Featured April 21, 2021
Mature, 185 pages

Imagine converting entire old-school, table-top role playing game sessions into comic form including all the dialogue and visuals conjured up between a group of friends, a pile of papers, pencils and a handful of rolling dice. Starlights does just that in a fictional realm setting where each player jumps scene to scene having to deal with obstacles they all face. This is a game of chance, imagination, and fantasy.
The art is mostly drawn in black and white sketches with excellent splash pages in full color.
Dust off velvet bags of D20s and read Starlights by Kawaii Triangle, rated M!

Featured April 14, 2021
Teen, 46 pages

Journey Through the Star Sea is quite an evocative name isn't it? This is the story of a dying man and his search for survival in an unforgiving galaxy. He doesn't know how to cure his sickness, all he has is an amulet that gives him temporary healing relief till its power runs out… he searches space for more pearls to power it but it's a close run thing! To top things off he's being hunted. This is an adventure, survival SciFi story, with a very mysterious story and a good bit of fighting action. The art is unique and interesting. It could use a polish in some places, but it looks cool in its own right. This is a black and white comic.

Read - Journey through the star seat, by scribbloid, rated T.

Featured April 7, 2021
Mature, 41 pages

Deep in the middle section of Platina is Los Endoxus. Here resides Ashley, a pink-haired fighting femme fatal who is unwilling to let others walk all over her, and she is unafraid to knock the wind out of anyone who comes too close. She is joined by her main partner-in-crime, Lashawn, who knows all about her secret transformation powers. Sitting at the top level of Platina is LavaMonta where a red-haired boss and his team of demon-like henchmen silently wait and identify any “trouble makers” in the city.
The art in this comic is purely digital and colored vibrantly. Each page is drawn in a full comic book layout.
Enter Platina, meet the inhabitants, and read Hierarchy by Chizzle, rated M!

Featured March 31, 2021
Mature, 300 pages

The murderous psychopath Elishabeth VonJohnson Henderson has to get out of prison before she's executed and she's found the perfect partner to help her… in her words: “Edward Moreau. He smells like a garbage can, got the I.Q. of a handball and is probably the ugliest man on earth…” Together they'll carve a blood swathe on their path to freedom, and along the way enlighten us to the mysteries of their bloody past and what led them to the current state of affairs! Read for prison breaks, mystery, murder, blood, death and a good portion of comedy and even budding romance.
The writing is compelling and the art is in full colour and very acomplished.

Read - Hungry Heart, by bildosola, rated M.

Featured March 17, 2021
Everyone, 25 pages

Who knew that North Elves were such nasty bastards? Kairu of the fire elf tribe is about to find out just how mean these arrow-slingers can be. Too bad his fire powers don't work yet… We join him and his tribe worshiping the hippo god idol down by the river bank. It's a very interesting ceremony! But soon he will have to contend with the evil elves from the north…
The art is colourful, professional quality and luscious. The story is fun, fantasy, action adventure with drama and comedy in equal parts!

Read - The God of the River, by Enghurrd, rated E.

Featured March 10, 2021
Mature, 48 pages

In an alternate Universe called Azeroth, an unknown force began to exterminate every life form. Entire races and civilizations were wiped out quickly. The ones that fled did survive by adapting to live underground for one hundred years. However, dark entities certainly live among the living.

The comic is mostly drawn in black and white and colored digitally in grayscale with splash pages in full-color. The English version of the comic is written in English and Japanese, and there is a Spanish version written in Spanish and Japanese.

Go back to the original Azeroth and read Shu’Halo: The Balance Overture by Mogronn, rated M!

Featured March 3, 2021
Teen, 26 pages

Blake is a goblin, he's also a bit of an entrepreneur! He's just started up a little engineering shop making low quality magical items and brought in his niece Picka to do most of the hard work. He's a little shady, but what do you expect? he's a goblin after-all! Things seem to be running along fine, the business is going ok and Picka is doing a great job, but then Blake has a worrying encounter with a figure from his criminal past… The lure of easy money is too much for him and things start to deviate from the plan pretty badly! This is a comedy urban fantasy story comic. The art is full colour digital work, drawn in the artist's own individual style. The design of the characters and their exaggerated features really helps to enhance the comedy!

Read - Blake The Goblin Bilker, by Stinger9, rated T.

Featured Feb. 24, 2021
Mature, 253 pages

There is a special world where two mysterious, round orbs fly in the sky and a waterfall that pours silver runs freely. It is on this planet where each animal has a special ability. It is another day of exam training for Spiral, a golden canine. One evening, Spiral meets up with fellow animals friends, Henko and Moonlight while studying for combat training exams. By chance, Spiral observes a group of animals training for the exam including a stand-out psychedelic blue and violet canine named Zeno. The chance meeting results in an increased desire for all animals to do well on the exam.
All pages are in full-color and digital. The art has an animation look and feel. This is a great comic for any canine lover.
Find out if all the animals will pass their exam and read Golden Spiral by Kumako, rated E!

Featured Feb. 17, 2021
Everyone, 72 pages

kitsune and Chielo are busy working on Orhla's Cassowary farm, making sure those big nasty birds don't escape into the demon infested areas of the world outside of Safe Zone 3. It's a tough job and the temptation to mess around is just too great for them… They're fighters, so rough and tumble comes naturally to them, let's just hope they don't have to test their skills against a demon! There's going to be a whole lot more to the story than this though… This is an action adventure scifi fantasy comic. It starts of fast and gets right into things with a very short prologue. The art is all digital, in black white and grey, stylised, charming in it's individuality!
Frae is also the author of the long running ENDL0CKE, which you should totally check out as well!

Read - FrayFall, by Frae, rated E.

Featured Feb. 10, 2021
Mature, 138 pages

It is a typical evening in the study office for James Darius Deckard when a large earthquake interrupts the news. The culprits behind the cataclysmic event were a group of ordinary humans who have acquired super powers, and now go by names like Osiris, Morning Star, and Storm Drake. The humans with superpowers have all formed a team and call themselves “The Pantheon”. After a drastic life-changing run-in, James’ life is about to change forever.
The GodMode plays out like a theatrical movie. The writing pulls the reader in and the storyline keeps them there. A whole variety of artistic media and stylistic choices were selected to create this comic. This is a collaboration comic that spans many parts.
See some of the most popular Top-40 singers on a yacht and read The GodMode by Digital Genesis, rated M!

Featured Feb. 3, 2021
Teen, 31 pages

We've talked about superheros being like gods, setting themselves up as gods, and maybe even some of them being gods, but what if they all were? Demigods that is, coming from a celestial pantheon? That'd mean their enemies are probably similarly mythologically derived… that's the story here with The Sparrow. This young man finds that he's the son of the sun god Apollo and he has control over solar powers. It'll be fun finding where mythology, fantasy and superhero fiction cross over here in the superhero webcomic! The art is slick, full colour and digital. The story is giving us a nicely paced intro. It's Superhero, urban-fantasy, and action!

Read - The Sparrow, by Micahdraws, rated T.

Featured Jan. 27, 2021
Everyone, 28 pages

The late night phone call, “Hey Man! Do you want to come to a party?” asks a mysterious caller on the other line. The man sitting alone in front of his computer monitor, who has grown accustomed to anti-social late nights, half-heartedly agrees to join in on the dancing and debauchery, but in the back of his mind he is screaming, “But, I don’t like parties.”
But, I Don’t Like Parties is a bright, neon-stained trip into the perspective of a man who is not very fond of parties as he ventures into an actual party. This comic is a perfect read for the homebody who wants to experience physical touch and all the uneasiness of close proximity to another human while maintaining social distance. The visually pleasing and bright color palette used is a stunning treat for the eyes.
Follow this guy into a party, get lost in the crowd, and read But, I Don’t Like Parties by TENSA1, rated E!

Featured Jan. 20, 2021
Mature, 156 pages

A sleepy western frontier town is explosively awakened to the presence of a dastardly apparition… John Henry Hunter is a wanted outlaw, cad, and a magician of the dark arts, able to conjure fiery destruction at will. Vane Black is trying to hunt him down with a small arsenal of heavy ordinance but hasn't had much luck, in fact things have been pretty disastrous so far. With beautifully illustrated full colour digital art this is a pro looking comic. It's a Western fantasy steampunk story, compressed and full of fast paced action, fighting, drama and special effects!

Read - Next Town Over, by Emehlos, rated M.

Featured Jan. 13, 2021
Everyone, 73 pages

“I can hear you. Who are you? What are you doing under the balcony?” Andrew leans over and directs his attention toward the mysterious stranger he had just heard rustling and urinating in the bushes outside his home moments earlier. “Hello..”, the stranger replies back, “I, uh…I was just trying to get out of the rain.”
Andrew is a student with a loaded schedule of general education classes balanced out with elective courses. He has trouble staying awake in class because Andrew is a teenager that also suffers from narcolepsy. An entire building in the woods was engulfed by fire one evening before class, adding to Andrew’s sleepless nights. In the Woods Somewhere takes on a very film noir style with some pages void of any dialogue, the black and white ink washes speak for themselves.
Piece together the reason for the fire and read In the Woods Somewhere by Tromroan, rated E!

Featured Jan. 6, 2021
Mature, 80 pages

The lands were riven by catastrophic war, but the forces of evil were eventually crushed with the help of the great guardian dragon, Lord Dogoran… though he was grievously poisoned. He survived but his time grows short now and his health fails daily, soon there will be no one left who is great and powerful enough to ensure deliverance from evil… Unless little Miara the cherub can deliver his egg safely. The egg of the one true successor. This is an adventure fantasy story with a god deal of comedy! It's all in black and white, drawn in a stylised manga style, and looking very professional.

Read - The Dragon Chapel, by BitterBadger, rated M.

Featured Dec. 30, 2020
Everyone, 104 pages

Area 5 Point 1 is a comic featuring two bright green creatures (not of this world) that reside in a restricted area to participate in their daily antics. Xim Pultan (one of the green creatures) and its friend may have arrived on the planet around the Roswell Incident. Watch how they navigate the mundane, everyday in a fun an innovative way that sometimes results in teleporting all the bovine livestock into a flying saucer. There are several easter eggs and references to popular science fiction and other cartoons found throughout the pages.
The art is characteristically consistent from the start of the series to present day. There are some exciting and innovative experimental pages where animation is isolated in a single panel on the comic page. All pages are drawn and colored digitally.
Take a trip on a galactic flying saucer and read Area 5 Point 1 by Area5_1, rated E!

Featured Dec. 23, 2020
Everyone, 64 pages

A terrible disaster has befallen all of the earth! A lowly algebra teacher, Dork Scahawgian, and his evil sentient computer, Vidi82, have somehow managed to scorch the entire planet and a good portion of the population including himself. Thankfully many were transported away to safety and in the process they gained some weird spacepowers. Enter our heros, three high school boys: Rollo, Jim, and Rich. It's going to be their job to combat the evil zombie resurrected Dork Scahawgian and save the universe! This is an action comedy scifi story drawn with pens on paper and digitally coloured!

Read - Way Out There, by McGrenivan, rated E.

Featured Dec. 16, 2020
Everyone, 44 pages

Meet Zeep, a self-aware living creature that resembles a gastropod. Zeep spends its days hiding from predators and feeding on Nerts to survive. When the predators become too strong, Zeep must evolve to survive. Life becomes exciting when Zeep grows long eyes that can appreciate colours. At last, there comes a time when the Nerts that kept Zeep alive are also the source of much of Zeep’s unrest and irritation and Zeep must keep swimming in order to find comfort.
Growlution is drawn and coloured digitally using very bright jewel tones of royal violet, true blue, and emerald green. This is a fun comic for anyone with a love of biology and the study of microorganisms that attempt to crawl its own way up a food chain.
Watch as Zeep feast on Nerts, only to run away from Nerts and read Growlution by Xade, rated E!

Featured Dec. 9, 2020
Everyone, 234 pages

Lord Ziot is about to have a bad day… actually, and extremely bad day! He's come down to earth looking for a very powerful helmet that increases the wearer's intelligence and abilities as well as allowing them control of all sorts of alien hi-tech stuff, but before he can get his big fat alien hands on it a naughty little Tasmanian tiger rushes in and gets there before him. Then things go from bad to worse. But not for the plucky little Tassie tiger! This is a fast paced action adventure SciFi comedy, featuring great chase sequences, space warships battling it out, fighting robots and plenty of laughs from the helmeted Tassie tiger and the enraged Lord Ziot! This is a pure black and white comic with great consistent stylised artwork.

Read - Spazient, by Cope, rated E.

Featured Dec. 2, 2020
Mature, 140 pages

Savina and Ori are two demons who have lived a hedonistic lifestyle—they drink, lust, envy, and curse without remorse. Joining them in their daily grind is an underground society of Heaven Hunters, sworn to take out a list of Angelic beings who have been battling their kind since ancient times. The latest name on their list is a Zealot Class Angel, Elizur, who may have originally helped pen the Book of Revelations. No living man should trifle with a Heaven Hunter.
The art is hands down a professional example of comic mastery. The backgrounds are drawn with a high level of attention to detail and in perspective. The inking, digital coloring, and text bubbles all represent the high standard of the Golden Age of printed comics.
Try to identify which characters are Heaven Hunters or Cosplayers and read Heaven Hunters by TedGravesArt, rated M!

Featured Nov. 25, 2020
Teen, 99 pages

Growing up is hard. It's funny when you don't realise that's what you are though. Suddenly you're like… “Oh, I'm not a kid anymore! WTF?! When did this happen?”. That's sort of what Amy is going though. This is a slice of life comic about a young proffessional woman navigating the tricky shores of adulthood and seeing where it takes her. We get to see her peoblems with dating and the trials and tribulations of living with a very naughty cat who's hell bent on making everything about HIM, as all good cats should. The art is brightly digitally coloured and very happy and friendly looking! This is a funny and relaxing read.

Read - Adulting Amy, by L.C.Stein, rated E.

Featured Nov. 18, 2020
Mature, 60 pages

In the year 1986, Rose Remington was a rising star in women’s martial arts. However, life threw her a few face punches that forced Rose to fall out of the International fighting championships. The only struggles she now faces are the large, testosterone-filled opponents that she takes on in underground fight tournaments while balancing her life as a fashion model. Rose’s martial arts trainer, now romantic love-interest, Ryu, has been by her side every step of the way. Strike Pup is, in every way, a comic with a Strong and Powerful female lead.
The comic is drawn in full pages of black and white digital ink. The shading technique makes very good use of screen-tones and crosshatching, which really add depth to the pages (especially during fighting sequences).
Leave the fighting in the ring and enjoy Rose’s everyday, normal life and read Strike Pup by BitterBadger, rated M!

Featured Nov. 11, 2020
Teen, 35 pages

A beautiful, strange, man washes up on the shore of an Idylic coastal settlement. Found by young Marei and her older sister Aniya, they have no idea what to make of him. They take him home and nurse him back to health… he remains an enigma, with dreams of blood and war but no memories. This is a decompressed, character focussed fantasy story with beautifully digitally painted artwork in bright, happy colours.
Read Whispers of the Past, by Crona J, rated T.

Featured Nov. 4, 2020
Teen, 44 pages

In the middle of a Cosmic Civil War, the unfavorable emperor’s youngest daughter is injected with a shot of a chemical cocktail that would result in a cryogenic sleep. Only a single frigate ship was able to escape after the Rebels attacked the Imperial army. The inhabitants of that ship are now unknown. Seventy years later and a crew, let by Captain Westervort, is about to make acquaintance with a man who needs a ship, Lord Tsartrand Tlou.
All pages are full-sized and in color. The high attention to detail when drawing three-dimensional airships, robot-mechas, and high tech buildings is one of the most noticeable standouts in the comic design. This comic uses highly skilled traditional comic layouts.
Find out about the mysterious disappearance of the Emperor’s youngest daughter and read Jovian by RobertRVeith, rated T!

Featured Oct. 28, 2020
Everyone, 80 pages

It's THAT time of year again! The DD community has come together to produce the Drunk Duck Awards for all the best comics, stories, art and many other things on this site! Niccea, now a proud mother of two little people, is managing these things once again, along with the help of very many DDers who're working hard to judge all the catagories and add their great artwork and time to creating the presentations another other great features that follow along with the wards!
So come along and support a great DD community project and a marvelous DD tradition!

Read - Drunk Duck Awards 2020, by Niccea, rated E.


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