Featured June 29, 2022
Mature, 105 pages

Matt is a gurney pusher, and has seen quite a few characters since the first day on the job. Experience an illustrated diary showcasing meeting people looking to be saved in a psych ward; witnessing the saggy, baggy skin of a former adult film actress; and the queasy, hair-raising side effects of a piercing gone wrong. DNR is the kind of story that needs to be resuscitated many times over.
The art is drawn in black and white using black inked lines framed inside comic boxes drawn with a felt-tip sharpie. The fonts are hand lettered.
Strap into a hospital stretcher and read DNR by arborcides, rated M!

Featured June 22, 2022
Teen, 21 pages

Zadie is a precocious little monster of an eight year old girl! She's excitable and eager to prove herself, especially now that she's come into her special powers of destruction as a Shadowborn. It wasn't entirely unexpected, she grew up in the underworld with her ferocious mother and Death himself as somewhat of a mentor, so it's not surprising that with such an unusual upbringing strange things would happen. Let's just hope she can save her dad from a monstrous grass demon. The story is a supernatural comedy and it's a pretty unusual premise, with the little girl as the main protagonist. The art is bold, ambitious, and quite stylised. It's also a bit rough and naive in places, but its creativity and the unique characterisations of Zadie and her mum balance that out.

Read - Shadow Born, by GunPowderRum, rated T.

Featured June 15, 2022
Teen, 31 pages

Leon is out of work, down on his luck, and staying at THE Cozy Crawly by the bus station. His world is about to change when the charming hotel’s manager, Ms. Clairabelle Ecarlate (known by some as La Sorcere Cramoisie), invites him to a palm reading, eventually offering him a job as concierge. The Moonlight Bed n’ Breakfast, a hotel with a reputation for having eccentric management and a barrage of strange visitors, is about to open its doors to Chris Redwolf (known to some as Calahan Gelertson) who just washed up on the shore this morning…sans clothes.
Each action packed page is sharp, vivid, and in full digital color.
Take a warm bath in the break room and read The Werewolf Prince by SorbetMystery, rated T!

Featured June 8, 2022
Everyone, 100 pages

Something eerie and weird is happening in Yarmo, Southern California… Some sort of strange creature is scarring the willies out of the locals! Meanwhile 382.5 miles North in Liverlife, Little Bally Williams is bored, bored, bored because none of the boys can hang out with her and there's nothing on TV! But something weird has got all the dogs barking… This is a SciFi comedy story comic set in the 90s in a suburban American world of late night TV, High school, diners, convenience stores, and homework. The art is bright bold and cartoony with cell-shaded style characters. The story is a slow burn comedy mystery.

Read - Slingy, by Slingy, rated E.

Featured June 1, 2022
Mature, 32 pages

A cat sits on a folding card table next to an ashtray and a mug of coffee. The cat was enjoying his morning cup of coffee. In this world, a morning confrontation with a cat is an entire conversation. The man in the hat goes deep into the forest looking for answers in order to validate a question the cat asked: “How do we know this is real?” Deep roots. Pools of light. Wise fool, it is time to wake up.
The comic is drawn and digitally colored in grayscale and an earth-tone color palette. In addition to The Sophomore, MrPenguin is half of the creative force behind Potato and Kraut (featured 25 April 2018). According to the author’s notes, this whole story came to be because of a twenty year old doodle of a cat and man in a hat, smoking and drinking coffee in the morning light.
Climb down the roots to receive answers and read The Sophomore by MrPenguin, rated M!

Featured May 25, 2022
Teen, 24 pages

Wild, rough talkin', hard-ass Amie Geddon works as a bounty-hunter in a frontier town. she takes crap from no one and it's almost impossible to get the drop on her. Many have tried, few have succeeded… Till now. Her blabbermouth friend Gertie Brown leads her into a bit of trouble, starting a whole cascade of problems, gun fights, quick humour, and triple crossing in this action packed story! Amie Armageddon is a dieselpunk* scifi action Western comic. The writing is full of action, gun-slinging, humour, and insults. The art is drawn with pencil and ink and edited digitally in tones of grey, that gives it an old-timey photograph feel, with a very original art style.
*For those that don't know, the dieselpunk genre are scifi stories where the main technology centers around the internal combustion engine (so roughly limited to 1910s-1940s technology)

Read - Amie Armageddon, by Machineheadstudio, rated T.

Gyor by Tuxie
Featured May 18, 2022
Everyone, 50 pages

Wake up to the unceasing beeps of the morning alarm next to Kojo, a loyal companion. It is the start of a day of chores for the fisherman tasked with moving two tanks of fish. Commercial fishing is not an easy job, but a necessity when personal income depends on it. Baking salmon while waiting for roadside assistance and shucking freshwater clams with a knife before they clamp shut take precedence over contracting bird rabies.
The comic demonstrates a great usage of a secondary color scheme with muted, cool colors of blue and green gradients. The uses of mint, coral, peach, and teal pop and give it a peaceful and serene reading experience. The text bubble fonts have a very personal feel.
Go play fetch with Kojo, and read Gyor by Tuxie, rated E!

Featured May 11, 2022
Teen, 47 pages

Yumi is an Oni girl, that's a type of Japanese spirit with horns. She's also a streamer… at least she WANTS to be. Things aren't going so well at the moment. She's looking at what's out there and it's all pretty weird and in your face! Swearing gamers, big boobed bubble-heads, angry political squawkers, anime pervs and more. What will her streaming style turn out to be? Stay tuned to find out! This is a slice of life manga style comedy with a lot of bright, bold happy colours and clear artwork. At the moment the story is a funny meta commentary on streaming.

Read - Oni Streamer Builds a Mech, by MoeAlmighty, rated T.

Featured May 4, 2022
Everyone, 39 pages

Water cooler gossip and rough days at work result in many indoor evenings at home filled with video games. Solemn Sad Blue “W”, is best friends with Mad Red “M”, an online streamer. Watch Sad W battle against servers of name-calling gamers and less than favorite game-picks in exchange for the aspiration to become a popular streamer. Real world adventures ensue when “W” battles a Monster Pirate “R” while searching the public sewers for Sympathetic “Y’s” car keys.
A two-by-two comic strip format, in full-color.
Watch Sad W’s Zangief defeat Mad M’s Guile and read Sad W by Sstavix, rated E!

Featured April 27, 2022
Mature, 55 pages

A succubus is a very particular kind of demon, sexy and extremely dangerous… And Mary is an exceptionally dangerous demon. Mary wasn't always a succubus, she had a very traumatic transition into becoming one. She was human and alive once, a horrible event changed all that. Now she's out for revenge. She's back in town to settle some heavy scores and take her pound of flesh, literally. Succubus is a true horror comic, so reader BEWARE. There are various strong themes that might by triggers- sexual violence is referenced.
Succubus is the joint project of the long time collaborative team Monique MacNaughton and Darryl Hughes, the art and writing talents respectively. The art is in Monique's signature retro style, quite textual, lots of heavy blacks with thick outlines and deep shading, with some accents of colour. The story is a horror revenge mystery thriller told from the point of view of the “monster”.

Read - Succubus, by Coydog and TheDeeMan, rated M.

Featured April 20, 2022
Everyone, 104 pages

The road to self-actualization is filled with arduous challenges and obstacles. The climb is high and many have previously attempted the climb with little success. The journey to the tip of the pyramid is the goal, once food, shelter, clothing, and relationships become an after-thought. Daily interactions expose the fragility of modern relationships and the impermanence of a dream home.
The comic pages are produced in black and white using precise and professional inked lines and text bubbles.
Turn up the adrenaline and get up to ramming speed and read UP THE PYRAMID by BUDLO, rated E!

Featured April 13, 2022
Mature, 98 pages

Insurance investigator, Mr Donahoo, AKA Possum, has been tasked with finding the missing Freddy Reno. The deeper he digs the more complicated the puzzle becomes. Everyone has a stake in Mr Reno and some of those stakes are pretty high! Just what exactly happened to Freddy and why??? This is a story involving the international world of competitive fish breeding, organised crime, police corruption, feuds, spies, and murder. Who could guess the story of a pet shop owner could be this exciting? This is a retro detective story with a touch of noir and some great 70s, 80s, and 90s visual styling. It's a comic with a very arty look, making use of heavily altered photos, thickly stylised figures, and broad areas of undifferentiated colours. Freddy Reno Went Missing is a compelling and addictive piece of work.

Read - Freddy Reno Went Missing, by OrGiveMeDeath_Ind, rated M.

Featured April 6, 2022
Teen, 64 pages

Blue, alone, and confused. Sadie, wake up.
We have been through this scene before: the road, the snow, the car, the sharp right turn. It was an accident. You do not want to go down there. Sadie, you are a ghost. We all are ghosts, so stop revisiting the past and wake up. Life as a ghost can get repetitive (especially when the tenants ask if the place is haunted). There are monsters present, but they will have problems lurking under Sadie’s watch.
The art utilizes a monochromatic blue color scheme as many scenes take place in the evening and perhaps on another dimensional plane.
Battle beasts with Sadie and read Ghost Network by ohnomelon, rated T!

Featured March 30, 2022
Teen, 58 pages

A young fellow, full of promise and vim shows up at the front door of a mansion hoping to find a position as the butler of the house. To his surprise the mistress accepts him on the spot, and thus begins his first day of work. It does not go as smoothly as the hiring process however! This fellow is singularly unsuited for any position at all let alone that of butler. The chaos that ensues might not be all his fault, but it certainly is amusing to watch. The art is all black and white, gestural line art, full of energy and spontaneity. The story is simple and sparing, a physical, slapstick comedy mainly told through imagery with minimal text.

Read - The New Butler, by TENSA1, rated T.

Featured March 23, 2022
Teen, 60 pages

“Breaking news,” a voice under the radio static announces, “two children went missing this early evening after leaving the main square. Parents are advised to keep their children at home until more information is available.” The radio signal fades before returning back to the normal schedule. The night before Alan’s birthday also means the one year anniversary since a mysterious disappearance on Halloween, as well as the perfect opportunity to sneak out the back window to meet up with trusted friend, Gritty. The two walk around the dreary sidewalks at night while dark shadows and flashing eyes sneak up behind them. A very sinister visitor is waiting and lurking, as a terrified voice blares, “DON’T COVER YOUR EARS!”
The art is fully drawn and painted digitally. The colors are vivid and bright with great attention to background details. Professional lettering and text bubbles.
Sneak out without getting caught and read Caveston by caveston, rated T!

Featured March 16, 2022
Everyone, 19 pages

tOne day a very clever, suave and stylish fairy fellow decided to run a social experiment… He wanted to know if a group of supernatural creatures and monsters could share a house together. So he let out his lovely house by a lake rent free to any creature who wanted to come, as long as they weren't human… This looks set to be an adventure and a groovy ensemble sitcom with a host of characters. I'm just waiting to see how it will develop! So far there are only two characters in the house but from the look of the header there's set to be many more! The art is simple but lovely and colourful with some cool effects. The story is a fantasy comedy. The setup reminds me of Hazbin hotel and our very own Charby the Vampiraite, so if you like those you will probably like this.

Read - Welcome to my House, by Zobazollia, rated E.

Featured March 9, 2022
Mature, 21 pages

The rent is due, Atom Man! There is no time to sleep all day while a big robot destroys half of downtown, time to get ready and fight a metal Cyclops. Later in the evening, the news features an explosion at Centra-Tech, a power research facility, and its CEO Simon Grange conveniently glosses over any mention of Atom Man in the reports. It appears that it is time to, once again, move on to the next adventure: Bowling.
The art is sketched out and painted digitally. Handwritten text bubbles. Vivid, clear, and bright color palette
Find out if Atom Man will pay Benny the landlord a fair share of rent and read Atom Man by gusbgreene, rated M!

Featured March 1, 2022
Mature, 50 pages

Danny is a bit of a pot-head, apart from that he's just an average high school kid. That is till he falls through a hatch in the ground and suddenly discovers he has super powers! He starts cleaning up his neighborhood and getting rid of the local gangs, only to run into some bigger fish and find himself the target of some heavy attacks. This is a superhero origin story, there's a little more violence and swearing than most. The writing is very compressed to the point that some parts are skipped over, and the art is quite simplified in places- the figures and faces are great and look pretty cool in the way they're stylised but machines and architecture are sometimes too simplified. It has an interesting format, being a too panel strip, so it's good for quick reading and would fit well as a traditional newspaper comic. The art is all greyscale and digital.

Read - ORIGIN by David Abiola Olukoga, by Davidxolukoga, rated M.

Featured Feb. 23, 2022
Everyone, 136 pages

“I found you in pretty bad shape,” mentions the scruffy, bearded Issac as a hot canteen of liquid is passed around the fire, “I want to ask you a few questions, just to make sure nothing is wrong, ok? What planet are we on?” The obsidian-haired stranger responds in kind, “Depends on who you ask, I like to call it…Nowhere.” Cassandra “Cassie” York, a mercenary on a mission, is looking to reclaim missing electric melee weapons and discover whether pirate’s blood runs through Captain Tsar’s veins. Cassie battles bounty hunters with swords and hand-to-hand combat, while still having time to jump into puddles when it rains.
This black and white comic features hand-lettered fonts and unique shaped text bubbles. The stunning chapter covers are in full-color.
Find out if Cassie will become a bounty hunter or a pirate and read Cassie York in the Purple Nowhere Part I by AidenGrunge, rated E!

Featured Feb. 16, 2022
Everyone, 31 pages

A small gang of imprisoned tough guys are “offered” the chance to do some advanced military training… It turns out that a little earlier while they were meeting in a park to discuss their dastardly plans when an alien starship abducted them and they may or may not have rampaged on the craft. Perhaps we'll find out?
This is an interesting specimen! The art strongly reminds me of Masumne Shirrow's work in Ghost in the Shell and Apple Seed, it has a very 1980s manga look: Black and white and lots of traditional half-tones. The dialogue however features some very bad syntax so it would seem to indicate that English isn't MG78's first language. This makes it quite a challenge to decipher the meaning, but I think it's worth it because it's a cool premise and that art is awesome. I just wish MG78 had a proof reader.

Read - Team 541, by Mg78, rated E.

Featured Feb. 9, 2022
Mature, 124 pages

Take a dip with Jemmy and the cutest penguin named Waggy, as they battle it out with a cephalopod-like creature in the hot springs. Follow a hologram projecting Oob to a nest of adorable Poqos that it is destined to protect. Discover rest and solitude on the Moon of the Gardens with Jasper Udyan, a lovely Flower. There is no shortage of adventure or adorable dodos wherever Space Daddy travels. He really is the “daddiest Daddy in Space”.
This comic starts off in full color and switches to grayscale. The comic strip layout demonstrates experimentation in panel dimension sizing, which makes for a more comfortable reader experience.
Join the Galactic Explorers Alliance Starfleet and read Space Daddy Adventures by hushicho, rated M!

Featured Feb. 2, 2022
Everyone, 152 pages

Who's up for a single panel gag strip? YOU should be because this is a great little one right here. Lots of quick easy one liner laughs in this this comedy comic. Some of the jokes are tangentially topical and some surreal, but mostly is just plain humour. Some of them made me chuckle, some I didn't even smile at. and some made me burst out laughing out loud and grin broadly. A good mix of funny for everyone. The art is highly stylised and retro (very 1950s/60s), digital, black and white with a colour background. It's nice to look at, made with a good sense of design.


Featured Jan. 26, 2022
Mature, 27 pages

Ayanna navigates while Alek takes the wheel of their father’s Amberjack HK-36L-247 during a salvage claim expedition. This is the Planet Madriu, where scavengers, hi-jackers, and claim jumpers are the only threat in addition to being wiped out from riding too fast—not to mention the growing population of wild hogs with terrific tusks that are multiplying by the minute! Salvaging machine parts in space never gets old.
The comic utilizes a color palette made up of ocean greens and cool blues. Full-page comic story format in digital color.
Get Ayanna back to the ship and read Wrota Metro by byj561, rated M!

Featured Jan. 12, 2022
Mature, 95 pages

First there was the Battle girl league, then came the Femoids. But once humans wanted to join in on the action, the Battle Girls League of Super Warriors was formed. The rumble between Dark Sword and Passion Pink has just begun. Herein this comic lies a range of mixed martial arts to melee weapons; fist-fighting to sword-fighting; wardrobe malfunction antics; and interactions between Interstellar individuals.
This series celebrates a long-awaited return to a comic style that showcases set design, costume design, script writing, and customized body sculpting skills. There are several cameos of familiar faces from bravo1102’s other comics such as “Battle of the Robofemoids”.
Learn whether White Dancer or Masked Ginger was victorious and read INTERSTELLAR BATTLE GIRLS LEAGUE of SUPER WARRIORS by bravo1102, rated M!

Featured Jan. 5, 2022
Everyone, 27 pages

Penguins are dressy little birds in white tie that swim like fish and only live in the coldest places on the entire planet, right? Wrong! They live a bit further afield than that, like the good birds of Latitude Zero, living together on the lovely tropical Galapagos Islands, hence the name of the comic “Latitude Zero”, which is where they are, on the equator. We start by following one of the cast, a skinny fellow doing what comes naturally to Penguins, namely hunting fish. It's all told visually in a very readable manner, almost like a Pixar movie, but this activity is nothing out of the ordinary for a penguin… It's only when it emerges from the depths that we get the TRUE reveal… I won't spoil it. This looks to be a fun comic about a little ensemble cast of characters. It's just now starting and this is the chapter where we're introduced to the little buggers so keep reading along with it to find out more.
The art is colourful, highly sylised, professional and very slick with all sorts of clever tricks employed to make it stand out and flow. The story is very visual, this is a comedy adventure anthropomorphic comic.

Read - Latitude Zero, by Pyroguin, rated E.


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