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My name is Marco.
I live in Italy and I was born in 1976.

I work as a web developer, but I draw webcomics as an hobby.

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  • Noir |
  • 100 pages |
  • last: May 5 2020 |
A cyberpunk detective story set in Italy in 2073
  • Fantasy |
  • 248 pages |
  • last: Nov. 29 2022 |
A story of warriors and witches

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On June 4th, 2004, mild-mannered muffler shop owner Marv Heemeyer launched a surreal rampage of destruction against his enemies in the small mountain town of Granby, Colorado, using his infamous homemade "Killdozer." A decade later, cartoonist and Granby resident Mister V began an investigation to learn about Marv and his grievances, and determine if his actions were justifiable... or insane. Based on the incredible true story.

When a prison transport vessel breaks down in space with no help coming, the crew does whatever they can to survive! A sci-if dramedy by C.J. Hudson & Igor Wolski. Updated every two weeks! Follow @warneveryonecomics on Instagram for updates on future projects!

The year is 1016. A world where men and gods walk side by side and where the fate of nations is decided by warriors. After being severely wounded, a viking-berserker named Bjorn lives and joins the Norwegian retinue to travel to the East. He encounters new allies and adversaries during his brutal raids on the Eastern peoples. Bjorn knows no mercy. His heart has hardened, but what kind of sorrow is he suffering from? Konung Holmgrim leads his army across the East. Nothing is apparent about the campaign's goal, yet something strange is happening. It's kind of doujinshi based on Makoto Yukimura's "Vinland Saga". But this story can be read without familiarity on the original manga/anime. It's my tribute to the Yukimura's masterpiece.

Tales of the wondrous World of the Four Winds.

Tanya's is an artistic teen growing up in a space colony where nothing works. Her life consists of school, chores, taking care of her sick mom, and hanging out with her rebellious best friend Licorice. All that changes when she sees a mysterious flaming object in the sky. Updates on Wednesday.

Autobiographical comic told in a series of vignettes that leap forward and back in time.

A dark drama about awful people, abuse of the sick and vulnerable, and mental health. CW: mental illness, suicide, abuse, violence, trauma, bigotry, substance abuse, and nudity.


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