Featured Aug. 1, 2018
Teen, 143 pages

Rio, a high school student is having a very vivid dream of his friend, Elloise. His dream takes a violent turn that almost ended in tragedy if it were not for his friend, Lance, waking him up from his dream. The only problem is that Rio is now over half an hour late for school and has to start the day on the wrong foot. Hopefully things will improve when Elloise shows up.
The art is drawn using very clean digital lines and it is mostly in black and white. The pages have a style similar to manga, but the pages are read from left to right.
Discover the start of a romance story and read One Heart by oceanrabbits, rated T!

Featured July 25, 2018
Everyone, 58 pages

Savannah cat is a little cutie. She's perfectly comfortable in her house with all the other cats around her, getting fat and fluffy, but the big wide world outside her window beckons! So she waddles her way out the cat door and begins her adventures… It's not a smooth road, she encounters many hazards and makes lots of new friends on her journey.
This is a hilarious comedy comic strip. Full colour digital art, cartoon style. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.

Read Savannah Cat Adventues, by Rachel87, rated E.

Featured July 18, 2018
Everyone, 63 pages

Imagine there was a secret organization of time travelers that could weave in and out of different years in order to fight crime and bring people to justice. Well there is no need to imagine because the Stop Watchers are a task force equipped with the latest technology. They can rush to 1888 London to find Jack the Ripper, then head back to the future to arrest him, and finish the day eating burgers in the 1950s. This all-ages comic is filled with action and is very fun to read.

The art is mostly drawn and colored in black and white grayscale with very talented shading. The character designs are unique and original and showcase a substantial range of expressions.

Get ready to travel backwards and forwards in time in order to fight crime and read Stop Watchers by StopWatchers, rated E!

Featured July 11, 2018
Mature, 114 pages

What happens when ordinary people suddenly become massively super-powered, possessed of abilities well outside of the dreams of any normal person? Comics tell us they become either super heroes or super villains, this comic looks at it another way… They become gods. Or at least that's how they think of themselves: utterly outside of normal human life and needs, not bound by any laws, rules or conventions except their own. It becomes the job of a government agency to manage these powerful forces. Our story starts with a senior member of that very agency…
The art is digital full colour. I think it's a mixture of digital paining and photo manipulation. The story is drama, action, SciFi superhero.

Read Children of the Gods, by Infiniteforces, rated M.

Featured July 4, 2018
Everyone, 81 pages

Enter into this stunning realm of galactic dragons that live on Jupiter and its moons. There are characters that embody different elements, four spirits that are the Storm Lords, and they help bring balance to the chaos that is unfolding. The characters fluidly and seamlessly blend with the cosmic backgrounds.
This comic is drawn in full vibrant color using traditional media such as Prisma markers. The art is bold and all the text is hand lettered while using different unique fonts for each different character.
Slip into a fantastical journey of dragons and read Electricity Is Her Element by caliway, rated E!

Featured June 27, 2018
Everyone, 18 pages

Rob doesn't remember ANYTHING! Were is she? Why is she wearing an old fashioned deep sea diving suit in the middle of the desert? Bob is a tiny cowboy who works in a bar, sort off… You'll see. They team up and face adventures together. This is a pretty comic, all done with colourful watercolour and ink pen. The watercolour paper give it a nice texture. the art is beautiful, exaggerated and comical. The story is action comedy. Sometimes the syntax is strange but that lends to the charm, the author is French.

Read Rob and Bob, by Fishsgum, rated E.

Featured June 20, 2018
Everyone, 39 pages

This comic is set during the early days of androids being introduced to society. The comic draws parallels from the Greek story of Prometheus as it is the same name of the head android engineer, and Zeus is a multi-billionaire big shot who is also a major shareholder of the Olympus Corporation. Prometheus works very diligently to fight for the freedom and rights of androids with Artificial Intelligence.
The art is drawn in black and white and it is a combination of an American comic and a manga. The first four chapters are now available to read with the fifth one coming soon!
Enjoy exploring a future where humans live among androids and read Android Shenanigans by ivodebock, rated E!

Featured June 13, 2018
Teen, 42 pages

Maureen is a happy go lucky student, just wanting nothing more than to go and see her favourite band with her best friend. But it looks like that's not going to happen… this is a world filled with super powered supervillains and only a tiny handful of heroes to stand against them. poor Maureen is about to experience the supervillain problem first hand! Generation Bad has lovely, lush, full colour digital art. The costume designs, their colours and the fight scenes are a particular treat! I can't wait to see more. This is a classic action-drama superhero comic, if that's your thing, jump right in, and even if it's not it's worth a look anyway.

Read Generation Bad, by TheRedDeath, rated T.

Featured June 6, 2018
Everyone, 36 pages

After a quiet afternoon of reading Leo Tolstoy, Allie drifts to sleep and enters the realm of dreams. Upon grabbing hold of a mysterious orb, Allie is transported to Gtegra where its blue-skinned inhabitants can fly. This is a fish-out-of-water story that will whisk you away to a world beyond your imagination.
The art is mainly sketched in black and white with some pages in full color. The line art appears hand drawn using traditional methods and colored with digital ink.
Escape into a world of mystery and read dreamcomicbookDOTcom by btraven, rated E!

Featured May 30, 2018
Teen, 160 pages

Kiro is sent far, far into the icy northern wastes of Alaska as punishment for her crimes, but the place she arrives isn't the prison she expects. It's not a prison at all… It's far worse. She soon finds herself at the mercy of her fellow inmates. How bad can things get? This is an intriguing story with a slowly unfurling mystery: Why did Kiro commit her crime? Why are those kids stuck in an abandoned factory? Why doesn't “mom” help her? Detox Camp is a comedy drama, fully digital, drawn in pleasantly muted tones that highlight the coldness of the scenes.

Read Detox Camp, by Kootenie, rated T.

Featured May 23, 2018
Everyone, 31 pages

When a toxic waste truck and a milk truck collide, the end result is creating a new super hero! This milk drinking action hero is now tainted with toxic ooze and a stretch costume with a 2% logo across the chest and his new call sign is “Super Cancer”. The only problem is that he is unsure of the type of powers he wields exactly.
Got milk Bro?
Find out all about Captain Galactose's new special powers and read Captain Galactose by Captain Galactose, rated E!

Featured May 16, 2018
Mature, 141 pages

Beautiful Nor'eena the elf and Melodwyn the stagsister are thrown together by a surprising twist of fate after the magical heartwood tree in the forest exploded mysteriously during a ritual and killed all Melodwyn's siters. Nor'eena and Melodwyn are strangely tethered via markings on their wrists, markings that seem to break the very laws of magic. They must undertake a dangerous journey together though lands infested with murderous bandits to the distant academy so they can find out what it all means!
This is a fantasy adventure comic drawn in the manga style, the art appears to be digital, some pages are fully coloured while others are in tones of purple and white. Enjoy the action, the pretty ladies, and their budding relationship.

Read Tethered From Dusk to Dawn, by Tethered Manga, rated M.

Featured May 9, 2018
Mature, 164 pages

Everyone wants a piece of the boy named Sune (pronounced like “June”). Watch as he teeter-totters between human societies ans alien societies. Hooefully he does not get caught.

The art is drawn mostly in black and white using traditional hand sketched methods.

Make sure Sune makes it out okay and read Sune by rainingbells, rated M.

Featured May 2, 2018
Teen, 173 pages

Straight from the pens of Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton comes SKY COMMANDER! It's WW2, racing through the skies over Berlin is a brave man all dressed in leather with a streamlined shiny helmet on his head and a rocket pack strapped to his back, taking down German fighterplanes with nothing more than a few shots from his trusty pistol to their engines. That's how you win a war! This is daring do, adventure, war, intrigue and spies! Inspired by the likes of the Rocketeer, Indiana Jones and other exciting tales of adventure, Sky Commander is drawn in a delightfully retro fashion. Solidly black and white artwork with clever use of half tones and cross hatching.

Read SkyCommander, by Coydog, rated T.

Featured April 25, 2018
Teen, 81 pages

The backdrop of this comic is the Marne River in France, 1918. A group of WWI soldiers hear the sounds of bombs blasting outside and prepare to enter the front lines of a battle. In an interesting team, we have Finnegan, the red-haired and bearded gentleman, and the blonde haired, blue-eyed Hertz. Immediately after arrival, an explosion goes off leaving the two covered in shrapnel and Hertz badly wounded. There is a twist, the doctors are about to uncover a secret Hertz has been hiding all along.
This collaboration comic is drawn by a two person team, Nic and Ben. A lot of one hundred year old research on WWI has been studied for this comic. The art is drawn and colored digitally.
Discover the recently revealed secret of Hertz and read Potato and Kraut by NicAndBen, rated T!

Featured April 18, 2018
Everyone, 167 pages

Ursula Nolan was a thoroughly corrupt businesswoman, a wanton destroyer of the natural world and an all ‘round unpleasant human being. Driven by childhood tragedy to betray the ideals her parents held dear, she rose to power over their once noted environmentally responsible company and turned it to far darker ends. Mother Nature had other things in store for her however… it seems the greatest environmental villain might become the greatest champion. This is a superhero comic, the story is action adventure. It’s an American style superhero comic, fully digitally coloured.

Read Empress Mother Earth's Handmaiden, by NRG Comics, rated E.

Featured April 11, 2018
Teen, 40 pages

Two adorable raccoons (not to be confused with squirrels) were wandering through the forest one day when they stumble across a wolf-like creature named Hannah that is also accustomed to kibble (okay, so maybe it is a domestic dog). The three animals set out on an adventure trying to return Hannah to her original home.
The art is drawn digitally, colored in grayscale and features many woodland creatures.
Take a long winding journey with this pair of squirrels, I mean RACCOONS, and a wolf-like creature and read Alienated by Road Runt, rated T!

Featured April 4, 2018
Everyone, 107 pages

This is a comic about the last sheriff, the very last one… in a world where more are surely needed. The world is a violent, lawless place, the strong prey on the weak and the weak die. In this futuristic version of the old west men ride steel steeds and attack with powerful energy weapons. The battles are bloody and impressive.
The art is impressively pro-comic level, full digital colour, lots of gradients and light effects. The story is Sci-Fi fantasy with hardcore action! Written by Chris Jenkins and illustrated by Chris Imber.

Read The Last Sheriff, by RecklessHero, rated E.

Featured March 28, 2018
Everyone, 144 pages

A young man makes his way to a miso shop after traveling a far distance. He is an outsider to the village and meets Kazuo, the owner of the ramen shop and asks him for a chance to show that he is capable. This comic shows aspects of Japanese culture like Ikebana, or the art of flower arrangement, dressing up in a yukata or kimono, and working at a soup shop.
The art is mostly in black and white. It looks mostly hand sketched and there are parts that are painted with water color!
Discover a story that comes from the deep forest and read Yasu no Monogatari by Kanes, rated E!

Featured March 21, 2018
Teen, 17 pages

Explode into the fantasy world of Demon Plague deep in the infernal regions of hell, where lava explodes out of the ground without warning and demons fight devils to the death. This is a dark world without mercy or respite but one brave soul, Iago, might yet be able to prevail against it. Demon Plague is an exciting fantasy action adventure story. The art is full colour and very detailed, in stylised realism. I believe it's hand drawn and inked, with digital colour. There aren't many pages yet so you can easily get into this one and start following it along. You'll be instantly hooked I'm sure. Read Demon Plague, by Ben Steamroller, rated T.

Featured March 14, 2018
Teen, 100 pages

Richard Wallace, a popular race car driver, has just transferred to Racing University after dropping out of school where he is the only non-hairy student on campus. He has to race daily as he is on a full scholarship, but he has already caught the eye of some of the ladies on campus, namely, the leopard lady, Shawa Roberts. How will Richard's life drastically change at his new school? The art is in full digital color. There are plenty of car views and drawings of anthropomorphic animals for fans of the genre.
Relive uncomfortable University experiences and read Fluffy 500 by IronHorseComics, rated T!

Featured March 7, 2018
Teen, 577 pages

Time to take down some Hoosiers! We open to an armed and very dangerous catgirl taking on a massive villain who's a cross between The Macho man Randy Savage and the Kool Aid guy. It looks bad for our sexy little plucky hero but we know this battle could only ever go one way… Kitty is a bounty killer working in Orange County California. Bounty Killers do what the police can't and get paid a nice reward in the process. There are exciting fights, titanic battles and plenty of humour in this funny action comic. The art is all black and white, drawn on paper and digitally inked. Enjoy this rollicking ride. There are plenty of pages to sink your fangs into!

Read Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, by MoeAlmighty, rated T.

Featured Feb. 28, 2018
Everyone, 75 pages

Let plant lovers and lovers of architectural dwellings rejoice! Here is a comic that will teach you a TON about trees and leaves and will put a kawaii (cute) face on it. In addition to this comic being visually calming, there are important messages in it like why we should help save the sea turtles in the ocean. This comic will teach some new facts about different type of plants and architectural structures.
The art is drawn digitally, but it looks like it is painted on the side of a cement building.
Learn something new and read KAWAIIDOLIA by skepticalsquare, rated E!

Featured Feb. 21, 2018
Teen, 53 pages

This is the origin story of a superhero pair. A mysterious baby arrives from nowhere in the middle of a thunderstrom… years later an evil sexy lady dressed all in red arrives in the night to shake things up. MegaRdaniels has been developing this comic for quite a long time now, the art and writing have both shown great improvement in that time. The story is in the superhero style, action, drama comedy. The art is stylised realism, full colour, digital. Lets home MegaRdaniels has many more pages to come!

Read Stringy and Mopy, by MegaRdaniels, rated T.

Featured Feb. 14, 2018
Mature, 16 pages

A mysterious murder has been unveiled when Detective Jack's android partner, Daisy, has been found dead in her apartment with a bullet wound in her head. After falling off the wagon and going on a binge-drinking bender, Jack is assigned a new partner and has to figure out what is happening to the androids in the city. It turns out that Daisy was not the only android acting strange days before her death.
The art is hand drawn using traditional inking methods. All the pages are in black and white and offer nice cityscapes and action sequences.
Uncover the mystery of the city's androids and read Flesh and Wires by ngrootendorst, rated M!


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