Top Ten
  • Familiar
    Familiar by soushiyo
    Adult, 770 pages
    When career-driven editor Diana Vallejo accidentally summons a familiar whose specialty is soft domination, her life takes a turn for the better – but for how long? Familiar is a modern-day, slice-of-life romcomic about magick, work/life balance, BDSM, and relationships. It is kinky, queer, and sex-positive. It is also erotic, sexually explicit, and written for adult audiences only.
  • Fred Peterson The Mighty Warlord Book 1
    Fred Peterson The ... by LanceDanger
    Mature, 995 pages
    Now Playing: Chapter 29-
    The Mighty Warlord is a world mixing together puertorican culture, fantasy, character development, action, and romantic comedy.
    Updated Wednesdays-ish
  • Charby the Vampirate
    Charby the Vampirate by Amelius
    Teen, 1162 pages
    A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.
  • A little more humiliation
    A little more ... by rmccool
    Everyone, 1075 pages
    if you mess up badly enough someone might die and make you a god
  • Succubus
    Succubus by Coydog
    Mature, 199 pages
    SUCCUBUS: Ten years ago she was violently murdered by a group of spoiled, rich sons of privilege. Privilege that would protect them from justice. But her death was the beginning of their end. Ten years later, she has returned with a thirst for revenge…And blood. Hell hath no fury–Like a woman reborn!!!
  • Delta Sorceress The almost Sorceress
    Delta Sorceress The ... by Delta Sorceress
    Adult, 1021 pages
  • The KAMics
    The KAMics by KAM
    Mature, 2173 pages
    Random cartoons & series from the mind of Keith Alan Morgan. Updates when real life gives me time enough to finish a comic.
  • Used Books
    Used Books by usedbooks
    Teen, 1654 pages
    Faced with troubled pasts and uncertain futures, three women must choose forgiveness, justice, or revenge. Closely guarded secrets and old foes threaten their friendships and their lives as they attempt to live peacefully in a used book store.
  • Phineus Magician for Hire
    Phineus Magician for ... by phinmagic
    Mature, 1721 pages
    Phin, Sara and their girls, Cole and Ro, use their skills to fight evil in many forms. From vampires and werewolves, to evil mages, foul demons, nasty dragons, zombies, mummies and even time travelling, flying saucer driving Nazis. 37+ years and counting!
  • Lite bites
    Lite bites by Genejoke
    Mature, 1778 pages
    A collection of short stories by various people. There is no set theme just small easy to digest shorts.
Quail's Random
  • Dead Cab Blues
    Dead Cab Blues by Thinking_Camilo
    Teen, 2 pages
    Two guys, a parrot, in an apartment, each trying to live with eachother. Sounds like a sitcom right? Think again.
  • CoffeeStains
    CoffeeStains by WAjanus
    Everyone, 1 page
    CoffeeStains is a comic about me and a couple of other friends. Our adventures start in a coffeehouse where we always hang out. Most of the situations are based on real life so you know it's going to be funny. :)
  • Sonic 06 Retold FanFic
    Sonic 06 Retold ... by TacoElGatoComics
    Everyone, 22 pages
    It's the legendary “tail” (Get it?) of the 2006 Sonic The Hedgehog game but with a few changes and a comedic twist. A nice in between comic while I work on my original comic and retouch an older comic.
  • The King of Failures
    The King of ... by Orochi_United
    Everyone, 2 pages
    SNK Playmore's star brawlers are quite simply Kings of Fighters, but in real life? eh… not so much. These are the lives of KOF characters on Earth. Spoiler: They suck at it.
  • Insomniart
    Insomniart by Karthara
    Everyone, 879 pages
    Random drawings done while sleep deprived.
  • Dragonmon
    Dragonmon by poonipoonz
    Everyone, 20 pages
    What happens when you mix Dragonball and Pokemon? You get, Dragonmon!
  • GreyRune One Shot
    GreyRune One Shot by ashikai
    Everyone, 22 pages
    A short oneshot for my comic GreyRune. Complete
  • The Bean Machine
    The Bean Machine by NSizzle
    Everyone, 4 pages
    There is no point to this comic. Whatsoever.
    Enjoy it!
  • Prince Shadow Uncut
    Prince Shadow Uncut by BloodTh
    Adult, 2 pages
    Basically the same as Prince Shadow, but uncut. A rated, for some of the content.
  • Project Black
    Project Black by ProjectBlackManga
    Everyone, 9 pages
    A young man (Hekoshin) seeks to revenge his fathers death. After training for 3 years he sets out on his quest. He seeks to destroy a newly reformed goverment system but he starts to find its going to be alot harder then he thought. Join him on his quest!
Latest Updates
  • Abejitas
    Abejitas by Lazarinho
    Everyone, 1933 pages
    Daily life of a young married couple ( human-like bees )
  • The New Butler
    The New Butler by TENSA1
    Teen, 266 pages
    Set in Victorian Era England, a young man tries to be a butler. He's not very good at it.

    What we get is somewhere between Buster Keaton, Monty Python, Golden Boy and Mr. Bean.
  • Furry Tale The Heart Of Fate
    Furry Tale The ... by Jesse_Koehler
    Mature, 209 pages
    A long time ago, in a parallel universe the world was created by 3 gods with a Power known as magic. But their plan to create a paradise went wrong. Luckily, the gods had an emergency plan. It is said that the chosen one will appear at the right time to restore the balance. Can he defeat the forces of evil or will the plan fail? the uncertain future of earth can only depend on the hero's decisions, which lie in his heart. the heart of fate.
  • Cork and Blotto
    Cork and Blotto by Stever_Blotto
    Mature, 51 pages
    Two best friends trying to become record producers in the 1990's. What could go right…
  • Eclipse Adventures
    Eclipse Adventures by DarthDespario
    Teen, 40 pages
    Magic.. Mad Science.. Superheroes.. The world is changing, and the fantastic is here to stay. Welcome to the world of the Eclipseverse. Welcome, to Eclipse Adventures!
  • StrikeForce
    StrikeForce by armandoB
    Mature, 59 pages
    Other-worldly forces have invaded New York. Now a rag tag group of ex-soldiers come together to vanquish this threat.
  • Golden Spiral
    Golden Spiral by Kumako
    Mature, 477 pages
    The story is about a fantasy world where animals can control the elements.
    The main character is Spiral who is a lightning-element bearer canine. He tries to master his abilities with his friends, however, a creature from another world wants to conquer their world.
    What will be the outcome of the battle?
  • The Cherub Brothers
    The Cherub Brothers by Magor
    Teen, 997 pages
    The cherub brothers are maybe-kinda-sorta legitimate cherubs who live and help out people in an unfunded retirement town that's rumored to be demolished for condos. To be honest they're not brothers, but it's a catchy term the kids coined for them. The local gang/wannabe cultists fucked up and brought something back that was supposed to be sealed along with the darker secrets of the dying town…
  • Bees and Bunnies
    Bees and Bunnies by ArrenMcStealsalot
    Adult, 128 pages
    Collection of comics abouit sex and sexuality I created over the years.
  • Lite bites
    Lite bites by Genejoke
    Mature, 1778 pages
    A collection of short stories by various people. There is no set theme just small easy to digest shorts.
Community Blog
kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, July 22, 2024

Photo: “WE NEED YOU!!!”. The Drunk Duck Awards 2024 Needs Volunteers to Judge and Present. Spleen by Genejoke. (July 2024)

Niccea has sent out assignments to all the volunteers who have signed up so far.

Message from Niccea to all volunteers who have already signed up:

Thank you for being ...

Andreas_Helixfinger at 12:00AM, July 21, 2024

I'm not bitter, but I am melancholic.
My mind are tears turned to fabric
Reminiscent of the old and the new to turn
Out from the new horrid blackness to a seam
We are not bitter, but we are melancholic.
We are here for the purpose of trash.
Leaving ...

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, July 20, 2024

Today’s Character Deep Dive is on an antagonist!

We’re looking at Raidon Yamamura from Used Books by the amazingly proliferate Vickie Boutwell!

Used Books is a crime-noir thriller involving the story of Kaida, an ex-assassin from a highly dangerous network of organized crime and the different people surrounding ...

hpkomic at 3:11PM, July 19, 2024

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Panel by Panel, a periodic exploration of comic panels around The Duck. We return to our workshop series this week. First, some housekeeping.

The first workshop was spread across two posts; one to gather your thoughts and introduce the comic, and the second to cover ...

Banes at 12:00AM, July 18, 2024

I have a friend who's told me, on and off, about the movie/book/comic series he's working on. I noticed at one point that he had a tendency to add in more and more characters, plots, and details that were going to show up in the project ...

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