Featured Feb. 13, 2019
Everyone, 19 pages

On the day of their wedding a non-ugly, non-evil, and manipulative witch transformed Daverus (aka Davi) the groom into a giant brown bear. Now he and his wife, Jazrae, have started a quest where they are trying to find a way to turn the spell around and to transform him back into his human body. This is an adventure story staring a cat girl and an ursa major hoping to find a way back to normalcy. This comic is in full digital color with dynamic poses and entertaining facial expressions.
Find out the reason for the witch’s decision to transform a man into a bear and read Ursa Tale by dxkim123, rated E!

Featured Feb. 6, 2019
Mature, 188 pages

Beatrice has been experiencing the same disturbing dream for the last 8 years. Sometimes she can barely wake from them. She always sees a woman with yellow eyes. THIS time the woman spoke to her… “Let me out”. What does it mean? Is it more than just a dream? Is there an entity trying to communicate with her, or posses her? Scarred Eden has deliciously coloured, wonderfully drawn digital artwork and a beautifully proportioned main character! It's a mystery story that's slowly developing and deepening.

Read Scarred Eden Scarred Eden, by Damehelsing, rated M.

Featured Jan. 30, 2019
Everyone, 79 pages

Have you ever spent countless hours playing with toys and making up stories of many little adventures? The inspiration behind Space Repair Garage: The Comic was ninja_bait’s own personal Lego collection and the original stories written about them. The best part is that a lot of the art is hand drawn with a style of a draftsman. There are some Star Wars references within a very original storyline.
The art is drawn in horizontal 4-panel comic strips like traditional newspaper comics and all the fonts use hand lettered writing. All the comics are in black and white. This comic has reached over 60 pages and updates Wednesdays and Fridays.
Get a rocket ready for take off and read Space Repair Garage: The Comic by ninja_bait, rated E!

Featured Jan. 23, 2019
Everyone, 137 pages

This is the fascinating and harrowing tale of a person discarded by society, used up, pushed to the side and forced through the cracks. You are shown life from his unique perspective and taken into his dark world, increasingly farther on the fringes of every day life. And yet he still hangs on and keeps trying to stay existing within the uncaring machine that is modern America.
A well written and well drawn, text heavy biographical story. Here is a sample of one of the bright nuggets:
“Youth is stifled by its effulgent ego and lack of wisdom, while age is imprisoned by sloth and parsimony. Each wants what the other has, yet each hates the other with a passion.”

Read The Vagabonds Waifs and Strays, by Artisto Escondido, rated E.

Featured Jan. 16, 2019
Teen, 112 pages

Berry just moved into his Aunt Key’s home, but with a price! He now has to work at a cafe on Crepe Island and his coworker, Candy, is helping him with the rundown on regular customers and daily chores. The cafe is located directly across the street from In & Out Island Breakfast where Berry quickly becomes aquatinted with a sign spinner from the restaurant. After some confusing shenanigans, Berry returns to his cafe and Candy takes him to her favorite place. This island is full of wonderful surprises and mysteries.
The art is drawn digitally and in color. It uses a very soft and gentle pastel color scheme.
Join Berry as he explores Crepe Island and read Cafe on Crepe Island by dyohna, rated T!

Everyone, 21 pages

Percival the pigeon has a plan! It's a crazy plan and it's probably not going to work… in fact it certainly won't but he's going to try it anyway. In the far future humanity have left the earth a horrible wasteland haunted by giant mutated swamp-beasts and the brave inheritors of civilisation: the rats, pigeons, gulls and bugs… Percrival wants to reverse the destruction and take the world back to the paradise it once was. This is a short little comic with a fun environmental message, all in black and white line art, the story is action adventure. It's just been complerted so you can read it all in one go! AverageArtistAmber is also the creator of the ongoing Demon Demolition Duo, so be sure to check that out too!

Read Percival Pigeons Perilous Plan, by AverageArtistAmber, rated E.

Featured Jan. 2, 2019
Teen, 26 pages

It is Halloween night and a crescent moon is up in the sky. A fuzzy faced loner in a hoodie named Kurt is running through the street until he enters a bar to get a drink. Everyone is dressed up in fantastic costumes, so it is easy for someone out of the ordinary to blend in tonight. However, Kurt, a partially transformed werewolf, is way too observant to ignore that there is a vampire at the bar who is the real deal. Things are about to get really heated when a werewolf meets a vampire!
The art is pretty gorgeous. Sometimes the backgrounds remain monochrome in order to highlight the main character.
Follow Kurt into the bar and see where his chance encounter with a vampire leads and read Run Stop Go by bucket, rated T!

Featured Dec. 26, 2018
Teen, 1144 pages

Val needs to get some meat for dinner, his mum says so. The market is about to close so he has to go and hunt bubbits… But he's cowardly and easily frightened, and bubbits have sharp teeth and a bad temper and he worries they'll eat him! His fears are almost justified, but a pretty girl by the name or Kora saves him. There's a strange mystery surrounding the fearless Kora, a mystery that's about to bring Val more trouble than he ever dreamed! And thus begins an epic fantasy adventure.
This is a really fun and compelling story set in a fantasy world, it's a comedy action adventure. The art is mainly black and white line art, mostly pencil on paper with chibi style characters. It starts of a little rough but gets smoother in later pages. And there are a LOT of pages to read!

Read Coward of Valor, by Matt@Deadpen, rated E.

Featured Dec. 19, 2018
Mature, 54 pages

There are murders happening around town. All that is being left is a trail of bodies. This leads to a series of rumors spread by the citizens and an individual named Hate is on the move looking for the reason behind the mysterious stories. This is a great comic for anyone who enjoys true crime investigation shows with a bit of paranormal events mixed in. This comic has strong language not intended for younger audiences.
The art is drawn digitally, mostly black and white with splatters of red.
Find out if the killer is a killer or a trickster and read Urban Legend by Wolva, rated M!

Featured Dec. 12, 2018
Teen, 69 pages

Isaac and Ben fight it out in the arena, watched by thousands of spectators, waiting on their every move. The two orb users battle with their unusual powers, ice versus lightning, attacking and defending at high speed! But is there more to these competitors than simply gladiators who fight for entertainment? What is their relationship with the alien orbs that lend them their powers? What else do they do for the Valtic organisation other than fight? Traditionally drawn with full digital colour, the art is highly individual. Some of the body proportions are off but the action scenes are striking and intense! The fighting moves at a very fast pace, it's almost like watching TV. This is a SciFi action drama. Enjoy!

Read The Lightning Orb, by AWilsonnn, rated T.

Featured Dec. 5, 2018
Everyone, 147 pages

This is a story about a squirrel and a ferret, Chessie and Dook, and their domestic and wild antics. Watch as they go on adventures searching for the world’s biggest acorn, visiting movie theaters while making their own commentary, and avoiding getting hit by paper airplanes. One takes on a more serious approach to situations and the other has a more playful side. Hopefully these woodland pals do not drive each other nuts!
The art is drawn and painted digitally. The pages are in traditional comic strip format.
Take a stroll down the wild side and read Through the Window by Andore Modre, rated E!

Featured Nov. 28, 2018
Everyone, 155 pages

A poor Centaur finds them-self drowning in a river, only to be saved by a taciturn creature similar to its own kind but as dark as a shadow and as full of arrows as Saint Sebastian! This is a gorgeous looking fairytale fantasy about centaur creatures in a dangerous enchanted forest. Please enjoy the strikingly beautiful art here, all done with traditional media. The art is truly exceptional, Fleebites has gone above and beyond to create it. Colour, form, tone, shape, texture, all are lovely, let alone the actual representational imagery! Read Lost Honey, by fleebites, rated E.

Featured Nov. 21, 2018
Everyone, 69 pages

There is an unidentified teenager on the loose stealing paint, spraying fresh graffiti on the wall, hurting people, and drinking booze. This behavior needs to be stopped by the best group the city has to fight vigilantes: The Muscle Corps! Watch as this unique group of positive crime fighters- Tightwire, Beacon, Mega Jock, Goat, Boy Dracula, and Genius Bot-make an effort to stop the spread of petty crime in the city. The art is digitally drawn and in full color.
Take a bite out of city crime and read The Muscle Corps by BrainspaceComics, rated E!

Featured Nov. 14, 2018
Teen, 123 pages

Belle Starr is a space adventure queen inspired by Barbarella. She steels a little spaceship and tangles with some deadly space pirates whore after more than her treasures… This is sexy retro Sci-Fi Space opera 70's style! And not just “style” but this was actually MADE in the 1970s so this is no retro pastiche or historical homage, it's the real deal. The creator Jeff Salty created this comic back in the 1970s and he's posting it now on DD! The art is very stylised and individual, it's full colour, pen and ink on paper. No digital stuff here! The writing is classic for the context of its day; good old fashioned 70s SciFi adventure.

Read Belle Starr, by Jeff Salty, rated T.

Featured Nov. 7, 2018
Everyone, 137 pages

It is a typical day at the coffee shop and two baristas have to deal with the daily antics at their new job. After spending the morning trying to invent the next best spiced drink, a series of events occur from having to deal with strange customers, customers who are way too demanding with their order, little kids, and rats, oh wait, those rats are not supposed to be there. Oh, and now there is a fire, so everyone must evacuate the building!
The art is hand drawn and uses black and white for the line work. The character designs are nicely done and very original.
If you have ever been curious about the behind the scenes work at a coffee shop, then you must read The Sideshow by xythane, rated E!

Featured Oct. 31, 2018
Teen, 77 pages

Eon messed up bad! He was supposed to be escorting a magicless girl called “seed”, but he went and got himself ambushed… Nothing he's doing is working out. Hopefully with the help of a small army unit he can make things right. if not he can always go back to fighting in the ring. There's a lot of magic in this fantasy world ! It has a Japanese theme to it, which fits nicely with the manga style of the artwork. The colouring is quite sleek and professional. All in all this is a very well presented comic!

Read Ties that Bind, by Sakebento, rated T.

Featured Oct. 24, 2018
Everyone, 65 pages

Many years ago, a battle between two nations began and ended thanks to the leaders’ children. A star symbol called an elpis was created to symbolize the alliance between the two nations. However after the battle, a darkness emerged forcing the queen to make a sacrifice and use her last bit of strength to send the paladins into the future so they could live in a world without war. Fast forward to the present day, the story focuses on the lives of Trent, a jokester, prankster, and big fan of Paladins; Trent's twin brother, Taylor, who is a serious nerd; Bethany, a new girl at their school; and Sasha, a girl whose appetite will never be satiated. Trent appears to have taken an instant liking to Bethany on her first day. Is the future really as peaceful as imagined?
This comic is drawn in a black and white manga style, but it can be read left to right. It is a collaboration comic between James Kniseley (Writer) and House of Imagi (Art).
Unleash the great power of the elpis and read Paladins by ValonSC, rated E!

Featured Oct. 17, 2018
Mature, 49 pages

Hacking Human has such an intriguing title doesn't it? Selena is a thief, a very clever and sexy one that works with computers and wears a skin tight black catsuit. Her partner is a disembodied floating head named Heinrich, he just happens to be a ghost. Together they make an unusual but effective and deadly team. The art is mostly black and white, drawn in an idiosyncratic and very individual signature style. The writing is straight out action heist stories told in short chapters. Have a look and get sucked into the story.

Read Hacking Human, by Gregoryfloch (Robert Finch and Gregory Floch), rated M.

Featured Oct. 10, 2018
Everyone, 47 pages

Mark is the mechanic for a rocket-ship searching for a habitable planet. His crew is in luck because after a hard lesson on gravity they have reached a new planet where they do not need to wear helmets. There are a few uncertain things lurking on this planet that Mark might meet face-to-face.

The art has a traditional comic book look and feel with nice details on the line work, backgrounds, rocket-ship renderings, and character designs. The fonts and color choices have a retro, midcentury modern theme.

Wake up and read Smell the Roses by Jackson Ziegler, rated E!

Featured Sept. 26, 2018
Everyone, 92 pages

You are invited to the 2018 Drunk Duck Awards Show! This year's theme is modeled after movie awards shows and several comic creators have assembled marvelous movie posters that look riveting and professional. This year's show is brought to you by our host, Niccea, along with the assistance of a panel of judges, several on-site volunteers, and viewers like you!
Award presentations will begin during the week of October 8th, so please enjoy perusing the movie poster themed For Your Consideration (FYC) pages that have been lovingly put together!!
Grab your fanciest ball gown or tuxedo, invitation ticket, and popcorn and attend the Drunk Duck Awards 2018 by Niccea, rated E!

Featured Sept. 19, 2018
Mature, 110 pages

This story centres around a group of highly fashionable ladies. They like to meet, compete and compare their stylish looks with each other but all that is about to change! Vicious animals are on the loose! Tigers, carnivorous giraffes, horses with tattoos! Whatever is the world comic to? Grab your shotgun and go after these vicious brutes. This is a hilarious satirical comic with snappy, inspired writing and crazy situations. All art is done with photos of one sixth scale dolls and shown as single panels so it makes for a relatively quick reading comic despite the length.

Read One Sixth Stories, by one6thsense, rated M.

Featured Sept. 12, 2018
Teen, 68 pages

Move over Cathy and Luann and even that Jeremy kid from Zits. Here is a comic about a modern day teenager after she gets a new set of braces and gets through the day to day with way more than angst. This comic hits the mark on how the younger generation behaves and even has insights to conversations between girls and hanging out with boys at the mall. It is a pretty funny and lighthearted comic.
The art is all in color and the pages are formatted like traditional comic strips.
Finally figure out what young people these days are thinking and read Kirsha Brackets by DrawingGenius, rated T!

Featured Sept. 5, 2018
Mature, 84 pages

Sexy Cinnamon girl, cool Bodhisattva, rampaging Rumpzilla, and weird Ink LaRue are part of the cast of this crazy, cheeky comedy comic strip. The adventures they get into are really quite saucy and not for innocent eyes. Cinnamon girl is a buxom, incorrigible wild-thing, barely restrained by Bodhisattva who's just too cool for words, she mercilessly teases Ink LaRue, but he clearly deserves it. It's tasteful for the most part but definitely M rated. The humour is very burlesque! If you like your comedy with a slightly naughty flavour this is certainly the comic for you. The art is a mixture of pen and ink coloured pencil, black and white and digital colour.

Read Ink LaRue, by Unka John, rated M.

Featured Aug. 29, 2018
Teen, 95 pages

Lotos and Cybil, both young women in their early twenties, leave the tavern they both work late one evening when they encounter the May Queen, a dryad that lives in the woods. At first, it was a good idea that the two ladies stayed close together after they left work, but unfortunately, the dryad is faster than both of them and misfortune is about to strike or bite. This sends the girls to the other side of town to seek help in taking down the May Queen.
The comic is mostly in black and white with a few colored pages in between. Each chapter begins with gorgeous, full colored cover pages.
Don't walk alone in the woods at night and read Tainted Eden by BlackBlightWoods, rated T!

Featured Aug. 22, 2018
Teen, 88 pages

In a fantastical fantasy land lives a young little scribe, a purple skinned dark elf by the name of Kitov Sige. He knows nothing of the world outside the big city, he has a good job but he longs for real experience and adventure. He likes what he reads in books but somehow the life of a scribe just doesn't seem to suit him. It looks as if his fortunes are about to change though… a rough looking fellow selling maps walks into his master's house. This man reeks of adventure.
This is a fantasy adventure comic. The art is in full colour and it's fully digital.
Read Crypts and Cantrips, by itsKytri, rated T.


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