Featured Nov. 13, 2019
Teen, 18 pages

Erin and Capitan Deakins are working for the state, their current mission is to bring in an escaped historian, Simon Mandel, who's working on Project 5… if they don't find him alive they have to return his dead body. The wilderness outside the citadel walls on Jupiter's moon of Ganymede is a dangerous place, it's very hard to survive a day out there, let alone after sunset. Whatever they do, they have to get back before it gets dark! These are some of the last humans left alive, anywhere. The settlement on Ganymede is humanity's last hope, so keeping track of the population is very important!
Inner Enemy is a SciFi adventure story with beautifully coloured, creatively stylised artwork.

Read Inner Enemy, by Sabin, rated T.

Featured Nov. 6, 2019
Everyone, 29 pages

Full House is a slice of life comic about two sets of siblings and their quirky arguments. One pair of siblings, Hakeim and Haykal, has a story that is somewhat meta as the characters in the comic are currently in the process of creating their own comic. On the other side of the coin, we have Jill and Noah, a sister and brother team whose dynamic is very close to the polar opposites. There is a joy in seeing how two complete opposite personalities can be so closely related.
The comic art is in black and white with cut scenes and cover pages in color.
Enjoy a world that showcases the relationships of siblings and read FULL HOUSE by ProjectNutz by Chappy, rated E!

Featured Oct. 30, 2019
Mature, 47 pages

Colton Emerson dreams… he dreams of a life of action, daring do and bizarre supervillains, a life of something bigger, something better and more meaningful. Meanwhile reality smacks him down hard. He's working in a dead end job fixing dead watches, being a bastard to customers, and living under a weirdly “caring” dictatorship in a police state. But all that's about change with the discovery of a rather special jacket, a jacket that confers on the wearer some very unusual physical enhancements. Perhaps his dreams aren't really dreams after all?
This is an action superhero story with drama and comedy. It's all digital and mostly black and white, very professional looking art.

Read The Jacket, by RTHaldeman, (Biamonte and Hadleman) rated M.

Featured Oct. 23, 2019
Teen, 35 pages

Olivia (aka Lola) has finally decided to pay her older sister, Emilia (aka Emi) a visit after two years. The first thing Emi does is greet Olivia with a breakfast that definitely needs some work in the taste department, which is funny because Emi is the owner of the local Northerham Diner. Lola is running away from a lot of things including her mom and her best friend Lexi. Hopefully the time spent with her sister, Emi, will give Lola the space to figure out why she is trying to break free.
The comic creator, rinpa, comes from Finland and the art has a very delicate feel with very carefully selected color schemes to make each page rather unique.
Take a break at Northerham Diner and read Risk it for a Biscuit by funyurinpa, rated T!

Featured Oct. 16, 2019
Everyone, 66 pages

Nel and Soul are two star crossed lovers, members of rival wolf packs who're at war with one another… they sneak out to meet in secrecy but how long can that last before they're found out and their lives are torn apart by terrible war? Soul's pack is huge and vicious, Nel's is small and friendly, the outcome of any conflict is hardly in doubt. The only hope is that the fragile truce will hold.
The art of Wild Wolves is impressive: fully digital, full colour and drawn with a very practised hand. It's mostly cell shaded with painted backgrounds, but some pages are fully painted. The story is a romance, drama, action adventure starring talking wolves.

Read Wild Wolves, by Epic SaveRoom, rated E.

Featured Oct. 9, 2019
Mature, 34 pages

Welcome to this intergalactic prison filled with a wide range of creatures and prisoners committed to serving time in space. Each inmate, including a rocket pack hotshot, a street-brawling young man, and a lawbreaking, exotic kitty-lady dancer, spends their time thinking back to the exact moment that landed them in prison.
Interstellar Dust is created by the collaborative duo, C.J. Hudson and Igor Wolski. Each page delivers a fully digital, colored masterpiece. This is definitely a comic that displays great mechanical designs and detailed backgrounds.
Break away from the prisoner transport cells and read Interstellar Dust by warneveryonecomics, rated M!

Featured Sept. 25, 2019
Mature, 142 pages

In this nouveau religious retelling of a time when demons rise and destruct, a group of bow and sword wielding heroes confront a wicked creature that possibly came from the other side. After one of the members is marked, a steady recovery and a pot of soup proves her wounds were not that deep. After numerous heretic marks start appearing around the city, it is up to the group of knights and religious folks to get to the bottom of their cause.
The line art is hand-drawn on paper and rendered in black and white.
You do not need to know how to speak in tongues in order to read Speaking In Tongues by quinn o matic, rated T!

Featured Sept. 18, 2019
Teen, 69 pages

What do you do when you're caught stealing from a humourless paladin? Why, pretend you're a tax collector for the IRS! That's the strategy of the clever thief Oedipus Bull. This canard goes on for a while and then collapses in a disastrous fashion, along with Oedipus's face! You'll see what I mean when you read it…
This is a pixel-art comic, meaning it's made with hand drawn pixelised characters and backgrounds, rather than the pre-made copyright stuff of a Sprite comic. Stunlock is a comedy spoof fantasy story. Enjoy!

Read Stunklock, by Salexander , rated T.

Featured Sept. 11, 2019
Teen, 210 pages

In an ancient civilization on Earth, humans had a stronger connection to insects, especially the giant butterfly, and nature. Two competing clans, the Ture and the Rahase, came from two separate regions, but were constantly at odds. An ancient ritual is about to begin after a hasty altercation between a Ture villager and a Rahase soldier ended in an unnecessary fatality. Now the Rahase soldier is about to be asked a series of riddles by the Ture and hopefully can make it through a whole ceremony dedicated to The Goddess.
The art is drawn in full digital color in full page layouts.
Figure out the true meanings behind the snake, the Earth, and death and read The True Face by marcorossi, rated E!

Featured Sept. 4, 2019
Teen, 27 pages

Limbo Road is an interesting little place filled with a cast of colourful characters and the dumb things they get up to. Doctor Faust for instance: he's the resident mad scientist, he routinely finds himself creating sassy, smart talking animals like Panda-bat and a talking turtle with a giant brain. We're slowly being introduced to this friendly bunch as the comic goes on. Limbo Road is a newspaper style comic strip, drawn in black and white. The story style is comedic slice of life and the art style is stylised and funny! Limbo Road updates frequently so it's great to add to your roster of weekly reads!
Read Limbo Road, by Bill_Bushman , rated T.

Featured Aug. 28, 2019
Everyone, 79 pages

Prospector and babysitter, Isaac Alden, know all about the great tragedy that happened in Grand Lake, Colorado, on July 4, 1883. On that day, Bob Plummer was shot to death by Wilson Waldren, who was also a county commissioner. This shooting shows the lack of impulse control of some of the folks who moved to Grand Lakes from other towns. Grand Lakes has its own share of troublemakers such as John G. Mills, one of the town’s elected officials, who rose to prominence after moving from Wyoming. Now, the town is about to learn the truth about Mills’ tumultuous past.
The comic uses a full-page, colored format. Characters are stylistically drawn and the writing makes great use of regional English accents.
Take a digital trip to the past in Grand Lakes, Colorado, and read The Shootin by arborcides, rated E!

Featured Aug. 21, 2019
Teen, 18 pages

In the middle of nowhere a strange little bald boy appears in the forest. He can't speak a word and there's something very strange about him… but the workers on a little farm take him in and do what they can to make him comfortable and welcome. There more to this little fellow than meets the eye, something dangerous and alien… possible scary? This is a creepy story and it's slowly unfolding into something bigger and better. The art is quite stylised and unusual, none of it looks digital except the lettering and word balloons, it has a very unique aesthetic. The story is a Scifi drama.

Read The Adventures of Kevin Kid, HyperFabMag, rated T.

Featured Aug. 14, 2019
Mature, 73 pages

The year is 1899 in Mali and Zayna, a slave girl, is being escorted across the Sahara by three men on her way to her new home. Along the way, she encounters a Mystic named Musa for the first time as she witnesses him successfully win a fight against her three captors after being decapitated in battle. There is a lot of legend surrounding Mystics as they have the special abilities and are able to control a lot of nature.
The art style has a great controlled, sketchy quality and most of the comic is in black and white. The prologue is colored digitally and looks very professional.
Find out how Zayna’s life magically transforms after meeting Musa and read The Mystic From Wanzerbe by Delcino, rated M!

Featured Aug. 7, 2019
Mature, 121 pages

Mr Frolik is detective with issues. He has dark looks, a long dark coat and he smokes as he pontificates and ruminates on love, life and serial killers, much like Bill Hicks or Lenny Bruce, but a little more wry. His love life is seriously bad and he doesn't get on with his far more sensible partner at work as they try and solve the horrible murder case they're currently assigned. This is an introspective character driven story, with some drama and a dash of humour. The art is all digital, featuring creative panelling and a unified, pleasing colour palette. It's just starting out so give it a read! Warming- some nudity. :)

Read The Frolic, by Paulie Blade, rated M.

Featured July 31, 2019
Mature, 58 pages

Kanji’s home life is pretty normal. He has a sister who likes to livestream video games all night long to adoring fans and a mother who oversleeps, which forces Kanji to exhibit a fair amount of independence at his age. However, a part of Kanji is different from his peers. He is haunted by a recurring nightmare where he is in a building and a freak accident causes him to lose his arm and have it replaced by a robotic arm attachment. Only, this is not only a dream, it is a traumatic event that happened when Kanji was younger. Now he has to figure out how to continue to do the things he loved, like will he ever play guitar again like he did when he was a boy?
The art is drawn in a black and white manga format with eclectic art, coloring, and page layouts.
Follow Kanji on his way to school and read The Feelings of a High School Girl by lokpolymorfa, rated T!

Featured July 24, 2019
Everyone, 26 pages

Poor Gil owns a true terror of a bunny! The Great Kahn is a name this huge, surly, fluffy fellow more than lives up to, he's a terror for his master, not cute in the slightest. This is a funny comic strip with the occasional full-page, full-colour spreads, about the trials and tribulations of Gil and his big crazy grey bunny rabbit! It's a nice easy read and has been updating on DD since 2010! If you like comic strips and zany humour then this is for you. The art is sometimes black and white and sometimes full digital colour. It's quite professional in its comic characterisations and style, the colour work is beautiful. The writing style is mostly a 3 panel gag style humour comic.

Read The Great Khan, by Gr8k4an, rated E.

Featured July 10, 2019
Mature, 268 pages

In a grim, gritty neon-lit Hong Kong, the world is about to explode… Teetering on the very brink of WW3 and nuclear catastrophe, the future is in the hands of one crazed amnesiac super-sexy android and a determined police detective who's trying to hunt her down. If only Lisa can manage to keep her clothes on… It's a four-way battle between the triads, the Hong Kong police, the Chinese army, and a mysterious hit-squad led by a sexy, psychotic cyborg!
Android Blues is an ultra violent, super sexy, realistic cyberpunk SciFi story in the style of Blade Runner, Neuromancer, and Ghost in the Shell. You better be ready for blood, and frequent nudity, this one is definitely “M” rated so beware. The art is realistic and beautiful with bright neon effects and soft colours. The story is fast paced, and action filled.It reminds me of something from Heavy Metal.

Read Android Blues, by Stahlberg, rated M.

Featured July 3, 2019
Teen, 44 pages

Dr. Karique Mul has a pretty demanding day job and he has the scars to prove it! But after a long day in the daily grind he still has to listen to the banter of his very talkative, faceless driver. But what happens when residual, freeloading ghosts follow Dr. Mul home? He takes care of them the best way an Irish-Demon exorcist knows—beating the non-living dead out of them! Hopefully Dr. Mul can finally get some rest and relaxation and a tea break that he deserves.

The art is drawn digitally and in black and white full pages.

Learn how Dr. Mul performs exorcisms (unless you are a ghost, and read Unprecedented Cleanup by DatSketcher, rated T!

Featured June 26, 2019
Everyone, 492 pages

Nothing is going right for poor Doctor Jekyll… Whatever can go wrong for the good doctor DOES. He gets drenched in mud, loses a high status job, and then loses his fiancée to another man. But he's a nice guy, he holds none of that against anyone, all he wants to do is improve society and to better the lives of those around him. So of course he starts with himself… But the potion he drinks doesn't quite work that way. The vicious monster Mister Hyde is released ravening onto the streets of London!
This is a hilarious and touching take on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson story of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. It really is a very well written piece of work! I found it a real page turner and laughed out loud many times. The art is heavily stylised and a bit rough at times, but it is consistent and the characters stay on-model. It's drawn with a pen and then digitally coloured.

Read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by Mks_monsters, rated E.

Featured June 19, 2019
Teen, 116 pages

Mermaids have always been the half-human, half fish sea creatures that lure unsuspecting sailors with their beauty and charm until they show their teeth behind a wicked smile and drag them into the water. The mermaids in Ice Massacre are not very different, with a man at the start suffering a similar fate. This story centers on Meela, a warrior woman, who is one of the strongest fighters in her class with bravery and endurance that outshines her peers. Her only downfall is saving everyone who needs help (which is only a problem if you know what might be lurking in the waters).
This webcomic is based on the best-selling Mermaids of Eriana Kwai trilogy written by Tiana Warner. April Pierce is the illustrator and Rachel “Tuna” Petrovicz is the colorist. The three have come together to make a comic that is very professional and digitally colored.
Dive deep and read Ice Massacre by icemassacre, rated T!

Featured June 12, 2019
Mature, 84 pages

Monkey Nukes is a very enjoyable story comic. Once you start it you'll soon be engrossed in the lives and the struggles of the characters as they go about their days, bursting with potential and secrets in 1980s west London… I could go on but Simonmackie explains it far, far better himself:

“‘Monkey Nukes’ set in West London 1984 tells the story of the birth of Scottish-themed vegetarian hang-out the Monkey Nukes and the bedsitter society that surrounds it. A directionless young language teacher’s loose-end life is further unsettled when the cause of a bitterly remembered heartbreak returns only to fall into his best friend’s arms. Adam desperately needs to get her back. Or does he? Maybe some other destiny awaits him as he stumbles through the following confusion of modelling kits, murder and cappuccinos, narcotics and Walkmans, nuclear war and Betamax, love and friendship, beer and cigarettes and more beer … The story, script and artwork are all collaborations between graphic artists Simon Mackie and Ben Rowdon who have collaborated on a number of web-comics, comic strips, CD covers and illustrations since first meeting in 1984.”

The art style is in a stylised comic strip form, pen and ink with digital colour. Monkey Nukes is a marvellous snapshot of the 1980s with a solid gold ring of authenticity. Great art and an excellent writing style!

Read Monkey Nukes, by Simonmackie, rated M.

Featured June 5, 2019
Everyone, 119 pages

Quasi and Psudo are good friends, but that does not take away all the nervous energy of pacing around the room when sending multiple texts to each other or the hours spent getting ready to see each other. When they get together, they do magic and science tricks, which would be safer if their winged rabbit and odd chicken did not eat the fireball flowers, Burnice and Combust-opher. Quasi and Psudo have such a great friendship that they have all-nighters and wake up late for work the next day, but it does not prevent any future panic attacks.
The art is drawn with yellow-orange ombre backgrounds and black line-art. The creator, 1rd2th3st, is also the mastermind behind the black and white comic, CLINT, that was featured in 2015. Quasi and Psudo is drawn in a very different style, but still has much of the brilliant qualities from the previous comic.
Experience a fun friendship riddled with insecurities and read QUASI and PSUDO by 1rd2th3st, rated E!

Featured May 29, 2019
Mature, 284 pages

Noako is an unusual lady, slightly… draconic… but she looks human enough. She lives with her best friend Ebony, a vamp who also happens to be a vampire, a very slutty one. And then comes along young Holly, a red-headed lesbian, to be their lodger. Along the way they meet handsome Spike, a sometime hobo and now a sexy bartender. Together they make a pretty cool crowd, sharing their ups and downs but NOT all their secrets! Completely unrelated is a sort of slice of life, semi-dramatic, relationship based sitcom. That's a good broad description but it undersells the comedy aspect: It's VERY funny. Ebony is my favourite character, she completely owns her salaciously ridiculous behaviour. She's lusty, lascivious, callous, snobby and hilarious.
This is a long running comic that's been in the works since at least 2011 and in that time the art has improved a LOT, so expect some rough work at the beginning and great art in the more recent pages. The art is done in pencil, with digital inking and colour. The writing is consistently good throughout.

Read Completely Unrelated, by Delicioustrifle, rated T.

Featured May 22, 2019
Teen, 20 pages

Hurtling through space without a helmet and a jetpack on her back is Jill, the spunky redhead who still needs to do chores. One night, after sharing a room with the son of her friends, Jill is awoken by the foreboding tales of a little boy’s nightmare. In order to ease his fears, Jill pulls out her own book and begins reading the tale of Zuri and the restoration of a city from darkness.
It turns out that in reality, Jill and her group of renegade friends are really fighting space pirates on a planet filled with dinosaurs! Equipped with an Ohmu war totem, an ancient object that is able to transmute emotional brainwave frequency into destructive power, Jill has been trusted with an object with considerable power that could end life as we know it.
The art is digitally drawn in full pages of color. The art features really stylistic character designs and rad space costumes!
Blast off into deep space and read Jetpack Jill by DeusXGlyphic, rated T!

Featured May 8, 2019
Teen, 22 pages

Customer Service is a very relatable comic for anyone who has ever had experience working from behind a cash register. There are familiar occurrences like the onslaught of a mixed variety of customers that ask a bunch of questions to the overbearing boss that believes the customer is always right to little, old ladies that like to share their whole life story. This is a window peeking into the slice-of-life craziness of a customer service representative.
The comic is mostly drawn in black and white with an occasional teal background. It is formatted in a four-panel square comic format.
Take a break from your day job to watch other people do their day job and read Customer Service by synwells, rated T!


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