorporating the customisations on people's individual comic templates so I had to ...

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