Featured Jan. 25, 2023
Teen, 35 pages

Phrora is an adventurer traveling all the way to Starleaf Valley, a countryside lush with farmland and abundant crops. Phrora’s curiosity leads her to a private garden where the arrival of Priestess Skymi, a wind priestess of the Soulwind Kingdom is announced. It turns out Starleaf Valley is closely connected to the spirit world, which was reason enough for Priestess Skymi to visit the stained glass covered tower in the city centre. The mystical secrets behind the origins of magic are about to be revealed—especially for those whose wishes are to become a heroic explorer.

The majority of the comic archive is drawn using professionally clean black and white line-work with chapter title pages in full-color.

Feline adventurous? Then read Explorer Chronicles by aurorajames, rated T!

Featured Jan. 18, 2023
Teen, 19 pages

Let a super creepy cannibal Tom Waits take you on a surreal journey into the dark, twisty backwoods… see cryptids emerge from the blackness, obscure gods and angels going about their business in this weird world of North American strangeness. This is a surreal, slightly comical series of creepy stories strung together with a supernatural theme. It's all drawn with a soft pencil in a very realistic style so it has a very distinctive look to it. You won't confuse this comic for too many others!

Read - American Pantheon, by Serg19, rated T.

Featured Jan. 11, 2023
Mature, 91 pages

Iki considers herself a “bottom-dweller”, living and working in the lower levels to make a living. A serendipitous encounter and luck are about to intersect in the forgotten remains of a junkyard after a routine trash-diving detour leads to a luxurious discovery. Introducing Mister Dumpy, aka crocoboy27, or Mr D, a high-end security Beast Head used as a bodyguard for the upper-level’s wealthier class. D carries a lot of baggage and is recovering from a painful past, to which Iki reminds him that, “it’ll be okay, yeah? You’re gonna be okay.”
The art is drawn in TheJagged’s trademark ink-wash style of varying levels of grayscale. The art style has dreamlike watercolor textures.
Order up a serving of Smoofo Boofo, nutri-smoothie, and read Meatware by TheJagged, rated M!

Featured Jan. 4, 2023
Teen, 204 pages

Fang is a tough little, speedy, barbarian warrior woman with great big Sonic style hair! She's the last of a proud tribe and a pretty decent thief. But it seems that everyone in the kingdoms wants to get their hands on her. She has a massive bounty on her head and greed is a great motivator, but some have darker objectives, including a demon queen. This is an incredibly fun fantasy comic full of comedy, adventure, amazing action scenes and cute fantasy women. The art is bright, highly stylised and colourful with cell-shading.

Read - Arkin Blade, by GuyPercinn, rated T.

Featured Dec. 28, 2022
Mature, 23 pages

Domenic is a slovenly bachelor from a Sicilian-American household in New Jersey and he still lives under the same roof as his domineering mother and pet pooch, Lily. Down the road, Katherine, reeling from her latest unlucky relationship prospect, rides alongside her “already-in-a-stable-relationship” sister, Ashley. This small-town, unlikely romance story begins on a quiet sidewalk in the Garden State where a grown man ordered to do chores by his mother is about to intersect with two sisters driving recklessly behind-the-wheel of a car.
The comical expressions of the characters and impressive backgrounds exemplify the drawn comic medium. The comic story is presented in full-length coloured pages.
Find out the importance of picking up litter and read Withdrawn by Casscade, rated M!

Featured Dec. 21, 2022
Everyone, 20 pages

Neville likes to “speak truth to power”, as they say, that “power” being the magician he works for, the grim faced Al. Neville is a sardonic sarcastic bunny, full of hilarious and cutting one liners with which to happily eviscerate the stony faced Al. Al isn't well please at this and takes ridiculous, magic-show themed revenge on the mouthy bunny time and again! This is a newspaper style comic strip, there's no story, just jokes. It's an easy and fun read! The art is digital, colourful and consistent.

Read - Neville Magicians Rabbit, by TekTockToons, rated E.

Featured Dec. 14, 2022
Mature, 39 pages

Lilly first draws the attention of Satan, the Devil, after drafting a contract—signed in blood—while a sixteen-year-old student at an all girl’s Catholic high school. Two years later, Satan has returned and this time, Lilly has been waiting with her bedroom walls plastered in “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Devil’s Bride” film posters. Tick. Tock. A late night diner conversation between Satan and Lilly results in an outpouring of subconscious desires…like starting a family?!
The art style is really modern, with clean lines and colouring on par with cartoon animation. The colour palette is black and white line art against a monochromatic purple backdrop with scarlet rouges used to emphasize blood.
Find out if Lilly will follow through with her side of the contract and read Domestic HellLand by SheepShekets, rated M!

Featured Dec. 7, 2022
Mature, 68 pages

A blood soaked boy collapses in the pouring rain rain and lies in the street, dying… No one helps him. A passer by is shocked and rushes to his side. Seemingly recognizing the boy he's galvanized to action and carries him home to care for him, for some reason he eschews calls to take him to hospital. There's a lot of mystery here, not least of which is the identity of the dying boy, not even HE knows!
This is a great action drama with marvellously drawn dark, gritty art. It's been 20 years in the making and it was even featured already here back in 2011 but since this is a whole new version and it's been redone AND that was so long ago it's worth another go. It's a cracking read, even the dialogue heavy pages move along well.
-Warning- if you don't like blood: there are some views of wounds being stitched up.

Read - Nocturne 21 Volume One, by Hirokari, rated M.

Featured Nov. 30, 2022
Everyone, 46 pages

Jake Sunrise, a man of very little words, is on the scene whether to fight off feral children and protect a hog-tied lady in distress from a shady cavern; evade a messy situation at a shady circus; or stand up to a gang of men in a graveyard. Sunrise is a drop dead gorgeous mercenary who makes bounty-hunting a profession.
The comic is organized by different issues of mini vignettes. Each issue has a different art style ranging from full pages of color to black and white line work.
Cheer on the vaquero without a voice and read The Return of Jake Sunrise by Picture Books, rated E!

Featured Nov. 23, 2022
Mature, 82 pages

A conflicted young man takes a drastic step from which there's normally no turning back from…
Fortunately he gets a second chance. This is the story about a man's journey after a serious life changing event. Will he redeem and recover or spiral back into the same abyss? Only time will tell. This is a manga style comic that uses expanded storytelling, mostly visual with limited text. It's a calm story with with emotional turmoil bellow the surface. Full colour, in a sketchy manga style.

Read - Silences Echo, by Hykarige, rated M.

Featured Nov. 16, 2022
Everyone, 34 pages

Herein the pages of The Faceless Comics Set 1 holds the first blueprint of a series of stories about inter-dimensional travel, an extensive collection of metal helmets, shrinking ray guns, love, and friendship. Meet the Faceless, Soundless, and Eclipse (the de facto “good guys”) as they go on epic adventures battling small fry like the “Trash Can Hooligan” and NightShock. Watch as the Faceless takes on the greatest cyborg nemesis yet, FaceClone, while time traveling within multiple universes.
The comic is drawn using black and white line art. The Faceless Comics has inspired its own film series composed of real-life actors reenacting events that take place across the series.
Navigate through pathways of portals into different dimensions and read The Faceless Comics Set 1 by DylanTale Comics, rated E!

Featured Nov. 9, 2022
Mature, 125 pages

It's their last night in town and the band is having a farewell concert, but Teresa senses something dark and dangerous afoot. She knows she should leave before things get serious, and yet the impressions are just too nebulous and it's easier to go with the flow. That could be a fatal mistake. The werewolves are brutal, merciless, and ferocious…
This is a colourful urban fantasy horror comic featuring fae, werewolves, a gyrphon, a troll and much more. There's heaps of action, gore, and even some nudity so beware. Eternity Dreams has been running for a long while so the art in the beginning is a little less refined and it's not as easy to work out what's going on but the later art is astonishingly better. Have a read and enjoy the action!

Read - Eternity Dreams, by Mitaukano, rated M.

Featured Nov. 2, 2022
Mature, 302 pages

Following a private party with Azaloth (actually Azzadath), Robin Sinclair finds herself expecting an unexpected bundle of demonic joy. Journey through a timeline that encompasses hundreds of years involving alchemy, olde-fashioned bicycles, and precious stones. Experience the early struggles of single-motherhood through a genuine, kind person who is honestly doing her best. Enter into a world where every character’s eerie familiarity with each other is also a peculiarity that stretches back centuries in time.
The art is displayed through pages in full digital color. Chapter one and two have completed and chapter three is on the horizon.
Brace for the mayhem and read Blessed Days by InkyMoondrop, rated M!

Featured Oct. 26, 2022
Teen, 56 pages

Joanna is starting up her career as a paranormal vlogger, investigating interesting and disturbing cases and mysteries. Are these things actually ghosts and spirits or are they something else entirely? Just how do you control a dangerous poltergeist? She and her good friend Phil are both trans and going through things in their own ways, but they support each other. This is an anthro paranormal comedy drama. The art features soft colours and a calming visual style.

Read - Joanna Ghost Hunter, writing by Zarpaulus, art by Thiger, rated T.

Featured Oct. 19, 2022
Everyone, 28 pages

Levana is a female vampire, (also known as Vampire Girl). She lives a life of Irony. And when she is running on a shortage of blood supply, she retreats to the hospital to get her fix. Levana’s outdoor attire make her reigning champion of Social Distancing (because she is allergic to the sun). Levana goes through an existential crisis when faced with the dilemma of no longer desiring the responsibility of having vampire powers. Assisting Levana along her journey is a wizard who also makes house visits; the photogenic Dr. Charmin; and Medical Assistant, Laura (who doubles as Levana’s blood supplier).
The art is mixed media with hand-drawn sketches, handwritten notebook paper, full pages of digital colour. In an exciting update from Vampire Girl creator, J_Scarbrough, the next phase of Levana’s mortal life unfolds in Vampire Girl: Chapter Two. The original run of Vampire Girl: Chapter One concluded ten years ago in 2012 and was brought out of cartoon retirement in 2022 to continue telling Levana’s story.
Buckle up for Vampire Girl: Chapter Two and read Vampire Girl by J_Scarbrough, rated E!

Featured Oct. 12, 2022
Everyone, 24 pages

Bobby Carter, retired police officer and one of the few genuine monster hunters! He's the guy you call in when the ghosties and ghoolies start bothering everyone and causing a ruckas in the neighborhood. He'll clean it up and sort them out, whatever it takes! This is all black and white line art, nicely stylised, well practiced good looking work. The story is a funny and engaging action comedy.

Read - Bobby Carter: Creephunter, by Phinmagic, rated E.

Featured Oct. 5, 2022
Everyone, 114 pages

The long-awaited and much loved official Drunk Duck Awards community wide event has made a comeback for the first time in two years. Chief organizer, Niccea, returns as MC for the tenth time to host the annual event that has been celebrated by Ducks all around the world since Spring 2008. Follow the journey of “For Your Consideration” submissions; Behind-the-scenes backstage antics by judges and presenters; 2022 Awards Trophy contestants; Casual and formal group photographs; stunning characters strutting the red carpet; and original Award Presentations made possible by fellow Ducks.
The 2022 Awards Winner announcements began on Thursday, September 29, 2022. Tune in daily to witness LIVE updates and acceptance speeches delivered by this season’s most anticipated award recipients.
You are officially invited to read the Drunk Duck Awards 2022 by Niccea, rated E!

Featured Sept. 28, 2022
Mature, 25 pages

Blank is having a tough time. New to the school year and already they've forgotten everything… why they hate themself, their gender, and even their own name! Luckily the school loses their identity so they can give them-self a new one, which is Blank Lastname. A fine start! It can be rough being a teen in high school and even rougher when your brain is betraying you. Dial the angst up to 11, slip into some emo gear and get on board for the school year with Blank. This is a high-school comedy drama, black and white with halftones, drawn in a very individual but highly consistent style.

Read - FEATURED COMIC –> BIank, by Pkism, rated M.

Featured Sept. 21, 2022
Mature, 44 pages

There is no better way to spend a lazy day than couch-surfing with Dave Skunk as he snacks on a surfeit of juicy nematodes. The embodiment of the early nineties grunge movement and counterculture, insomuch as Dave’s abilities to maintain a mohawk, indulge on insomnia-fueled VHS tape binges, percolate through coffee-powered video game marathons, and narrowly avoid an alien abduction. Dave is an adventurer and explores many exotic landscapes on foot before landing in an environment eerily similar to a surrealist nightmare.
This two-by-two paneled comic is illustrated in black and white with great attention given to facial expressions and clean line work. (Rated Mature for alcohol use and grown-up recreational activities)
Hang out with an anthropomorphized skunk’s circle of eccentric humans and read Dave Skunk Comic by creativecrypt, rated M!

Featured Sept. 14, 2022
Teen, 84 pages

Brittany Hyperstyle is a seemingly a sophisticated, stylish woman with a strangely determined belief in the veracity of tarot. It doesn't take long for her to drop her reserve a jump headlong into one chaotic adventure after another with wild abandon! This is the type of randomness and non-sequitur humour we loved from old doujin style mangas. I can't wait to see where this one goes! The art is traditional manga style, with the first chapter in black and white line art with halftones, and the next chapter in digital colour. Enjoy this whacky, bouncy comedy.

Read - Brittany Hyperstyle, by Shampoo_Venom, rated T.

Featured Sept. 7, 2022
Everyone, 35 pages

Wander within a watercoloured world with stream-of-conscious wonder where a gentleman discovers an oblong shape on the sidewalk while walking. The mysterious shape turns out to be the entry point to another dimension, where rules of gravity, tangible reality, and the physical self are redefined in this new realm. Darkness—a demonic shapeshifter demanding attention—dives deep down in the water; while a fluid, free-floating feminine form becomes a new obsession.
This is a love story told through pictures with minimal words. The art style has the characteristic textures of traditional pencils, coloured pencils, and pen ink. Each page is full-sized and in color.
Follow the portal’s lead and read Vast as the Night by Efsé, rated E!

Featured Aug. 31, 2022
Teen, 44 pages

Deep in the cold vacuum of space floats a massive troop transport warship beset with hatred and rivalry. The navy hates the army they're transporting, all the senior officers are vampire elites and they have no respect for their normal human underlings… The situation was already ripe for a blowout before all the blood ration supplies for the army turned bad. Now things are looking decidedly tricky! Will Brigadier Takara and her clever officers be able to successfully navigate the danger?
This is a SciFi drama space-opera about a military space-force with a vampire hierarchy and all the problems that involves. The art is nicely finished, digital, full colour, and realistic.

Read - Crimson Stars, by Commissar_Tarkin, rated T.
Artist: Lagarto Scriptwriter: Commissar Tarkin 3d Modelling: Morihel & GK

Featured Aug. 24, 2022
Everyone, 470 pages

Hawk and Flo are two adventurous legendary heroes who take the safety of others seriously while taking their own safety less seriously. Their team size doubles when denim-clad Lacey Almer and the last space wizard join the group. Hawk and Flo begin an undertaking of hungry, hungry hamburgers; rooms filled with broken soft serve machines; a ball pit; a towering creature made out of Soft Serve; an ominous ice cream truck; mysterious doorways; portals; references to dystopian literature; villains; and dinner invitations. If Hawk and Flo say, “‘You’ll be okay’, you will be okay.
The comic pages are drawn in full-color. The comic stories are organized in a series of short vignettes. The art uses bright, vivid colors for the backgrounds.
Follow along in this Strange New World and read Hawk and Flo Ice Cream Truck of Doom part 1 by HawkandFloAdventures, rated E!

Featured Aug. 17, 2022
Everyone, 362 pages

There's no overall story to review here, Them There Hills is a single panel comedy comic! It's funny, surreal, irreverent, and clever, full of anthropomorphic animals and clever jokes- in the style of Gary Larson's Farside. It updates daily so there is ALWAYS something to read, make this one of your regular comics. The art is heavily stylised, individual, all digital and grey and white. There's always something to enjoy and laugh at here!

Read - Them There Hills, by Arborcides, rated E. Aka Mister V

Featured Aug. 10, 2022
Teen, 31 pages

The city streets of Tombayly City are empty when a young man wakes up barefoot from a nap on a sidewalk before meeting his grandfather. Meanwhile, a stealth spacecraft comes into orbit of ringed-planet Imest. It is here we meet Kamilla, a twenty-three year old gadgeteer protected by a life-size mechanical suit, who is about to go face-to-face with a sharp-nailed giant robot that could potentially kill her.
The art uses a great amount of dark shadows and shading techniques while bursts of bright yellow, citrine, and neons highlight the nighttime environment.
Discover whether Kamilla will evade the imposing robot and read Mydan Post Beginnings by Choccookie, rated T!


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