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My name is Elyssa aka Emma Xross!
I'm the author of Geist Gears the story of a girl named Maple who's been pulled into a world of supernatural shenanigans by the mysterious time piece her grandfather gave her.
I've been heavily influenced by anime since I was little and Geist Gears is most definitely heavily inspired by some of my favorite series, both in art and story.

If you want to check me out on other social platforms I’m on BlueSky where I post art and wip panels sporadically, but feel free to come by and have a look! I also have a deviantArt where my art is achieved if you wanted an easier way to check out my older stuff!

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Maple wanted to be a princess in a fairy tale but now she may find herself playing the hero! On her eighteenth birthday her grandfather entrusted her with a mysterious pocket watch that contains a secret that will lead Maple to an adventure beyond her imagination.
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Twenty years ago, Maarahl fell and the Magus War between Orum and Nidaru began. The war lasted fifteen years and the scars of the empires conflict covered the world. The Order of Peace was formed to ensure another war of that scale never befall the people again by eliminating the evils of magic. To ensure peace The Order deployed warriors authorized full authority as inquisitor and executioner to investigate and put a stop to any practice of magic they find, with whatever methods they see fit. Now five years later, Inquisitor Ishana and Executioner Lucia, orphans of Maarahl, head to investigate the decaying town of Ulbek, in northern Orum, where reports of a deadly plague and a miraculous healer have caught the Order’s attention. What awaits them may be more than they could have ever prepared for. (This is a single chapter One-Shot story, if you enjoy it, LET ME KNOW! The more positive responses the more likely I’ll continue it in the future!)
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The World of Chalice, a broken world the resembles and ever flowing fountain. Great plates of land float high above the world’s basin, arranged in chaotic order orbiting around a central pillar of water that feeds the oceans the flow from the top of the world, down from one land mass to the next all the way back to the basin. Ruins of the ancient civilization said to have broken the world, dot the lands all over, with the top of the world being said to be a city of gold. Siblings Lyna and Lohr raised on stories of adventurers ascending the world, set off on their own adventure to explore and discover unknown ruins and make their way to the top of the world so they can make their mark on history! (This is a single chapter One-Shot story, if you enjoy it, LET ME KNOW! The more positive responses the more likely I’ll continue it in the future!)

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A super-powered vampire with pirate-related PTSD accidentally starts collecting friends like a crazy cat lady collects strays, and they all live in a cabin in the woods.

Medusa is five years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes froma magical land. Now she lives with Jake. Updates Monday and Friday!

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