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Formerly Rick Xeros, I started on DD with my sprite comic FF Outclassed where I tried too hard to be 8-bit Theater (lol) and later had some success with my more personal project the fan comic Digimon Legend with the help of Pokemon-X's own Recon Dye it had a pretty good fan base at the time. Unfortunately my updates were extremely infrequent and though it dragged out for several years I eventually called it to a close.

I've been through a lot the last decade and recently a lot of really bad, really hard things. I was thinking a lot about how much I loved doing this comic and how much I missed just the fun of being creative.

So I'm starting Digimon Legend up again soon! Hopefully if you like anything about the original Digimon Legend you'll enjoy the reboot!

Thanks for checking my profile out!

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A massive event has displaced thousands of children from the human world into the Digital World, trapped together with no way home the children together with their new Digimon partners form a new society and learn to live in harmony... but after seven years that harmony is at its breaking point and a war is about to begin that could bring the digital world to the brink of destruction.
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Maple just wants a normal life at her new home in Rosemont, but the sleepy little village is more than it seems. With delinquent gangs, a sinister student council, creepy faculty, girls with animal ears and more than a little demon possession, that normal life may be hard to come by.

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