Chapter Two Page Five

Genejoke on Sept. 21, 2023

Art by Davidxolukoga, as always.

Our other comic The Mournbringer will be back from it's break in the comic months.

Also David did the art for a recent story in Lite Bites that was written by Skyangel, author of Simply Sarah.

And has also done the art for the current lite bites story called “My Iron Legs”

The whole of this chapter is complete and uploaded and I'm beavering away at the script for the next one while David works on other stories. I have a rough draft of the entire story, however as David draws each chapter I end up making tweaks based upon how the finished pages end up. Not to mention I often end up tweaking the script as I letter pages. As a result changes need to be made, somethings quite significantly if something isn't quite working or needs more room to breath.