Featured Oct. 13, 2021
Teen, 117 pages

Young Leoard inherits a giftshop from his grandmother, but it's not an ordinary giftshop… Leonard's granny was a bit of a strange lady in her day, even being known to play a game of poker with the occasional god, she collected many vaulable and interesting treasures. A lot of people are after those treasures, in particular Eva of Asgard, daught or Thor. She's extremely powerful and beautiful, but a niave fish out of water who's in over her head! This is a fantasy slice of life story. the art is all black and white, bold, simplified and very professional looking.

Read - EVA of Asgard, by Synwells, rated T.

Featured Oct. 6, 2021
Everyone, 86 pages

The Backwoods begins inside a storage unit of a beloved Professor that has recently passed on. In the center, stands a prominent sarcophagus of jackal-headed deity, Anubis, with the caption: “There are Stories”. This is a thinking-person’s comic—where rat skeletons; chainsaw-wielding tree stumps; legendary gryphons battle horsemen; and nightmares personified are all bottled up and saved among the comic pages.
The comic’s full-page, black and white imagery mirrors its creator as something, “you might meet in a dream.”
Let your imagination venture into the zany and read Backwoods by carrollclifton, rated E!

Featured Sept. 29, 2021
Mature, 16 pages

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of his birth Duleut had always been shunned. But Duleut had a plan… a plan to unite and lead the tribes to better things, no mater what got in his way and who had to die to make his dreams happen. The art of Secrets of Uncrom The Balance of Life and Death is intricate and beautiful! All digital, the colours are bright and pretty, from the lovely skies to the jewel-like leaves and the carefully rendered muscles of the characters. The story is a fantasy drama and it's only just beginning.

Read - Secrets of Uncrom The Balance of Life and Death, by Secretsofuncrom, rated M.

Featured Sept. 22, 2021
Teen, 49 pages

This is a story about a lovely girl who works retail named “Friend” and a Giant Bee named “Humphrey”, and their daily conversations on worldly observations. It is not a love story (or at least, it was not initially), but anything goes in a world of bees and honey. This comic is chock-full of jokes—the puns and intellectual observations usually land; the dark humor can sting.
The comic layout is a traditional three-panel strip format. The colors are very happy and bright.
Try to relate to all the characters—Friend, Buddy, Babygirl, especially the Giant Bee—and read Giant Bee and Friend by OneOverTwo, rated T!

Featured Sept. 15, 2021
Mature, 60 pages

Max Jaw is a tough, relentless, cool, ruthless gangster. He hunts down his man and ends him. Guaranteed. Every time. With the help of his trusty cat. This is a beautufully stylised minimal comic with sparse text, evococative images, simple colours and silhouettes. This is definitely a case of show and don't tell! It's a very arty comic and an arty story about the brutal life of Max Jaw.

Read - Max Jaw, by MaxJaw, rated M.

Featured Sept. 8, 2021
Teen, 50 pages

The Aviatrix has seen it all—or at least can recall life on Earth before the American War. During an event that involves a mysterious elderly man on a runway, the most talented Aeromancer in the city ready to fix a plane, and a couple of bandit stowaways, the Aviatrix is about to start up the motors of an aluminum bird. Here is the Aviatrix’s opportunity to show the next generation how a reputation is earned.
The comic is drawn in full colored pages of a traditional printed comic book format. The first issue: Apocalypticana is now complete.
Soar with the Aviatrix and Henry Oppenheimer and read The Last Aviatrix by BusterCagle, rated T!

Featured Sept. 1, 2021
Teen, 120 pages

The world is turning to crap. Things are slowly unravelling outside, beyond the confines of the safe corridors of this secret biological military test facility. What's happening? We're only getting hints as the lines of communication are being restricted. Protests, war, military crackdowns… Inside the military scientists work to create biological superweapons, genetically engineered soldiers in the form of strange, new animal hybrids. Things aren't working out as planned though, they're moving far too slowly and the general in charge wants answers! “23-3” is one of the Vloxen, a new race of creature, born to fight. This world is strange to him, he's finding his way, he doesn't yet know his life's purpose.
This is a SciFi action drama story with hints of furry. The art is all digital, full colour and stylised

Read - Follower, by Bugbyte, rated T.

Featured Aug. 25, 2021
Teen, 23 pages

Watch and be weary for any wandering Warlock in the Woods, for the Witches are out and ready to hunt. A witch named Angel holds a meeting with the King at Augustu’s Castle in the Fallen Kingdom before a meeting with a coven. Romantically intertwined, Lenore and Edgard, meet each other for an evening encounter when they stumble upon a Warlock, injured at the hands of a witch.
The art uses rich violets and aquamarine jewel-tones. Enchanting, digitally-drawn illustrations are beautifully displayed on fully colored pages.
Help Lenore get Ed home and read The War Below Us by PuddingLem0n98, rated T!

Featured Aug. 18, 2021
Everyone, 140 pages

Darius was a soldier once. Once he tried to defend his home country, the Kingdom of Rollen. That was in another life… Those days are gone. Darius is something different now, something strange and terrifying. The Lords Grigor and Stanimir are seemingly unstoppable in their quest to conquer and subjugate the entire world. No one can stand in their way. Using terrifying magic and overwhelming force of arms their enemies topple one by one… Can no one halt their advance?
This is an exciting fantasy story with war, magic, knights and more. It's well written, filled with drama, action, and pathos. The art is all digital, full colour, and heavily stylised.

Read - Conscripted, by Dragonsong12 , rated E.

Featured Aug. 11, 2021
Everyone, 18 pages

Here is a gem-filled cavern with a fun-fueled funny time: A modern joke suggesting a relationship between dinosaurs and petroleum; an iconic reference to the fried rice scene from The Lost Boys; the rewritten final ten minutes of ET: The Extra Terrestrial; and cameos of old school video game favorites. The ability to relate to a majority of the comics gives a sense of having lived a complete life. ONE BIG SHOE is a one way train ticket to Laughter Town.
The art uses an extremely gentle and vibrant color palette that is enjoyable to flip through. The comic is formatted in full-pages of digital color.
Join Fraggle Rockstar on a quest to make great movie references into comics and read ONE BIG SHOE by Fraggle Rockstar, rated E!

Featured Aug. 4, 2021
Mature, 32 pages

The BirdBoys are a dangerous, clever bunch of outlaws. These aren't your regular old west style gang though, they don't just break in, start shooting, smash up the place and high tail it outta there… They're coordinated, they plan, they're intelligent and they can get away without shooting. The BirdBoys is a cyberpunk western style story, featuring cowboys, saloons, outlaws, broad brimmed hats, guns, and neon. The story style is action adventure. The art is all digital, it's rough, but stylised, colourful, bold, and very striking. It easily gets across the emotional and narrative intentions of the story.

Read - The BirdBoys, by j_vulture, rated M.

Featured July 28, 2021
Everyone, 185 pages

Wake up Little Critter! It is an early morning on Cap’s MeeMee farm and the enormous Rakka (a.k.a. the Local Bully) is tearing up the place and all the cute MeeMees. It is up to Lil’ Critter to show the Rakka whose boss. Welcome to Lullaby Town where random rocket ships tear across the stratosphere and end up in the cheerful and warm embrace of the local townspeople.

The art is filled with so much personality. The ink-wash sketches and warm vanilla backgrounds have a dream-like quality that are straight out of a wild imagination.

Come meet the newest visitor, Crystar, and read Lullaby Tales by TheJagged, rated E!

Featured July 21, 2021
Teen, 56 pages

Waiting to meet at the arranged time for a date is such an awkward feeling: aprension, anxiety, and boredom all wrapped up together! That's what Erin feels as she waits for the time to go and meet Rick in the shuttle bay of their spaceship, the “Carnivorous Pigeon”. They're a funny couple with some great banter, but you just know these two spacetroopers and going to get themselves into some big trouble if their not careful… and neither of them are particularly careful! The art here is all in a friendly, chibi inspired manga style, it's in greyscale, all digital. The story is a slice of life SciFi comedy.

Read - Erin's Space, by Pelta8d, rated T.

Featured July 14, 2021
Everyone, 49 pages

It was a blustery, cold evening when Elias and Archimedes arrived at the Four Harts Inn. Upon arrival, the pair meet up with Yara Sistani, a guide to get them safely through the first part of their expedition. Out of nowhere, a haunting voice of a creature beyond the earthly realm unleashes a chill through the air and sends Archimedes into the cold. Will the heroes make it through the Mines before the shadows catch up?
This is a full-page comic drawn mostly in grayscale and fully digital.
Find out if Yara will end up having to carry one of the heroes in case they break a leg and read The Magister Records by Grotesquerie Queen, rated E!

Featured July 7, 2021
Everyone, 22 pages

All the forms of energy generation and energy harnessing have their own characters and traits. Here they are as depicted and explained in a detailed and interesting way as beautiful manga style women. This is an educational, yet beautiful and fun comic that shows us the weaknesses and strengths of different types of power and how we get them. It's a really unique and clever take on the concept!
The art is manga style, full colour, digital, on long scrolling pages. The story style is character based, educational, factual, manga style vignettes.

Read - Quantum Festival, by Lokpolymorfa, rated E.

Featured June 30, 2021
Everyone, 24 pages

Awaken the Baker because the Queen will be married on the Morrow. A Royal Wedding Cake needs to be baked within twenty-four hours. The heroes must scour the lands and go on an epic shopping spree in order to attain all the ingredients. Will the additional assistance of Scum, a most worthy assistant, and Theo, a messenger pigeon, be enough to gather the most rare and special ingredients in order to help the Baker?
This comic uses a full-page layout and it is digitally colored. The original story was started during the 24-Hour Comic Day 2021 and continues to be updated weekly.
Find out whether the Mistress will be successful in baking the Royal Wedding Cake before time runs out and read 24Hour Cake by Gentoons, rated E!

Featured June 23, 2021
Teen, 361 pages

Lilika and Sheol are working as hunters of the supernatual. It's a tough and extremely dangerous job but these two women bring their unique skills to bear on it. Lilika has the ability to summon horrific demons to do her bidding, while Sheol is a patchwork Frankenstien's monster of a woman who's suprenmly strong and has the power to regenerate. Together they make a great team! The art here is all digital, it's all in black, white and grey. It's quite stylised and unique. The story is action adventure fantasy with a bit of horror. It's in the vein of The Witcher.

Read - Patchwork and Lace, by Itsasooz, rated T.

Featured June 16, 2021
Mature, 83 pages

The world is set during the Great War in the early twentieth century through the 1940s. Part historical, part fantastical steampunk future. A group of Axis members look for ways to take control; while an escaped prisoner finds his way into a nurse’s quarters. This is a story of two worlds and two very different souls.
The comic is drawn in full-coloured pages. Parts of this comic are bilingual in the German language.
Join Madam PuddleSocks as she boards the Einhorn and read Staff and Steam by Socratatus, rated M!

Featured June 9, 2021
Mature, 72 pages

Fatman is a rather acerbic fellow but he has an interesting, if simplistically surreal take on the world. Naked in profile or portrait he blesses us with his pearls of precious wisdom. Truly he is a prophet for our age! The art is all simple line art with a lot of copy and pasted elements because that's part of the style of these surreal humour comics. This is a funny and intelligent comic strip. There is some nudity and adult themes but it's quite stylised and non-sexy.

Read - Fatman, by Jojojajaja, rated M.

Featured June 2, 2021
Everyone, 60 pages

The most important rule when going on a cosmic safari is to not let hunger take over. Hopefully a quirky group of fantastical friends ready to go on an adventure heeds this advice when an ominous group of young shadows approaches asking for assistance in rescuing their mother from a scientist. This group of “Keepers” is about to go on a quest in the face of panic.
The comic story is written and told through full colored pages. The art and coloring is psychedelic!! The font has an original, hand-written look and feel that complements the illustrations.
Go on a trip to find Spencer the Biologist and read Cosmic Safari by Frenemy, rated E!

Featured May 26, 2021
Mature, 49 pages

Umbra is a half demon woman, a very skilled necromancer, and a pretty amateurish tomb-raider. At some stage she found herself bound to the soul of a creature who lives in her hair and lusts after her boobs! It gives her someone to chat to in the lonely, quiet tombs but sort of cramps her style when it comes to chatting up the dudes. This is a great, saucy, comedy fantasy comic! It's all black and white and looks lovely.

Read - Necroblivion, by Paneltastic, rated M.

Featured May 19, 2021
Everyone, 340 pages

Accompany Zorr and Des on a typical office workday filled with office antics including a drafting table and a handful of color swatches. Life is business as usual until Rozz (Zorr’s taller brother) comes to visit the office in order to eat all the cake and attract all the attention from the office secretary. This comic spans two decades from the early 2000s until the present day of plastic face shields and remote control security drones.
The comic is drawn in a full-color comic strip format. It is also written in multiple languages from English to Russian to 1337 Speak.
Join the team of dinosaurs who moonlight as designers and read The Designersaurs by jotravers, rated E!

Featured May 12, 2021
Everyone, 48 pages

Move over Poison Ivy, an even cooler plant based superperson is arrived in town! Well… in the desert town of Chunkystew rather than Gotham City, and Huckleberry is a hero rather than a villain. Huckleberry is a cool person with some cool powers, they can excrete acid from their hands, and create a protective seed shell around themselves when under attack. The fruity hero can also run at superspeed thanks the to tasty banana atoms they give off! But it isn't smooth sailing, there are a lot of enemies to fight, even some that might prove too much for poor Huckleberry. This is a superhero comedy comic, the stories are told in short segments. The art is colourful, charming, and really suits the light tone of the comic well.

Read - Huckleberry, by Matt Comics, rated E.

Featured May 5, 2021
Everyone, 56 pages

Kitchen chemists and home cooks rejoice! Here is a sweet treat—take a dessert break with special tried-and-true original and shared recipes. Explore a wide range of sugary treats from Macintosh Muffins with a vegan twist; Blueberry Pancake (cake); Princesses’ Braid Bread; among many others. This is a fascinating illustrated cookbook for all who love measuring ingredients to bake original goodies.
The comic shares illustrated recipes that go along with personal accounts and recollections on the comic blurbs. There is even a 2022 Calendar now available that relates back to the comic.
Take the stress out of stress-baking and read Cupcake War Machine by mks_monsters, rated E!

Featured April 28, 2021
Teen, 212 pages

Mari has a pretty sad routine life in Toronto. Things are slowly getting worse for her, not least of which is that her old video rental business is slowly failing. But beginning with an earthquake that utterly destroys her flat things are about to change drastically! Dreams come to life in reality, a crazed murderous talking gorilla, a magical cat, a dreamland, a giant fish man… The art is bright, colourful and exciting, looking pro with a consistent stylised appearance that's unique to the artist. The story is fantasy, action and venture and is written with a really good pace that keeps you reading page after page to see what happens next.

Read - Phantasos, by Jslongstreet, rated T.


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