Featured Feb. 14, 2024
Teen, 73 pages

Abel has suffered terribly, he dies in awful pain after being attacked by a demon and seeing his family killed, if only someone could save him. Hoover is a small silly vacuum cleaner demon, he doesn't have many prospects and other demons pick on him, if only he could find someone who needs him… These two entities find one another and unite in an unlikely team. VacMan is born! Part man, part demon vacuum cleaner. Will they be able to help one another? this is a very interesting pixel art webcomic all done with line art. It has a very unusual look to it. The story is pared down and quite simple but it's still very engaging and interesting because of the focus on these two characters.

VacMan by Spooky Kitsune, rated T.

Featured Feb. 7, 2024
Teen, 49 pages

Oliver has achieved a reputation (and a promotion) for getting work assignments completed in his department for Selene, the office boss and show runner. Once home, Oliver has game nights and creates art because there is nothing more enjoyable than rolling a chair up to a desk and drawing on a digital tablet. There have been strange occurrences at night that Oliver can not recollect or explain and it is when he transforms into Olivia, an overachieving, multi-tasking master, office goddess. Chaos ensues when the sudden transformations confuse the entire office team.
The art is drawn and colored digitally. The creator, CorneliusCool, credits S.M. Carvajal and Slingy (on The Duck) as cowriters of the comic.
Learn how work and play are the same by reading Curse of the Office Werewoman by CorneliusCool, rated T!

Featured Jan. 31, 2024
Teen, 20 pages

Sophia Shaw is a background character in her own life. An NPC. Whatever she does, wherever she goes, people ignore her. There is no role for her, no place for her, she's a nobody, even to her own mum. But she has ONE single shining ray of light and refuge: Bloomestone. A joyous, romantic novel game… This is a full colour comedy drama Isekai story. Isekais have been massively popular in Manga and anime for a few years now and it's good to finally see one on DD! (there have been many “other world” and magical transportation stories on DD before but none that owe something to the current trend).
I Am Not The Protagonist is just now start so it's a great time to read it and become a fan.

I Am Not The Protagonist by MagickLorelai, rated E

Featured Jan. 24, 2024
Teen, 21 pages

Kayla remembers when the filthy horde crawled out of their dirt-filled holes and set upon the city — she was there when the city burned. Time has passed since that day. Klaus, the one time Commander of the Legions, has fallen from grace and has now resorted to neck-biting the helpless. Kayla, now often deep in thought, sends a black raven to scout the area on a search for something good, pure, something to help along the way.
The comic style is drawn in mostly black and white, with grayscale shading. Beautiful line work and use of the black ink medium.
Watch Atticus protect the city from giant rats and read The Brooding Muse by CBC, rated T!

Featured Jan. 17, 2024
Everyone, 341 pages

Things are looking great for young Maria, she's just been made the captain of her volleyball team and they're off to compete in a tournament tomorrow in another city. Even better, when she gets home her parents are out so she can do whatever she wants! That's where the trouble begins… she wakes up too late and misses the bus with the team and instead ends up stranded in a bizarre magical place filled with weird monsters and crazy people, with no way to get home! What is a stranded volleyball captain to do? Why, complete in a magical volleyball tournament of course. This is a hilarious comedy manga with some sporty spice but it's mainly a comedy with action, adventure, magic and cute characters. The art is mostly black and white with some colour.

Magic Power Ball, by GenAtto, Rated E.

Featured Jan. 10, 2024
Everyone, 35 pages

A kingdom of great fortune is about to suffer a loss of luck following a king's toast asking for misfortune to follow all of his kinsmen but never catch them. Immediately following the dinner celebration, the gentle, wise, and charming queen falls ill. A healer that resides in the basement of a dungeon gives the king and his daughter the option to create an elixir that requires them to make a sacrifice, “For every action, there is a consequence; for anything taken, something must be given in return.”
Full pages of vibrant color with an emphasis of golds and emeralds. Dynamic page layout with variety.
Discover the secret ingredient of the elixir and read Donkeyskin by ElsieFin, rated E!

Featured Dec. 27, 2023
Teen, 138 pages

Veteran Arch is supervising hopeful recruit, Zaan, during his final evaluation of ranger training. Arch has high hopes and expectations for Zaan, but sometimes, the best laid plans of foxes and wolves often go awry. Zaan is thrown a curve ball when he lands an assignment to explore the Grimlands, meet Freya, and find the Focus. Arch and Zaan are joined by psychic, Kamilla Kadieva, who has the ability to read thoughts. Zaan is about to make contact with a mysterious voice inside his mind, equip with an airship, a captain, and a team of mentally hardened, experienced men.
The art style is mainly black and white line-art that gets dramatically more detailed as the pages progress. Excellent stippling and dashed line shading techniques.
Avoid getting cursed with radiation and read The Focus by spooktergeist, rated T!

Featured Dec. 20, 2023
Teen, 41 pages

Pony comes home to the farm after working in the big city, wanting to taste some of the simple life again and maybe something else… She didn't fit in there when she was growing up but since her late farther willed it to her she thought she better make a go of it. Returning she had the good fortune to meet the very attractive, bubbly barmaid Muffy! There's obvious manga influence to this lovely pastel coloured webcomic. It's a romantic comedy and the style is vertical scrolling infinite canvas. This was inspired by the game “A Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life”, normally we don't feature fan comics but in this case it's transformative enough and the comic is obviously a different form to a game. Read: Spring by Andraliba, Rated T.

Featured Dec. 13, 2023
Mature, 36 pages

It is another all-nighter for Druhi as she spends the evening writing a research paper for school. The discussion topic is centered around a winged angel known as the Light Bringer, the Morning Star, the Planet Venus, but most famously known in various religions and cultures by the names Lucifer or Satan. Represented as a Tudor Rose, Lucifer is acknowledged as one of the four crowned princes of Hell and the Lord of the Air. Overlapping versions of the mythology across different regions of the world tell the tale of how Lucifer was thrown from Heaven and cast into Hell. By two o'clock in the morning, Druhi luckily finishes writing her paper with adequate time to get much needed rest for the next school day, unaware how useful the subject matter will be in the near future.
The comic layout is constructed out of full pages of digital color. The comic art and plot points are being remastered with many new exciting scenes.
Discover the secret of lighting the torch of the Morning Star's heart and read Romancing Lucifer by CressidiasComics, rated M!

Featured Dec. 6, 2023
Teen, 153 pages

A cynical young fox and his overly happy mates experience the day to day ups and downs of life together as good friends, teasing each other and supporting one another in times of weakness. We slowly learn more about what makes them tick as the story goes on. Short changed is an anthro slice of life comic focusing on a small group of characters and their interactions, adventures, and flights of fancy. The art is mainly digital and black and white but has the feel of a charcoal drawing. The characters are consistent, well drawn furrys in a slightly manga influenced style. Read Short changed, by Kiddermat, Rated T.

Featured Nov. 29, 2023
Teen, 98 pages

A young lady who will soon take on the name “Eris Fearn” is lost and stuck in the frigid rain on a dark stormy night. Fortunately for Eris, a black and white cat with speaking abilities presents itself and acts as a magical guide to find shelter; unfortunately, the cave turns out to be a disaster complete with a terrifying lake creature. Far away in a remote location stands an austere, dark gray building, where entry-level tech security analyst (and X-Files aficionado), Henry Harrison, detects an anomaly happening on the planet. Henry is about to be promoted to Field Agent in order to understand the surge of Locklandrium particles emitted from the same cave that Eris Fearn currently resides.
The comic art is drawn and colored digitally with a bold contrast of reds and blues. The layout consists of full-sized comic pages.
Follow the feline down the cave creature hole and read The Alphahumans by DarthDespario, rated T!

Featured Nov. 22, 2023
Mature, 31 pages

Something strange is happening in the city, there have been a couple of weird, unexplainable murders: a skeleton with all the flesh exploded off of it, a mugger shot by his own gun when the bullet flew through it backwards… This is tied to the story of a mysterious government run facility that was destroyed a few years ago with all its inhabitants unaccounted for. This is the situation facing the police right now. Let's just hope there are no more bodies to clean up. Delos is a drama comic set in the present day with some SciFi fantasy elements and who-done-it action! The art is all black and while line art, influenced by manga.

Delos - Delos, by Austinjabberwocky, Rated M.

Featured Nov. 15, 2023
Everyone, 69 pages

Meet Harold. Harold likes Jam. Follow Harold off the page and into real world places in the search for Jam. Observe Harold in many different rooms, climbing wooden stairs, and crossing bridges. Harold brings a much clever perspective to the changing of surroundings while on an important mission for Jam. Follow Harold to martial arts practice, clothes shopping sprees, the breakfast nook, and—if lucky, Harold will showcase the sports car exchanged for fine, homemade jam.
This is a photo-comic made out of a mixture of techniques, including overlaying digital paint over a photograph.
The plan is to find the Jam and read Harold by Zero Hour, rated E!

Featured Nov. 8, 2023
Everyone, 31 pages

The forest hides and very dangerous secret… a great black wall, behind which is said to lurk and ancient race of snake people. But maybe that's just a silly folk tale? That's what Shera and Johnathan think anyway, as they hike through the sun dappled shade from the trees on their search for a mythical river of gold. Meanwhile, a strange you man called Hizuk is about to be granted his freedom.
This is a fantasy adventure story. The art is full colour, consistent and very nicely done.

Read Adkien by HeSerpenty, Rated E.

Featured Nov. 1, 2023
Mature, 76 pages

Honorable Champion Astra, daughter of Luno, has suffered a terrible and traumatic loss of a loved one in her youth and now serves a duty to protect the innocent and serve the empire. Flash forward years into the future, the scene opens with Astra fighting against Psychoborg over the fate of the Reactor, which Astra defends for the hospitals and towns that depend on it. Champions of the Luminous Empire versus Champions of the Ominous Kingdom. A battleground where the nine types of Magic (Dark, Blood, Metal, Air, Wood, Fire, Water, Earth, and Light) collide.
Digital line-work. Digital paint.
Catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Astra preparing to become an Imperial Bride and read Psychoborg by mks monsters, rated M!

Featured Oct. 25, 2023
Everyone, 87 pages

Hudson and Pete are working as ghost-busters of a sort. Not with proton beams and high-tech traps though, they're using old fashioned traditional methods and having a good old chat with the ghost in order to work out why it's still in the world of the living so they can help it cross over! It's an interesting and unusual job, these ghosts have all sorts of different ways, behaviors and needs, but every time Hudson and Pete handle things with grace and aplomb! This is a ghost story, comedy webcomic. The art is heavily stylised in a cartoonish fashion, featuring black and white and colour pages.

The Spook Control - by MSK314, Rated E.

Featured Oct. 18, 2023
Everyone, 106 pages

A herd of deeply philosophical and imaginative pet alpacas with very different personalities live on a farm. Hana the alpaca (aka “The Roomba Ranger”) is easy-going and creative, yet still aware of the realities of the farm like wool shearing season. The other alpacas have varying degrees of awareness that range from realistic to silly. The machos alpacas (male) are kept separated from the hembras alpacas (female) for population control—that is, until the alpacas begin wearing stilts to hop the fence. Watch as this oddball group of camelids clean around the farm while riding robot vacuums, build castles made out of ice, and willingly donate their fleece so humans can survive the cold seasons.
Traditional, horizontal comic strip format. The art begins with pencil in grayscale, then transitions to colored pencils, before switching up to a digital-paint marker hybrid.
Go firefly gazing with alpacas and read Alpacomics by Oxfordinary, rated E!

Featured Oct. 11, 2023
Mature, 251 pages

The lowly pitrats have been sent down to the the cursed and dangerous lands bellow the city to assist the military in collecting the body of the dead oligarch, the city's former ruler. The pitrats have experience and special talents for dealing with the fatal perils bellow the city, while the military have no idea what they're up against… if they don't listen to the advice of the despised pitrats it looks to be a very bloody and disastrous experience! This is a dramatic steampunk fantasy action war story, things carry on at a swift and regular pace. The art is crisp, stylised, consistent, honed and professional. HenryMueller is a creator who clearly knows what they're doing.

Read Pitrats by HenryMueller, Rated E.

Featured Oct. 4, 2023
Everyone, 122 pages

The year is 2022, Theodore Jake Carlsen is riding a school bus up a steep hill while talking to a friend, Eugene, about poetry written during the Great War. *Screech*. Theodore’s life is about to be turned upside down in a matter of seconds by a treacherous disaster. *Vroom*. The strange turn of events begin with an odd encounter with a bog monster named Blarg, the living potato. Blarg is reclusive, yet knowledgable and helpful, leaving Theodore with words of advice to, “stay out of the Sweet Shop”. Venturing out of the bog to search for more help, Thirley Peak local, Niles Knightly reassures Theodore that, “it is just an average day in Thirley Peak”.
The art is drawn with pen ink on paper, digitally scanned, and then painted and lettered with digital ink. This comic is listed as a Horror genre just in time for Halloween 2023.
Learn the origin story that chased Blarg into exile and read Thirley Peak by HawkandFloAdventures, rated E!

Featured Sept. 27, 2023
Teen, 34 pages

One door closes and another one opens… if you're lucky. Lin Peckett Soooooo wants to become a fashion designer, she has the talent, the taste, and the skill, but it looks like she might not succeed. Unless she gets some help from a nice stranger. This is a short, dramatic romance story that's only just beginning, The art is wonderfully bold, eye-catching and colourful. It really is a lovely style. There's also a slight twist in that its a sort of an urban fantasy setting with the lead character being a chicken harpy.

Read I Love You Lin Peckett, by StudioEverGreenArt. Rated T.

Featured Sept. 20, 2023
Everyone, 254 pages

Meet Lauren Ipsum, comical used book salesperson and eccentric librarian extraordinaire, always seen writing semi-biographical “Fix Fics” on a traditional manual typewriter. Accompanying Lauren on her daily adventures is a friendly and chill fox named Dewey (who sometimes needs a haircut). Follow Lauren and Dewey as they stealthily return overdue library books; play the bongos for eggs and tamago; and learn how to love-themselves.
The art is drawn in traditional black and white, three to four paneled comic strips, with double-decker “Sunday” comic strips in full-color. Gorgeous hand-lettered font.
Discover original villain, Evil McBadGuy, and read Lauren Ipsum by bakertoons, rated E!

Featured Sept. 13, 2023
Mature, 58 pages

Poor young Sam is having a very rough time at his new school! He just doesn't fit in, no matter how hard he tries. He's a target for bullying and he's definitely not enjoying himself. That is until he makes an unlikely new friend and finally things start to look up… This is an interesting tale of high school drama, bullying, burgeoning friendship, the inklings of a crush and growing up. The art is stylised, honed and slick. The comic is in a vertical format and more in the form of an illustrated book rather than a traditional comic.

FIRST BOYFRIEND Infamous Delinquent Kazuki - by JhonCrowWorks. Rated M.

Featured Sept. 6, 2023
Everyone, 38 pages

One unsuspecting evening, Sam, a vampire, and Wolfie, a werewolf, are relaxing in front of the television with a full bowl of popcorn. Twenty minutes from now, a mad scientist is going to be blasted backwards in time with a time canon. The resulting time portal from the experiment gone wrong is filled with dangerous creatures and now a vampire and werewolf must team up, melee style, to battle a room full of time spiders while a scientist attempts to redirect the course of a previous timeline. Failure to close the time loop could mean the end of the Universe.
A friendly horror comic in black, white, and grayscale. Full-pages of original panel layouts featuring hand-lettered font.
Discover whether the heroic trio will be able to fix the time loop and read Out By The Lab by MrPenguin, rated E!

Featured Aug. 30, 2023
Teen, 53 pages

A group of people wake from cryosleep to find themselves stranded in a strange place with no memory of how they got there or even their own names! They have to work together fast or they might not survive… This is an effective dramatic sci-fi mystery story with a dash of comedic pathos thrown in. The art is spare and simplified and does a great job of telling this stripped down, tight, story. It has a very closed in, claustrophobic feel, with more than a hint of desperation. It has Genejoke's classic thumbprint!

Oblique Written by Genejoke, Illustrated by David Abiola Olukoga. Rated T.

Featured Aug. 23, 2023
Teen, 276 pages

The Forest is home to a community of woodland creatures who have taken on the qualities of personified human beings while still resembling animals in outward appearance. Three librarians—Milly the Mouse, Martha the Weasel, and Sylvia the Cat—work at the Forest Public Library where they help select the best books for hedgehogs, rabbits, and dogs to read. Perils outside the library come in the form of eavesdropping owls swooping in on Milly before a teacup bath and parties with way too much catnip.
The creator, depicted as a naked mole rat artist wearing a beret, makes fourth wall breaking cameos, incorporates the main characters into Inktober challenges, and makes interactive paper doll sets for the reader.
Learn the backstory of Legendary Villiam the Cat and read Into the Bookwoods by Kvalhissir, rated T!


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