Featured Jan. 29, 2020
Everyone, 294 pages

In a world with its own Creation story that has its own female God and the Devil, it also includes humans, orcs, trolls, vampires, elves, and aliens. In this world, the good are given gifts and the bad were transformed into less ideal forms. For her creations, God also created five clairvoyants who were to stay on top of a mountain guarded by Olympians. Arcadia has its own foundation of lore that centers around world building.
This comic is full pages all in black and white.
Find out why the aliens landed 697 years ago and read Arcadia Project by ArcadiaProject, rated E!

Featured Jan. 22, 2020
Teen, 100 pages

There aren't many survivors left unscathed in this post apocalyptic world, you have to make friends where you can find them. With that in mind, Devil befriends Sister when he saves her from being attacked by a violent man. Sister is a friendly robot that seems to only want the best for people, Devil is a tough but kindly guy and an amazing fighter. together they make a great team! They encounter many fellow survivors but sometimes the friendliest face hide the direst evil.
The art is fully digital, grey, black and white. It's stylised, consistent and cool. The story is action adventure, post apocalyptic drama.

Read Shrouded RD, by Scv01, rated T.

Featured Jan. 15, 2020
Teen, 51 pages

On the eve of a terrible event, corrupt government officials will lay the foundation that will unleash a dangerous foe on Adelon city. A young high school student, Yukio, wants to join his older sister’s group of motorcyclists even against his mother’s wishes. Jane, a young professional heiress who runs her own National Corporation, sits and contemplates traumatic events from her formative years. What will be the catalyst of the evening’s events that will set the course for turning Adelon into a war zone?
This comic is drawn in full-colored pages with highly detailed and dramatic angles. Get on a high speed motorcycle and read The Red Moon by Azumi lee, rated T!

Featured Jan. 8, 2020
Everyone, 127 pages

Brisco and Rudy are two specialised vigilantes that working together as a team. They work together using their complimentary skills and talents to foil criminals. Their abilities are tested right away in the very first chapter when their harmless trip to the museum is rudely interrupted by a gang of particularly nasty villains bent on terrorising the patrons and performing a spot of artifact theivery! This is an action superhero comic of a sort, with fantastic fights and crime-solving. The story clips along at a very good pace, introducing the characters and the scenario right off the bat! The art style is Antho, stylised, with a cool gritty texture underlying all the images, all full colour digital work. The artist has done a great job to make the work as presentable as possible.

Read The Watch Dogs, by Ferney Perdomo, rated E.

Featured Jan. 1, 2020
Teen, 44 pages

A group of well-equip runners meet at a challenging post in order to practice their running ability. The only problem is that dark creatures lurk in the deep and divided chasms of the natural reserve. However, there is much more than meets the eye when very dangerous and bizarre creatures start to emerge from the forest. Do these creatures have a fighting chance against the humans who are out to defend themselves?
The art is drawn and colored digitally. This comic shows off a world of original monsters.
Pack a Camelbak water bottle and prepare to run faster than ever before and read Runner by JC_Mraz, rated T!

Featured Dec. 25, 2019
Mature, 327 pages

There's a theory that the key to success is simply to rip off the story of King Arthur, ok? But you have to do it in a way that isn't too original or a slavish knockoff, there has to be perfect balance… only then can you be a super successful creative rock star at whatever you apply yourself to, like the highly lucrative and successful world of webcomics for example, where billionaires and the world's most successful influencers have their playground! Arspitzer is one such king of industry, his hilariously spoofy comic is brilliantly observed with wry humour, cleverly timed setups, jokes that pay off many strips later and a good bit of comment on some of the silliness of webcomics in general.
The art is quite rough and sketchy, some is in colour but most is black and white line art. The style grows on you though and it's consistent. If you want a Christmas treet start here: https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Ripping_Off_King_Arthur/5556400/

Read Ripping Off King Arthur, by Arspitzer, rated M.

Featured Dec. 18, 2019
Everyone, 21 pages

Lobo is one of the greatest boxers in the ring. One day, after getting knocked out from a long day of training, his pet retrieves a mysterious ball container that might have housed an unknown creature. Why has this creature suddenly appeared in Lobo’s house and what adventure does it have in store for him?
The Legend of Wind Fist is written entirely in the Spanish language. It is drawn mostly in black and white digital art.
Follow the mysterious creature and the metal ball and read Legend of Wind Fist by miguelhan, rated E!

Featured Dec. 11, 2019
Mature, 40 pages

There are many anthro creatures in the world now, decades after Chernobyl bathed the world in mutagenic radiation humanoid animals have almost become a norm. Our story centres on Moly Lusc, a chain-smoking, sassy black streetwise seal with an attitude, a knack for survival and a bit of a ruthless streak for getting her own way. She also has an interesting habit of eating soap and subsequently a clever talent for blowing bubbles, which she uses in surprising ways! This is very much a neo-nior story, with anthro characters and a comedy flavour! The art is a work in progress but visibly improving as Andreas experiments with his style, it's mostly in tones of grey, all done with pens, only the lettering is digital.

Read Molly Lusc, by Andreas Helixfinger, rated M.

Featured Dec. 4, 2019
Everyone, 50 pages

After traveling several miles on winding roads, Adrienne Barbara Whippet has just arrived in the town of Barkham to meet her father. The only problem is that her first meeting is with a lawyer of her father’s estate and her father is no where in sight. Adrienne enlists the help of fellow local, Yaeko Akita to find out more about her father.
The comic is drawn in full pages of black and white art. The special attention to the details of cuisine and architecture of Japan makes this comic special.
Catch the story in the middle of a flashback and read Barkham Horror by Scott D, rated E!

Featured Nov. 27, 2019
Everyone, 135 pages

Is Santa Claus just a story we tell young kids, is it a vast conspiracy involving all adults working together with the government for some reason, or is he a real person? In the The St Nickolas Conspiracy Heather sets out to discover the truth after her science-minded friend Micha sets her on an inquisitive path. This is a bizarre and interesting comedy mystery story, and very seasonal too! Just the thing for this time of year.
This is a very expanded story with pages all being told in a single pane. The art is all full colour and digital in a painterly cell-shaded style. Good for all the family!

Read The St Nickolas Conspiracy, by Doorki, rated E.

Featured Nov. 20, 2019
Mature, 30 pages

SG, a teenage girl, is on the lookout for her missing boyfriend but finds herself in the clutches of a mountain lion instead. Following her earthly death, she finds herself down the rabbit hole, greeted by an assortment of Eastern and Western deities until she spawns somewhere in Wisconsin greeted by a bunch of laid back hippies that enjoy a far out time and Led Zeppelin music. It turns out that the shirt on her back is her most important ticket to the afterlife.
The art is drawn in digital color. The story is told in a full-page comic layout.
Figure out the true path after this life and read Feint by stonedraccoon, rated M!

Featured Nov. 13, 2019
Teen, 18 pages

Erin and Capitan Deakins are working for the state, their current mission is to bring in an escaped historian, Simon Mandel, who's working on Project 5… if they don't find him alive they have to return his dead body. The wilderness outside the citadel walls on Jupiter's moon of Ganymede is a dangerous place, it's very hard to survive a day out there, let alone after sunset. Whatever they do, they have to get back before it gets dark! These are some of the last humans left alive, anywhere. The settlement on Ganymede is humanity's last hope, so keeping track of the population is very important!
Inner Enemy is a SciFi adventure story with beautifully coloured, creatively stylised artwork.

Read Inner Enemy, by Sabin, rated T.

Featured Nov. 6, 2019
Everyone, 29 pages

Full House is a slice of life comic about two sets of siblings and their quirky arguments. One pair of siblings, Hakeim and Haykal, has a story that is somewhat meta as the characters in the comic are currently in the process of creating their own comic. On the other side of the coin, we have Jill and Noah, a sister and brother team whose dynamic is very close to the polar opposites. There is a joy in seeing how two complete opposite personalities can be so closely related.
The comic art is in black and white with cut scenes and cover pages in color.
Enjoy a world that showcases the relationships of siblings and read FULL HOUSE by ProjectNutz by Chappy, rated E!

Featured Oct. 30, 2019
Mature, 47 pages

Colton Emerson dreams… he dreams of a life of action, daring do and bizarre supervillains, a life of something bigger, something better and more meaningful. Meanwhile reality smacks him down hard. He's working in a dead end job fixing dead watches, being a bastard to customers, and living under a weirdly “caring” dictatorship in a police state. But all that's about change with the discovery of a rather special jacket, a jacket that confers on the wearer some very unusual physical enhancements. Perhaps his dreams aren't really dreams after all?
This is an action superhero story with drama and comedy. It's all digital and mostly black and white, very professional looking art.

Read The Jacket, by RTHaldeman, (Biamonte and Hadleman) rated M.

Featured Oct. 23, 2019
Teen, 35 pages

Olivia (aka Lola) has finally decided to pay her older sister, Emilia (aka Emi) a visit after two years. The first thing Emi does is greet Olivia with a breakfast that definitely needs some work in the taste department, which is funny because Emi is the owner of the local Northerham Diner. Lola is running away from a lot of things including her mom and her best friend Lexi. Hopefully the time spent with her sister, Emi, will give Lola the space to figure out why she is trying to break free.
The comic creator, rinpa, comes from Finland and the art has a very delicate feel with very carefully selected color schemes to make each page rather unique.
Take a break at Northerham Diner and read Risk it for a Biscuit by funyurinpa, rated T!

Featured Oct. 16, 2019
Everyone, 52 pages

Nel and Soul are two star crossed lovers, members of rival wolf packs who're at war with one another… they sneak out to meet in secrecy but how long can that last before they're found out and their lives are torn apart by terrible war? Soul's pack is huge and vicious, Nel's is small and friendly, the outcome of any conflict is hardly in doubt. The only hope is that the fragile truce will hold.
The art of Wild Wolves is impressive: fully digital, full colour and drawn with a very practised hand. It's mostly cell shaded with painted backgrounds, but some pages are fully painted. The story is a romance, drama, action adventure starring talking wolves.

Read Wild Wolves, by Epic SaveRoom, rated E.

Featured Oct. 9, 2019
Mature, 34 pages

Welcome to this intergalactic prison filled with a wide range of creatures and prisoners committed to serving time in space. Each inmate, including a rocket pack hotshot, a street-brawling young man, and a lawbreaking, exotic kitty-lady dancer, spends their time thinking back to the exact moment that landed them in prison.
Interstellar Dust is created by the collaborative duo, C.J. Hudson and Igor Wolski. Each page delivers a fully digital, colored masterpiece. This is definitely a comic that displays great mechanical designs and detailed backgrounds.
Break away from the prisoner transport cells and read Interstellar Dust by warneveryonecomics, rated M!

Featured Oct. 2, 2019
Teen, 35 pages

Two friends known to each other as Liv and Indigo create unusual and imaginative plays together that they act out in the forest, complete with amazing costumes. We catch them in the middle of one such performance, each dressed in fantastic fashion. we learn that the next performance will be based on Liv's dream… but not only that, it will be a complete recreation in an attempt to reach a revelation. Out of the Blue is an interesting and unusual comic with a slightly unconventional story and characters. It's set in a world a little unlike our own where the colour of bird speech bubbles has a specific meaning. I would class this as a fantasy story! The art is all drawn with pen on paper and painstakingly coloured with watercolour paints and scanned, which gives it a unique look and feel!

Read Out of the Blue, by Shelmnop, rated T.

Featured Sept. 25, 2019
Mature, 124 pages

In this nouveau religious retelling of a time when demons rise and destruct, a group of bow and sword wielding heroes confront a wicked creature that possibly came from the other side. After one of the members is marked, a steady recovery and a pot of soup proves her wounds were not that deep. After numerous heretic marks start appearing around the city, it is up to the group of knights and religious folks to get to the bottom of their cause.
The line art is hand-drawn on paper and rendered in black and white.
You do not need to know how to speak in tongues in order to read Speaking In Tongues by quinn o matic, rated T!

Featured Sept. 18, 2019
Teen, 69 pages

What do you do when you're caught stealing from a humourless paladin? Why, pretend you're a tax collector for the IRS! That's the strategy of the clever thief Oedipus Bull. This canard goes on for a while and then collapses in a disastrous fashion, along with Oedipus's face! You'll see what I mean when you read it…
This is a pixel-art comic, meaning it's made with hand drawn pixelised characters and backgrounds, rather than the pre-made copyright stuff of a Sprite comic. Stunlock is a comedy spoof fantasy story. Enjoy!

Read Stunklock, by Salexander , rated T.

Featured Sept. 11, 2019
Teen, 169 pages

In an ancient civilization on Earth, humans had a stronger connection to insects, especially the giant butterfly, and nature. Two competing clans, the Ture and the Rahase, came from two separate regions, but were constantly at odds. An ancient ritual is about to begin after a hasty altercation between a Ture villager and a Rahase soldier ended in an unnecessary fatality. Now the Rahase soldier is about to be asked a series of riddles by the Ture and hopefully can make it through a whole ceremony dedicated to The Goddess.
The art is drawn in full digital color in full page layouts.
Figure out the true meanings behind the snake, the Earth, and death and read The True Face by marcorossi, rated E!

Featured Sept. 4, 2019
Teen, 19 pages

Limbo Road is an interesting little place filled with a cast of colourful characters and the dumb things they get up to. Doctor Faust for instance: he's the resident mad scientist, he routinely finds himself creating sassy, smart talking animals like Panda-bat and a talking turtle with a giant brain. We're slowly being introduced to this friendly bunch as the comic goes on. Limbo Road is a newspaper style comic strip, drawn in black and white. The story style is comedic slice of life and the art style is stylised and funny! Limbo Road updates frequently so it's great to add to your roster of weekly reads!
Read Limbo Road, by Bill_Bushman , rated T.

Featured Aug. 28, 2019
Everyone, 62 pages

Prospector and babysitter, Isaac Alden, know all about the great tragedy that happened in Grand Lake, Colorado, on July 4, 1883. On that day, Bob Plummer was shot to death by Wilson Waldren, who was also a county commissioner. This shooting shows the lack of impulse control of some of the folks who moved to Grand Lakes from other towns. Grand Lakes has its own share of troublemakers such as John G. Mills, one of the town’s elected officials, who rose to prominence after moving from Wyoming. Now, the town is about to learn the truth about Mills’ tumultuous past.
The comic uses a full-page, colored format. Characters are stylistically drawn and the writing makes great use of regional English accents.
Take a digital trip to the past in Grand Lakes, Colorado, and read The Shootin by arborcides, rated E!

Featured Aug. 21, 2019
Teen, 18 pages

In the middle of nowhere a strange little bald boy appears in the forest. He can't speak a word and there's something very strange about him… but the workers on a little farm take him in and do what they can to make him comfortable and welcome. There more to this little fellow than meets the eye, something dangerous and alien… possible scary? This is a creepy story and it's slowly unfolding into something bigger and better. The art is quite stylised and unusual, none of it looks digital except the lettering and word balloons, it has a very unique aesthetic. The story is a Scifi drama.

Read The Adventures of Kevin Kid, HyperFabMag, rated T.

Featured Aug. 14, 2019
Mature, 73 pages

The year is 1899 in Mali and Zayna, a slave girl, is being escorted across the Sahara by three men on her way to her new home. Along the way, she encounters a Mystic named Musa for the first time as she witnesses him successfully win a fight against her three captors after being decapitated in battle. There is a lot of legend surrounding Mystics as they have the special abilities and are able to control a lot of nature.
The art style has a great controlled, sketchy quality and most of the comic is in black and white. The prologue is colored digitally and looks very professional.
Find out how Zayna’s life magically transforms after meeting Musa and read The Mystic From Wanzerbe by Delcino, rated M!


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