Featured July 17, 2019
Teen, 152 pages

Coincidental premonition-filled dreams surrounding a magical key, strange writings that look like ruins, and the disappearance of several people in a town clouded in mystery. The Caraways are a family of siblings who encounter weird happenings and seek to solve problems around Eldritch New England. They uncover a trail of newspaper clippings and articles left by their late father one day and seek to answer questions that he could not answer. Stay wary of strangers and dark entities that lurk in the shadows.
The art is drawn using an amazing color palette of warm colors that almost seems nostalgic. The comic pages use a long, vertical comic strip format.
Join this adventurous family and read The Caraway Crew by Pencilz, rated T!

Featured July 10, 2019
Mature, 200 pages

In a grim, gritty neon-lit Hong Kong, the world is about to explode… Teetering on the very brink of WW3 and nuclear catastrophe, the future is in the hands of one crazed amnesiac super-sexy android and a determined police detective who's trying to hunt her down. If only Lisa can manage to keep her clothes on… It's a four-way battle between the triads, the Hong Kong police, the Chinese army, and a mysterious hit-squad led by a sexy, psychotic cyborg!
Android Blues is an ultra violent, super sexy, realistic cyberpunk SciFi story in the style of Blade Runner, Neuromancer, and Ghost in the Shell. You better be ready for blood, and frequent nudity, this one is definitely “M” rated so beware. The art is realistic and beautiful with bright neon effects and soft colours. The story is fast paced, and action filled.It reminds me of something from Heavy Metal.

Read Android Blues, by Stahlberg, rated M.

Featured July 3, 2019
Teen, 44 pages

Dr. Karique Mul has a pretty demanding day job and he has the scars to prove it! But after a long day in the daily grind he still has to listen to the banter of his very talkative, faceless driver. But what happens when residual, freeloading ghosts follow Dr. Mul home? He takes care of them the best way an Irish-Demon exorcist knows—beating the non-living dead out of them! Hopefully Dr. Mul can finally get some rest and relaxation and a tea break that he deserves.

The art is drawn digitally and in black and white full pages.

Learn how Dr. Mul performs exorcisms (unless you are a ghost, and read Unprecedented Cleanup by DatSketcher, rated T!

Featured June 26, 2019
Everyone, 399 pages

Nothing is going right for poor Doctor Jekyll… Whatever can go wrong for the good doctor DOES. He gets drenched in mud, loses a high status job, and then loses his fiancée to another man. But he's a nice guy, he holds none of that against anyone, all he wants to do is improve society and to better the lives of those around him. So of course he starts with himself… But the potion he drinks doesn't quite work that way. The vicious monster Mister Hyde is released ravening onto the streets of London!
This is a hilarious and touching take on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson story of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. It really is a very well written piece of work! I found it a real page turner and laughed out loud many times. The art is heavily stylised and a bit rough at times, but it is consistent and the characters stay on-model. It's drawn with a pen and then digitally coloured.

Read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by Mks_monsters, rated E.

Featured June 19, 2019
Teen, 74 pages

Mermaids have always been the half-human, half fish sea creatures that lure unsuspecting sailors with their beauty and charm until they show their teeth behind a wicked smile and drag them into the water. The mermaids in Ice Massacre are not very different, with a man at the start suffering a similar fate. This story centers on Meela, a warrior woman, who is one of the strongest fighters in her class with bravery and endurance that outshines her peers. Her only downfall is saving everyone who needs help (which is only a problem if you know what might be lurking in the waters).
This webcomic is based on the best-selling Mermaids of Eriana Kwai trilogy written by Tiana Warner. April Pierce is the illustrator and Rachel “Tuna” Petrovicz is the colorist. The three have come together to make a comic that is very professional and digitally colored.
Dive deep and read Ice Massacre by icemassacre, rated T!

Featured June 12, 2019
Mature, 84 pages

Monkey Nukes is a very enjoyable story comic. Once you start it you'll soon be engrossed in the lives and the struggles of the characters as they go about their days, bursting with potential and secrets in 1980s west London… I could go on but Simonmackie explains it far, far better himself:

“‘Monkey Nukes’ set in West London 1984 tells the story of the birth of Scottish-themed vegetarian hang-out the Monkey Nukes and the bedsitter society that surrounds it. A directionless young language teacher’s loose-end life is further unsettled when the cause of a bitterly remembered heartbreak returns only to fall into his best friend’s arms. Adam desperately needs to get her back. Or does he? Maybe some other destiny awaits him as he stumbles through the following confusion of modelling kits, murder and cappuccinos, narcotics and Walkmans, nuclear war and Betamax, love and friendship, beer and cigarettes and more beer … The story, script and artwork are all collaborations between graphic artists Simon Mackie and Ben Rowdon who have collaborated on a number of web-comics, comic strips, CD covers and illustrations since first meeting in 1984.”

The art style is in a stylised comic strip form, pen and ink with digital colour. Monkey Nukes is a marvellous snapshot of the 1980s with a solid gold ring of authenticity. Great art and an excellent writing style!

Read Monkey Nukes, by Simonmackie, rated M.

Featured June 5, 2019
Everyone, 80 pages

Quasi and Psudo are good friends, but that does not take away all the nervous energy of pacing around the room when sending multiple texts to each other or the hours spent getting ready to see each other. When they get together, they do magic and science tricks, which would be safer if their winged rabbit and odd chicken did not eat the fireball flowers, Burnice and Combust-opher. Quasi and Psudo have such a great friendship that they have all-nighters and wake up late for work the next day, but it does not prevent any future panic attacks.
The art is drawn with yellow-orange ombre backgrounds and black line-art. The creator, 1rd2th3st, is also the mastermind behind the black and white comic, CLINT, that was featured in 2015. Quasi and Psudo is drawn in a very different style, but still has much of the brilliant qualities from the previous comic.
Experience a fun friendship riddled with insecurities and read QUASI and PSUDO by 1rd2th3st, rated E!

Featured May 29, 2019
Teen, 267 pages

Noako is an unusual lady, slightly… draconic… but she looks human enough. She lives with her best friend Ebony, a vamp who also happens to be a vampire, a very slutty one. And then comes along young Holly, a red-headed lesbian, to be their lodger. Along the way they meet handsome Spike, a sometime hobo and now a sexy bartender. Together they make a pretty cool crowd, sharing their ups and downs but NOT all their secrets! Completely unrelated is a sort of slice of life, semi-dramatic, relationship based sitcom. That's a good broad description but it undersells the comedy aspect: It's VERY funny. Ebony is my favourite character, she completely owns her salaciously ridiculous behaviour. She's lusty, lascivious, callous, snobby and hilarious.
This is a long running comic that's been in the works since at least 2011 and in that time the art has improved a LOT, so expect some rough work at the beginning and great art in the more recent pages. The art is done in pencil, with digital inking and colour. The writing is consistently good throughout.

Read Completely Unrelated, by Delicioustrifle, rated T.

Featured May 22, 2019
Teen, 20 pages

Hurtling through space without a helmet and a jetpack on her back is Jill, the spunky redhead who still needs to do chores. One night, after sharing a room with the son of her friends, Jill is awoken by the foreboding tales of a little boy’s nightmare. In order to ease his fears, Jill pulls out her own book and begins reading the tale of Zuri and the restoration of a city from darkness.
It turns out that in reality, Jill and her group of renegade friends are really fighting space pirates on a planet filled with dinosaurs! Equipped with an Ohmu war totem, an ancient object that is able to transmute emotional brainwave frequency into destructive power, Jill has been trusted with an object with considerable power that could end life as we know it.
The art is digitally drawn in full pages of color. The art features really stylistic character designs and rad space costumes!
Blast off into deep space and read Jetpack Jill by DeusXGlyphic, rated T!

Featured May 15, 2019
Teen, 119 pages

It was never supposed to be this way! The stupid, stinky, nasty wolverine steels the magical items from the moon-bunny and totally messes up the magical girl plan in the worst way possible… without feet, face hands or even a functioning brain how will the magical girl Seaman scout fulfil her destiny? This is a hilarious spoof of popular anime in the cleverest and weirdest way. Expect cute, sexy schoolgirls, bunny girls, dragons, peeing, Sailor-moon and One-piece parodies, blood and smashed faces.
The art here is semi-realistic and semi-manga style. Mostly black and white, with pretty colour covers. The story is total parody comedy with a dash of horror.

Read Way of the Waifu, by Jeremy Ray, rated T.

Featured May 8, 2019
Teen, 22 pages

Customer Service is a very relatable comic for anyone who has ever had experience working from behind a cash register. There are familiar occurrences like the onslaught of a mixed variety of customers that ask a bunch of questions to the overbearing boss that believes the customer is always right to little, old ladies that like to share their whole life story. This is a window peeking into the slice-of-life craziness of a customer service representative.
The comic is mostly drawn in black and white with an occasional teal background. It is formatted in a four-panel square comic format.
Take a break from your day job to watch other people do their day job and read Customer Service by synwells, rated T!

Featured May 1, 2019
Teen, 141 pages

t's tough for a single girl in the big city. Kayla works two jobs to get by, a bookshop clerk and waitressing at a strip club. Her room-mate is gregarious, obnoxious, and boy-crazy to the extreme… And then there are the demons that want to slaughter all living things, most ESPECIALLY her for killing two of them!
This is a very compelling drama, action, comedy fantasy, with good characters. The art is mostly black and white, all non-digital, with some colour. It's a great story, you'll gobble it up and be crying for more!
Read Angels of the Fallen, by BustyLaroo, rated T.

Featured April 24, 2019
Mature, 208 pages

When Apollo was very young, he had a friend named Julian, who had an unfortunate overdose on sleeping medication. Now a few years later he is working at a bar and comes home to wild nights of partying, acid trips, and drinking sprees. This comic embraces the darker side of life and shows a realistic portrayal of people with addictions.
The art is showcased on full pages of color that has the texture that looks like it was colored using colored pencils. All fonts are hand-lettered. In the more recent pages, the updates contain cameos of characters from other comics.
Figure out how to navigate a social life in the clutches of substance abuse and read Void The Guide to a Healthy Relationship by DaniBoy, rated M!

Featured April 17, 2019
Everyone, 54 pages

A dangerous terrorist mastermind, The Gentleman, has hijacked control over the world's robotic drone armies. Only one small mercenary group of combat experts stands between him and total anarchy… among them is his daughter, Boom. They embark on a reckless frontal assault against his desert stronghold in an effort to regain control of the robotic military force. Operation Boom is brimming with fast paced, exciting action, combat, explosions and more. It really IS action packed! The art is real eye candy, drawn with pencil then digitally inked and coloured to a professional level: Quite stylised in an angular fashion, featuring great foreshortening and use of perspective on figures. The story is an action adventure that rockets forward at great speed. Break out the popcorn!

Read Operation Boom, by RecklessHero, rated E.

Featured April 10, 2019
Mature, 173 pages

Shasta wakes up in the middle of a graveyard and receives a note detailing the next action she needs to take. She makes the wrong choice and gets her head blasted off, but luckily for her, she gets a second chance to right her wrongs. Time to make the right decision this time, Shasta.
The comic is brought to you by the same creator of the featured comic Joy to the World! It is drawn in black and white and is formatted into three panel comic strips.
Crawl out of the graveyard and read Breached by Wrathborne, rated M!

Featured April 3, 2019
Everyone, 43 pages

Occy Vagoose is royal guardian to prince Corgan, who is not the heir to the throne because he's only a younger son, but that just means he can have more fun and Occy is more than glad to indulge him. Occy is an unusual blue fellow from the planet Argoe. He's happy to go on adventures with his human prince sidekick, get into trouble and work his way out of it! Edentia is an action Scifi comedy featuring a whole lot of cool mecha! It's full colour and highly stylised. If you like what you see you can also read the later version called Edge of the Universe, also by Eotu! Read EDENTIA, by Eotu, rated E.

Featured March 27, 2019
Everyone, 213 pages

Shinji Desmedi is a shy, introverted student unlike his very social sister and loving father. He has a difficult time looking up once he lets his gaze down at school. One day he is approached by a girl who misreads his inability to engage in a conversation as a rejection and he is ostracized by his peers once again. He tries to take out his energy in a healthy way, but instead dwells in all of the negative words and put downs. That night Shinji walks in on his dad outraged over a young man who he believes is going to do something terrible one day. The next day at school, Shinji encounters the young man at his school campus even though he is not a student. Should Shinji be concerned about this unknown visitor?
Generation Y is drawn in a black and white manga style. It is meant to be read from right to left in order for the dialogue to make sense.
Find out more about the mysterious boy that crossed Shinji’s path and read Generation Y by Ayaluna, rated E!

Featured March 20, 2019
Teen, 134 pages

Kairo Takesihi is a damn good field agent and a double agent to boot but he's starting to have second thoughts about his divided loyalties… Evan and Kat are two super-mutant kids trying to keep their powers hidden and stay out of trouble but they may not have to do that much longer if the secret police hire them. Kat will finally be able to show herself to the world just like she's always dreamed! Sunstrike and Bluemist is a full colour, digitally drawn, superhero action drama. There's a good action and character development. I especially liked the deaf character and the prosthetic leg, nice touches!

Read Sunstrike and Bluemist An Origin Story, by ShaRose49, rated T.

Featured March 6, 2019
Teen, 85 pages

Clint returns to his po-dunk town with a hillbilly mullet and wild tales of war among the stars, blood, death, alien abduction, lizard-men, cat-people, and glory! Redneck is a wild SciFi action story about Redneck Clint who was abducted by aliens shortly after a hellish tour of duty fighting in Vietnam. He ends up fighting as a gladiator in an arena against otherworldly antagonists… the rest is history.
Redneck has an unconventional story structure, with Clint relating episodes from his adventures, not necessarily in order. The character “Hunter” is influenced by Jumanji, and Clint's adventures are reminiscent of Burroughs' John Carter of Mars. The art is heavily stylised, with flat digital colour. This is a compelling story!

Read Redneck, by metsuke, rated T.

Featured Feb. 27, 2019
Teen, 30 pages

When a wish granting fairy appears in front of two boys, Katsuo and his best friend Will, she asks what they both want. Will refrains to answer, but Katsuo wishes for the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. The next morning, Katsuo wakes up next to a beautiful, blonde, and voluptuous teenage girl. However, his friend Will is nowhere in sight. Oh hold on, it turns out that Katsuo and the mysterious girl have already met (and they are already best friends). Now Katsuo’s friend must try to blend in at school as the brand new and cute female student!
My Cute Wish is drawn in a manga art style. It is in full color and digitally colored pages. It uses very nice shading techniques and perspective drawn backgrounds.
Step into a new body of work and read My Cute Wish by Jigglenaut, rated T!

Featured Feb. 20, 2019
Everyone, 131 pages

Dark things are afoot in the land of Aikonia. The rift between the higher plain has been breached and now staff and students at the magical university are behaving very strangely, dangerously, even murderously… Evil stalks the halls. But who's behind it and what do they want? If something isn't done before it's too late the consequences could be disastrous! Aikonia is a fantasy, mystery, drama comic with a heavy emphasis on magic. It's professional drawn, heavily stylised and in full colour. It's a rollicking story and a real page turner.

Read Aikonia, by Aikonia (Andrew-David Jahchan, David Baron, and Alexandria Smith), rated E.

Featured Feb. 13, 2019
Everyone, 19 pages

On the day of their wedding a non-ugly, non-evil, and manipulative witch transformed Daverus (aka Davi) the groom into a giant brown bear. Now he and his wife, Jazrae, have started a quest where they are trying to find a way to turn the spell around and to transform him back into his human body. This is an adventure story staring a cat girl and an ursa major hoping to find a way back to normalcy. This comic is in full digital color with dynamic poses and entertaining facial expressions.
Find out the reason for the witch’s decision to transform a man into a bear and read Ursa Tale by dxkim123, rated E!

Featured Feb. 6, 2019
Mature, 188 pages

Beatrice has been experiencing the same disturbing dream for the last 8 years. Sometimes she can barely wake from them. She always sees a woman with yellow eyes. THIS time the woman spoke to her… “Let me out”. What does it mean? Is it more than just a dream? Is there an entity trying to communicate with her, or posses her? Scarred Eden has deliciously coloured, wonderfully drawn digital artwork and a beautifully proportioned main character! It's a mystery story that's slowly developing and deepening.

Read Scarred Eden Scarred Eden, by Damehelsing, rated M.

Featured Jan. 30, 2019
Everyone, 79 pages

Have you ever spent countless hours playing with toys and making up stories of many little adventures? The inspiration behind Space Repair Garage: The Comic was ninja_bait’s own personal Lego collection and the original stories written about them. The best part is that a lot of the art is hand drawn with a style of a draftsman. There are some Star Wars references within a very original storyline.
The art is drawn in horizontal 4-panel comic strips like traditional newspaper comics and all the fonts use hand lettered writing. All the comics are in black and white. This comic has reached over 60 pages and updates Wednesdays and Fridays.
Get a rocket ready for take off and read Space Repair Garage: The Comic by ninja_bait, rated E!

Featured Jan. 23, 2019
Everyone, 136 pages

This is the fascinating and harrowing tale of a person discarded by society, used up, pushed to the side and forced through the cracks. You are shown life from his unique perspective and taken into his dark world, increasingly farther on the fringes of every day life. And yet he still hangs on and keeps trying to stay existing within the uncaring machine that is modern America.
A well written and well drawn, text heavy biographical story. Here is a sample of one of the bright nuggets:
“Youth is stifled by its effulgent ego and lack of wisdom, while age is imprisoned by sloth and parsimony. Each wants what the other has, yet each hates the other with a passion.”

Read The Vagabonds Waifs and Strays, by Artisto Escondido, rated E.


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