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  • Life and Death
    Life and Death by Joff
    Everyone, 1867 pages
    Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place
  • Powerup Comics
    Powerup Comics by ShadowGamer
    Mature, 652 pages
    A comic about gamers and gaming, and a psycho PS2 that wants to take over the world.
  • Charby the Vampirate
    Charby the Vampirate by Amelius
    Teen, 1123 pages
    A horror-fantasy and often dark comedy, with a little bit of drama here and there.
  • simply sarah
    simply sarah by skyangel
    Mature, 782 pages
    Award winning slice-of-life comic about life, as seen through one girls eyes as she goes through life trying to help others sort out their problems as well as dealing with her own. One thing she's learned over the years is that nothing in life is ever simple!
  • Scared by the Bell
    Scared by the ... by dylandrawsdraws
    Everyone, 132 pages
    Scared by the Bell is a weekly middle grade webcomic about the terrors of making new friends in middle school… with monsters.
  • Modest Medusa
    Modest Medusa by Jake Richmond
    Teen, 1153 pages
    Medusa is five years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes froma magical land. Now she lives with Jake.

    Updates Monday and Friday!
  • Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
    Kitty Kitty Bang ... by MoeAlmighty
    Teen, 696 pages
    Kitty's an average teenage girl, balancing school and her personal life like all teenagers try to do. Except there's something different about her… well, two things. The first is her Cat ears and Tail, all thanks to a family curse long thought to be fake. The other? She moonlights as a Bounty Killer, a freelance hunter for anyone who's willing to offer a hefty reward for the tasks they want done. She'll risk life and limb as she goes after the notorious criminals in OC's Underground.
  • Demon Eater
    Demon Eater by JillyFoo
    Mature, 870 pages
    On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.
  • Tinas Story
    Tinas Story by zenia
    Adult, 799 pages
    A year in the life of Tina, an anthro poodle that works at the DMV. She learns about life and love.

    story by gray muzzle
    art by zenia
  • Banana Cream Cake
    Banana Cream Cake by DoctorSharktopus
    Adult, 1517 pages
    A sexy futanari story about a futa baker as she sinks deeper and deeper into lust
Quail's Random
    FLINT CREEK by evanneo
    Teen, 7 pages
    The struggles of 3 quirky teens and their ventures through high-school.HILARITY ENSUES!
  • Poor Craftsmanship
    Poor Craftsmanship by Mith
    Mature, 10 pages
    The main character, Mith, awakens– captured by a horde of monsters known as the Ostrich Orcs. He escapes through his excessive brutality and goes on a quest to gain ultimate power.
  • Crider Comic
    Crider Comic by fang the wesail
    Everyone, 5 pages
    Updates mon,wen,fri
    gets better
    The story follows the adventures of sonic and kirby as they take on the evil ofrces of Dr.eggman.
  • Wounds
    Wounds by caleb131
    Mature, 76 pages
    A Neo Noir Crime Drama about a female hitman in the Mafia.
  • Pharmacy Time Comics
    Pharmacy Time Comics by TorinoUta
    Everyone, 9 pages
    I work as a pharmacy technician for CVS pharmacy. These are mine and my co-workers stories.
  • I Am Not Me
    I Am Not ... by mattmckendrick
    Everyone, 3 pages
    A night in the mind of a loser(me).
  • Shifters Redux
    Shifters Redux by ShadowsMyst
    Mature, 68 pages
    Ferrah was an ordinary girl until the fateful night she was bitten by a vampire and transformed into a beast. Neither werewolf, nor vampire but both, she must face the chaos from without and within.
  • narouto cheese
    narouto cheese by ronhin
    Teen, 1 page
    yay narouto
  • neighbourhood sims
    neighbourhood sims by tidez
    Everyone, 3 pages
    about a neighbourhood full with naughty and ctazy sims
    updates unregular :3
  • Present Club
    Present Club by TimewasterSoph
    Everyone, 12 pages
    Join Mao Hatsu in her very first year of high school as she finds out that all the clubs are boring, she decides to create her very own club which creates videos!
Latest Updates
  • Nottynghame
    Nottynghame by dpat57
    Adult, 34 pages
    Medieval shenanigans in Olde England. King Richard is missing, Sir Guy de Gisbourne is hiding something, the Queen Mother Eleanor of Aquitaine intends to find out what's afoot, and Lady Marion is on a mission.

    Alt. historical fantasy from the maker of Buns of Steel, Starship Captain, Space Pirates of the Black Quarter, Crowbar: A Sci-Fi Adventure, Forest Reckoning, Sword Princess Yukisaki. …What do you mean, you don't read those either?!
  • The chronicles of Amazonia
    The chronicles of ... by sphinx8k
    Mature, 216 pages
    The Stories about challenging lives, efforts and sentimental relationships of legendary Amazons.
  • Black scorpion
    Black scorpion by Amazerbeta
    Teen, 10 pages
    We have teenage protagonist a dabble of violence . Just like stay tuned chapter 2 will be better & I'm going to redraw chapter 1 all digitally so it looks cleaner. But for now I'm just doing my traditional with some. Splashes of digital speech bubbles and stuff
  • Major Justice
    Major Justice by John Monk
    Teen, 21 pages
    A few generations from now, a genetically modified hero protects Earth from rogue science.
  • Click Track Lolita
    Click Track Lolita by 0becomingX
    Teen, 46 pages
    Click Track Lolita is Arcadia's local girl band whose quest to obtain fame leads to the discovery of an ancient secret. Follow Click Track Lolita as they try to navigate building their career, romance, and the super natural. LGBQT+ Rated 16+
  • Blue Witch
    Blue Witch by bonh
    Teen, 12 pages
    Marow is a witch. She's 15 years old. She does things that witches would do. Except have pet cats. Cause she's allergic to them.
    *Updates every Thursday (sometimes Sunday)
  • Typical Strange
    Typical Strange by Banes
    Mature, 567 pages
    We regret to inform you that the Universe has been deleted. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Burning Hero
    Burning Hero by Hero
    Teen, 29 pages
    Video Game Comic Anthology
  • Surviving and Living
    Surviving and Living by R4T1
    Mature, 231 pages
    A groupe of 42 Teenagers live behind enemy lines in a war. They try to survive against nature and the soldiers searching for them. Andy is one of them who tries to live a good and long life.
  • Hels Ferrywomen
    Hels Ferrywomen by damehelsing
    Mature, 12 pages
    Follow the tale of Hel, a scorned woman that reaps the world of its impurities, while hunting down the man who has wronged her a thousand years ago.
Community Blog
Banes at 12:00AM, June 4, 2020

Here's Part 2 of Genejoke's tutorial on 3d comics using Daz3D. He talks about character creation here, and also gives some
info on the computer capacity you might need. These tutorials accompany Genejoke's new video versions of his tutorials. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial Part 2: ...

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 3, 2020

Moxie discovers the home of a very eccentric client after answering an advertisement for cleaning services in the paper. It turns out she now must work with a person who only needs her after the sun is set. Will her can-do attitude and very friendly personality shine through in a ...

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, June 2, 2020

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Or TuneinRadio -–Literature/Drunkduck-Quackcast-p1150194/

Today we're chatting about using historical stuff in your story and knowing how to use it right! Sometimes it's good to change stuff and sometimes ...

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 1, 2020

Understanding the importance of the dialogue between two characters (or an internal monologue) is crucial for writing conversations in comics. It is true that comics are written differently than real world conversations because it removes a lot of the idiosyncrasies that happen in real-time conversations. However, learning to apply techniques ...

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, May 30, 2020

So over here on Greek TV, there's this very popular drama series that happens to be set in a Greek mainland village in the 1950s, and sells itself as ‘authentically representing an era’. It started off very promising, as a crime drama + family drama kind of story where three ...

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