Featured July 29, 2020
Mature, 39 pages

Bottomless Waitress tells the tale of a small town diner and the lovely ladies who work at the diner. There is only one rule: All employees must dress in the proper uniform attire (which does not happen to include any bottoms). The story centers around Polly, Francis, and Jane, where Polly is always ready to give Francis love and dating advice. Back in the diner, they have all sorts of antics going on—rowdy customers, slap stick antics, and spilled batter that needs to be cleaned up.
This is a collaboration comic drawn and hand-lettered by Ozone Ocean the Great and written by the Fun-Loving Banes. Everyone should read Bottomless Waitress because this feature has been seven years in the making and the story and art is really detailed and handled with care.
Find out if Francis will finally listen to Polly’s relationship advice and read Bottomless Waitress by ozoneocean and Banes, rated M!

Featured July 22, 2020
Everyone, 66 pages

Goddard is a peregrinating chap who's suffering the temporary embarrassment of a lack of lodgings… The poor fellow finds himself living rough, homeless in other words. But things change for the better after he hooks up with Grey, a fellow resident of the park they both share, but a resident who originates somewhat further afield! A VERY long way it turns out because Grey is an alien from outerspace. Goddard and Grey make a great pair- Grey gets help learning about the earth and Goddard gets free food and a couch!
This is a newspaper style comedy comic strip with a small but fun cast of evolving characters and some good jokes. It looks nice and professional, mostly in black and white but more recent strips are in colour.

Read - Goddard and Grey, by Ducksapien, rated E.

Featured July 15, 2020
Mature, 199 pages

In a world with creatures that resemble cute pocket monsters, there is a small, pink Mew-type animal that loves to give advice at a booth (as suggested by the title “Ask Andante”). Andante lives in a world with very similar creatures that also spend time responding and answering random questions that are emailed to them.
Most of the comic pages use a font that is hand-lettered. The comic pages are drawn and colored digitally.
Discover a comic that feels like an actual “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) board and read Ask Andante by Aibou, rated M!

Featured July 8, 2020
Mature, 34 pages

Bad Dog has been a bad dog, he mauled the proprietor of a brothel and ended up in prison. He's been sentenced to be executed in the Arena for the entertainment of the king and queen of the gods. Myths is centered around Atlantis, a place where gods and mortals mix, sometimes with terrible results. Our story begins in the prison where tensions are running high. A whole bunch of demigods and demigoddesses are clashing. This is an action adventure fantasy story with a mythological bent. The art seems to be inks and watercolours, it's bold, colourful and textured, suiting the subject quite well.

Read - Myths, by ConnorLachmanec, rated M.

Featured July 1, 2020
Teen, 51 pages

It is a typical morning in a picturesque cottage: wake up, smell the flowers, pick some fruit from an unknown plant, get chased off the scene by a pair of vicious boars. Aus is about to meet another Guardian named Eradin and take a needed vacation from his home. Before long, Aus runs into his childhood friend (and former bully) and he makes a break for it.
This comic is geometric, it is vibrant, brilliantly colored and bold. The first couple of pages have very limited to no dialogue at all, so the pages are able to speak for themselves.
Discover how Aus interacts with the other guardians of his town and read Ingenimia Aus by DFlimbingo, rated T!

Featured June 23, 2020
Teen, 39 pages

Mason Lannfuil and his big sister Piersa relocate to a strange island together, an island inhabited by monsters! They're mostly friendly, regular people who just happen to be monsters but they're STILL monsters nevertheless. Oh, and there are also plenty of humans on the island too. Piersa won't tell Mason what they're there for, poor Mason doesn't even know much about his own parents! Well, apparently they were famous monster hunters but that's all we know for now. Mason falls in with a conspiracy club in the hope of finding some answers. They're a mixed bunch and might be landing Mason with more trouble than he can handle!
The art is polished, cartoony, cell-shaded, and full colour with some slight manga influence. The story is a mystery action comedy.

Read - Plethora Island, by Pkism, rated T.

Featured June 17, 2020
Everyone, 103 pages

Burger Garrett’s day is starting off as any normal day—getting yelled at by his older sister, Lauren, which leads to him getting (literally) thrown out of the house and flung into local adventures with his best friend, Eric Espada. After blowing up the television and being handed fifteen dollars in order to pay for a fun outing, Burger and Eric head out to downtown.
The art is EXTREMELY vivid, with clean lines and clean professional coloring skills. Enjoying this comic’s art and dialogue is like watching a modern day cartoon.
Head into Hypnovious’ Bazaar of the Strange and read LWBiverse by Lolwutburger, rated E!

Featured June 10, 2020
Everyone, 982 pages

Beeeees! Not the beeees! Abejitas is about a grumpy odd couple of bee people, their daily life and the ridiculous situations they deal with. One wonders how these two ever got together in the first place. The snipes between these two and other characters like the doctor ante hilarious! The art is all analogue, in colour, stylised cartoon characters. The writing style is a three panel comedy comic strip. English isn't Lazarinho's first language and the text has obviously been translated, but the intention still comes across clearly and it adds to the charm.

Read - Abejitas, by Lazarinho, rated E.

Featured June 3, 2020
Teen, 42 pages

Moxie discovers the home of a very eccentric client after answering an advertisement for cleaning services in the paper. It turns out she now must work with a person who only needs her after the sun is set. Will her can-do attitude and very friendly personality shine through in a job that is nights only?
The art is drawn in black and white digital ink with a lot of use of texture shading.
Step into the lair of a supernatural client and read Moxie the Magical Maid by Aforextreme, rated M!

Featured May 27, 2020
Everyone, 23 pages

Crystal heads to the big city for the grim task of officiating at her brother's funeral. She doesn't want to be there, especially not at the behest of the people he worked for who, who he died for… But she steels herself and does her duty. Things don't go smoothly however. There's an attack in the heart of the city and things start to go off the rails. She meets a very important person and her adventure really begins! There's magic and alchemy in this 19th century style fantasy world, politics and dark doings. The art is pencil and watercolour, it's dreamy and soft. This is a very nice looking comic!

Read - CrystalVisions, by Roma, rated E.

Featured May 20, 2020
Everyone, 171 pages

The Daily Doodle is an amazing daily journal comic that chronicles the reality that we are all currently experiencing—life in the middle of a global-pandemic. The illustrations by haraya, drawn starting mid-April showcase the germaphobia and paranoia of life indoors and on the streets with an unknown presence lurking in the darkness. This is quite an important and interesting topic to document in a comic as many people can relate to it, worldwide.
The art is drawn in color and a VERY cute style! It is amazing that the update schedule is so frequent and very professional!
Remember what it is like to miss Jollibee as you are eating Instant Mi Goreng and read The Daily Doodle by haraya, rated E!

Featured May 13, 2020
Everyone, 32 pages

An ancient old woman shambles up to a even older tree that stands alone and isolated on a bare green hill. She makes a request of it, undergoes an intense magical ritual and examines the the detritus and trinkets she's collected over the course of her life… What is the purpose of all this? Hopefully we will soon see! Life is going through a process of transition here. The art in Tangkal is delicious, lush and colourful. It's bright digital work. The story is a fantasy, it's told mostly through images with only minimal text and there's even a Spanish Language version! Tangkal is only just beginning so get in now and join the ride!

Read - Tangkal English, by Maav, rated E.

Featured May 6, 2020
Teen, 55 pages

Melvin is visiting his best friend, Steve, in an unannounced and rather loud fashion one morning. The good thing about Melvin and Steve is that they can joke around constantly and throw in little jests while not getting upset with each other. The two are about to board a horse-drawn carriage to meet a King—a rather animated King in his castle. Along the way, they meet very interesting characters in the Village of Astana that will keep their lives interesting.
The pages are filled with vibrant and dynamic colored pages! It is quite a sweet treat for your eyes.
You are invited to meet the quirky King of Astana, so read SteveAndMelvin by DeanZeeks, rated T!

Featured April 29, 2020
Teen, 100 pages

Miriam and Karim make a pretty hot team. Miriam is a cyborg built for battle with the latest in military tech, Karim is a powerfully built man and a clever scientist to boot. The year is 2073 and the world isn't a safe place (is it ever?), high tech and cyborgs are commonplace, and the situation in Italy is very unstable! You need to be hardy and savvy to survive. Thankfully this is one tough married couple, Miriam is a one woman strike team and Karim is a technological genius, but they still get into some pretty sticky situations. This is a full on action Scifi cyberpunk comic with detective elements and plenty of humour. The art is all digital, some in black and white but most in colour. The style is professional and cool. The action is all set in a futuristic Italy which gives it an usual feel. English isn't Marcorossi's first language so sometimes the syntax is a little off, but I find that it just enhances the modern, exotic feel.

Read GeMiTo 2073, by Marcorossi , rated T.

Featured April 22, 2020
Teen, 89 pages

When Sierra, a fashionable young girl, visits her grandmother’s home in the idyllic, fairy tale cottage in the woods, life looks like it is more comfortable. She heads over to town for groceries and to visit Lacy at the local bar when she discovers Lacy has snagged a slot in the live music performances that weekend. After bumping into Will, the seemingly cool, punk rocker, Lacy’s life might make a turn for the interesting.
The art is drawn in black and white in a full-page format.
Tune into the latest updates to find out how Sierra and Will’s first meeting turns out and read Click Track Lolita by 0becomingX, rated T!

Featured April 15, 2020
Teen, 59 pages

A caravan convoy of misfits journey across the vast water-less wasteland at the centre of the country, tackling the treacherous Stiretzki Ridge together and the dangerous town of Cragwater hidden within it. It's the only source of water for thousands of miles in any direction and an irresistible lure for bandits and near-do-wells. So far all they've had to face was heat, giant centipedes and a bolting horse, but that looks to be the least of their worries!
The are is all digital, sketchy, stylised, fun and fitting the subject. This is an action adventure fantasy western, that really does fit the western genre to a tee!

Read Cragwater, by TallFroyo, rated T.

Tallfroyo is also a host of our Discord along with Boundbun! Read Discord

Featured April 8, 2020
Mature, 81 pages

When an uninvited call girl’s attempt to make easy money is foiled because of a sleeping client, a large scale sting operation planned by the police is also derailed. Brothels, sterile hospitals, and a time set three-hundred years in the future make this the perfect backdrop for Superintendent Inspector Baum who is searching for certain individuals. This is a science fiction adventure for the ages. (Rated mature for nudity)
This comic is drawn in full digitally colored pages and in a professional style. The text bubble colors and fonts vary based on the speaker.
Take a trip to the 2300s and read FCL55 by DoEL FCL55, rated M!

Featured April 1, 2020
Teen, 256 pages

Captain Nikita Kirchhoff has an important mission to undertake. An ancient satellite has crashed to earth, a relic containing precious high technology from earth's past. Whichever nation can recover it first will gain an enormous technological advantage over the others! Nikita is gathering his team… But they might find more than they expect.
The art is top notch, nicely stylised, regular, well drawn, and fully coloured digital work. The story is SciFi action adventure, with more than a dash of comedy. O Sarilho updates daily, follow along for a great read!

Read O Sarilho, by SHIZAMURA, rated T.

Featured March 25, 2020
Everyone, 23 pages

Oh Ok is a highly visual and stimulating mind trip of two friends as they embark from their quiet isolation in their apartment bathroom to the outside world where they get pulled over by a police officer. This is a striking surreal, stream of conscious art that takes your eyes on a journey that is both exciting and experimental. Towards the end, just turning on a lamp leads to exciting displays of color.
The art is drawn in the style of a black and white outline drawing with minimal shading while using cell shading in a monochromatic red color scheme. A lot of it is drawn in a stunning dynamic, entertainingly visual display.
Step inside a psychadelic visual trip of hand soap and getting pulled over and read Oh Ok by GoblinOrgy, rated E!

Featured March 18, 2020
Teen, 137 pages

Little ordinary Suzie is thrown into an unusual world… Her schoolmates are weird, her teacher is super bizarre and her grandfather is not what she expects at all, and thank goodness for that! This promises to be a funny, surreal, cartoony adventure with Suzie and her amazing grandpa. Watch out for the bonus story about a boy who inexplicably finds himself in the grey ashen world of limbo and comes face to face with the, old, cold denizen there. The art here is all digital, gloriously cartoony and full colour with a very pro look to it. The Reaper's Cabin chapter is black and white, with the emulated look of charcoal and ink. The story is pure fantasy fun and it's just starting up so make sure you get on board and follow along!

Read My Magic Grandpa, by JitterbugJive, rated T.

Featured March 4, 2020
Teen, 152 pages

This is the story of the life and times of Pete and Tom! Pete is a top hat wearing circle and Tom is a clever triangle. This might seem like a comic about simple shapes but there's more to it: The slice of life adventures these guys get up to are highly relatable and really quite funny. This world of shapes is surprisingly fun and enjoyable! I urge you to give it a go.
The art is simplified and consistent, coloured, and fully digital. The writing style is a slice of life humour gag strip.

Read SillyCircle, by SillyCircle, rated T.

Featured Feb. 26, 2020
Mature, 187 pages

The Prologue of Invasive Species opens up in a setting very similar to a role-playing game complete with character avatars and text boxes. It is as if the narrator is immersed in this digital land as he goes in and out of consciousness with reality. The main character goes by the nickname “Korn Flake” as bestowed on him by his friend Tolvin Zhao (a.k.a. Bubble T) as the two discuss life, their careers, and struggles.
The art of Invasive Species is a mix between traditional colored pencils, photographic backgrounds, and digital dialogue. The comic creator, bgarrick, advertises LIVE twitch streams every Sunday to show off his creative process.
Find out what happens when you move something from their comfort zone into a new place and read by bgarrick, rated M!

Featured Feb. 19, 2020
Mature, 41 pages

We begin with Trigger Warning, a story about Nathan Wood, prisoner of the mysterious Institution. This mild mannered man seems prone to horrific acts of violence… But why, and who is keeping him imprisoned?
Then we dive straight into our second tale, They were Wolves. In a small armed village two young children, Xara and Bobo, run carelessly. They play harmlessly enjoying their youth and innocence. Xara is headstrong and bold, Bobo is timid and wary. This peaceful scene is about to be shattered…
All the art is in black and white and drawn with a pen. It's sketchy, richly detailed and heavily stylised. The stories are full of action, tension and suspense.

Read Hyperbolic Fabrications Presents, by HyperFabMag, rated M.

Featured Feb. 12, 2020
Teen, 34 pages

Coquin is an interesting collaboration comic that brings together an American writer (Finch) and a French artist (Floch). The story follows a French fashionista named Serena and a British genie in a comic that originally ran as the weekly comic of a feminist magazine. Serena has a very liberal mindset on politics and the genie has a completely opposite world view. See how these two argue on various political issues and current events.
The art is drawn and hand inked in black and white with hand lettered dialogue.
Find out the French translation of Coquin and read Coquin by Kagaenod, rated T!

Featured Feb. 5, 2020
Teen, 429 pages

It's 1995, the fall of the Soviet Union has gone hard for its former states, particularly Ukraine, which has partiallly collapsed into anrachy. This is the story of a young person with a shotgun struggling to survive the harsh winter alone in the snow, hiding from fellow humans in the forrest… and maybe, slowly making a friend? This is a realistic story of survival and war, with a nice sprinkling of humour throughout. It's set in an alternate version of the 1990s, because the Ukraine didn't end up like this back then, but coincidentally it's sort of ending up this way now! The art is sketchy line work, but as you can see for the nice cover art this is older work and will improve as the comic goes on. The story is war/action/adventure, the lead character's strugles and observations will keep you complelled and wanting more!

Read The Second Crimean War, by The Doodler, rated T.


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