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Oh hello youse.

My name is Amy, also known as Amy of Darkness.

I am a fan of classic cartoons & comics, mythology, fantasy & fairy lore, monsters obviously, spooky cute stuff, and bloody horror stuff.

I love John Carpenter's films, Brian Froud's Fairy books, and everything the game studio Vanillaware puts out. I'm big into RPG's lately and making my own campaign settings.

Married to my wonderful soulmate whom I met here on this site!

I lurk between posting pages, social anxiety is a beast.

Genuinely try to be nice to people but I don't like bullies.

Comics By Amelius

  • Fantasy |
  • 1155 pages |
  • last: Oct. 4 2023 |
A fantasy supernatural horor-comedy about monsters and other horrible creatures like humans, made by and for the socially awkward malcontents. It's a character-driven story that features both whimsical magical elements and gory body horror, with big emotional drama.
  • Fantasy |
  • 239 pages |
  • last: Oct. 31 2017 |
Strange things have started happening in the local cemetery since Fernando Fritz rose from his grave... could this zombie be the cause of all the weirdness, or does it just follow him? Updates every 13th of the month!

Comics Assisted By Amelius

  • Fantasy |
  • 153 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
The story of The De'Ras Brothers, Bounty Hunters for hire in an off beat fantasy world. Things happen and hilarity ensues. Come read it, you know you want to.
  • Horror |
  • 147 pages |
  • last: Oct. 31 2023 |
Chapter 1: A Cabin In The Woods. A story about friendship, found family, and dealing with your demons.
  • Horror |
  • 44 pages |
  • last: Oct. 31 2018 |
When Blaine's parents were killed by a vampire, he swore vengeance on the creatures of the night. People who wake up to the reality of Kellwood are recruited to join his fight, in the guise of Animal Control; to protect those who easily fall under sway of the glamour. Unfortunately, there's just some folk who can't be trusted with a gun... Featuring lineart by Sarah "Neila" Elkins, coloring and writing by Amy of Darkness. A sibling comic to CTV and ReVamped!
  • Fantasy |
  • 39 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
Night School: Kojo Academy It is midnight, do you know where your kids are? Well if you are a creature of the night, they should be in Night School!
  • Parody |
  • 1 page |
  • last: Jan. 13 2019 |
Redirect for Charby the Vampirate: Director's Cut! Amelius gave out the wrong address! Go here:

Comics Recomended By Amelius

1810 England. It was thought that humans walked the path of enlightenment leaving monsters and dark things behind. However, those monsters and night stalkers merely hide in the darkness, as a young maid, Bernadette, soon finds out.

Angels of Shadows..."The gods of your civilisation left and created their own. One where they made the rules. They grew bored so they created toys... twisted toys."

Intellectual humor and solid art sprinkled with a little bit of Calvin and Hobbes. John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, that is.

One day a Holy Knight from the Kingdom of Rahknor enters a small town to capture a girl named Fang who has been causing trouble. Soon after he completes his mission, plans for a nation wide war using the Arkin Blade, a legendary weapon yet to be found, are revealed, leaving the unwitting pair no choice but to find it and stop these plans before they can become a dark reality. It won't be easy, many evil and sketchy types are after the Blade as well for their own reasons.

About a teenager named Evan, who goes to a school to teach him how to be a supervillain! But he's no good at it and hilarity ensues!

What happens when a Grizzly Bear awakens from hibernation, to find the world he knew being consumed by zombies?

Also known as "Blake's Goblin Tech Emporium" elsewhere (Can't change that here!) A spin-off of sorts of my other comic, Drachronon, follows Blake the goblin conman and his niece/apprentice Picka, as they try to keep a business afloat, and preferably, stay out of prison!

Four people from four different planets are chosen to be granted wishes by a mysterious creature. What would you wish for? How would you survive? Where will this comic go? Take a read and find out.

Abraham "Bram" Van Helsing IV and Vlad Dracula II become friends, bicker a lot, mock all the vampire fiction and try to survive broken hearts and mobs of fangirls. A webcomic about vampires, geeks and people in love. Maybe not in this order.

Detective with the most Funny per square inch! (a fat joke? really?)

They walk on the shadows of illusions, death becomes a key factor in the siege of paradoxes and the outcome of a war of time and space rests on the shoulders of mortals who once lived life in the eyes of a gamer. Will they become destined gods or executed war heroes? (being remastered) Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic/Horror/Romance/Drama

Urban fantasy where a criminal and cop must work together to survive a horrifying faerie forest.

Do you really know who is under your skin? The reality may be worse than you think.

The story revolves around Rilind, raised from the dead by voodoo magic. In Louisiana, one of two southern states hit hardest by severe economic downturn, he spends his days as a wandering healer of the homeless using his magic "strings" to heal wounds. One day, he's called upon to rescue a vampire girl in distress... however, Rilind soon learns he's way in over his head when he learns she has a bounty on hers!

What if the webcomic hosts of today and yesteryear were personified into cute anime girls and told to learn how to draw their own comics? Join Comfur-chan and her friends; Duck-chan, Smack-chan, Tap-chan, Webby-chan, in silly adventures of sequential art and friendship.

A terrifying unstoppable force has appeared on the horizon. An uncertain Darius has no confidence that a person as small and scared as him can ever be of any use against such an opponent, and yet he finds himself compelled to stand against them, because no one else will.

Cosmic Dash is a webcomic with massive science fiction and space opera influences. The comic deals with a massive galaxy, The Silver Spiral Galaxy, that is being explored, but derives its focus from following around Dash Kameku, and his crew-mates as they transport cargo around the known territories. Catch the adventures at COSMICDASH.COM and SERREVEN.COM

The forest planet Farya has known peace between it's five northern territories until creatures start appearing out of cracks in the ground. These creatures eat humans quickly giving them names like monsters or demons. One man is known to walk among them fearless and word is that he travels with a monster. The dark tale of Farya....

Kitov Sige is a scribe living and working in the Imperial Capital city of Imrodan. He dreams of travelling the world and going on adventures, but so far has only read about things like that in books. Crypts and Cantrips is a fantasy adventure comic heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. This is a mirror of the main website which can be found at

A medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Can they achieve their missions without destroying each other?

A comedy/adventure/fantasy story which refuses to try and cash in on WoW or D&D. Currently in Chapter 13 - Mordrolvia

A vampire tries to make it in the mortal world.

A young urban explorer seeks answers to her hometown's missing persons problem in a forbidden part of town. An old theatre opens its doors for her. Will she be able to cope with what she finds inside, or will her poster join the others at town hall? Storyboard, writing & colours by Steadfastnomad | Lines and rendering by JCorrachComics Thriller/Fantasy, T COMPLETED

Deadfingers is a story about an indigenous girl and her tribe, struggling to salvage its independence from the imperialistic mainland. Features magic, knife fights, guns, robots and everything else you'll find in the alternate universe.

Deadman is an ongoing steampunk, multimedia webcomic about an unlucky guy and his attempts to survive in a wild outlaw city and the crazy people living there.

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.

Silver City's sharpest P.I. is back in action!

A mysterious substance nicknamed "Devil's Blood" is infecting citizens and Nicodemus Blacroft is looking to find a way to contain the spread. He is untrained and mainly passing the time and soon finds that despite his successes, he may be in well over his head.

A story-driven slice of life about an unorthodox pairing of an unconventional Devil and his wife, as they endure the bizarre ensuing revelations in their newly self-created domestic hellscape. Maybe they'll stumble into the American dream along the way.

Five years ago a demon of fear takes over the city that imprisoned it. Now its survivors, including the son of the hero who originally sealed the demon, are rising up to take back their home. Or, at least, that's the plan. Starting back in 2014, 'Do You Like Fear' is my first webcomic and is largely an exploration of human concepts, right and wrong, and my own twisted humor. Updates on Fridays.

NO LONGER UPDATING ON THIS SITE. If you want to read it, you're best off heading to Comicfury.

A wizard tries to raise an orphaned dragon in a world of magic, war, and adventure. He soon finds out a dragon does whatever it wants...and he may make all the difference.

In 1922, two creatures of the night, Evnedyr and Enoch have arrived to attend the Broadway performance of legendary dancer Verda Fandango. But their nightly plans are dashed when Miss Fandango is murdered the night of the show. Disappointed but persistent the two decide to take matters into their own hands.

Era of Iridore, is set in a world with both humans and anthropomorphic animals, as well as my own characters who is a race that's called dracoreas, or dragon nymphs. They try to live peaceful in a world full of danger, magic, monsters and conflicts of various degrees while not going extinct in the process. My comic is LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Teresa disliked contact with the other denizens of the World of Darkness. But she knew that they were all inextricably tied together. Her peace and that of her friends however is shattered one fateful night when the 'others' come to call.

The King of the Dead, The Lord of the Shadows, and the Devourer of Souls are amassing their armies to take revenge against the world and the gods that have shunned them. Men and women from different walks of life will join forces to fight them.

Demons rule the world and allow humans to exist in safety zones as long as they serve them.

The Continuing Saga of George the Dragon! This is the tale of a Dragon named George. George is old. So old that he has lived in every age of the world from Medieval to Modern. His tales are rather silly in nature. Join in on his (Mis)adventures!

Ghastley Heights is not far from here, but most people never see it, or notice anything different about the people who live there. Daniel didn't either, until he met Audrey and now life will never be the same again.

A low-stakes gay/trans romance.

An irreverent sendup to horror movies in comic strip form.

A comic about pirates. Really inept pirates. There are a few sane minds aboard, but they do tend to get drowned out. This often leads to Adventures of the Hilarious sort.

In the world of Harkovast, magical races battle for survival against the Nameless armies of the West. Betrayals, intrigue, warfare and unrelenting bloodshed will determine the fate of all nations. Epic fantasy adventure, with furry / anthro characters.

Hatpire is a dialogue-free, cute comic featuring the adventures of a little vampire named Hatpire. He has a Plague Doctor buddy named Schnabel and a kitty as well as a host of other fellas throughout the entire comic.

Humans, Vampires, Werebeast's, Witches and who know what else. We all know the stories of Vampires, werewolves and witches. Alex Hunt knows this well, she has been raised with the knowledge to fear and kill them. But what if all we know is just a lie created by them? So we are looking in the shadows with fear while they remain safe. It is 1930, in a small lumber town near the British Columbia border. Alex is about to find out just how far the lies go.

a fantasy story that follows a rabbit named mud, loyal waiting-doe and bodyguard to the queen of her warren. alcohol & tobacco use, violence, etc. you know, bunny stuff.

Have you ever noticed that everything that involves vampires or werewolves, as described dark, dreary, malevolent beings? Well they cant all be like that meet Sundancer (vampire) and Moonwatcher (werewolf) the only two hippies of there kind!

A short story about Ereso Ciau, a shapeshifting German nightmare demon and his early dealings with the Red Mantis Faction and it's matriarch, Yuriko Yoshida.

Supernatural happenings at a hotel, the demise of it's occupants by the maid, and the subsequent romance between herself and a very peculiar Irishman.Set in a Victorian Europe...

Do you believe in ghosts? No? Well, the woman that haunts our nameless boy doesn't believe either. It will take one hell of an exorcism to get rid of her, especially since the boy had to do something with her death...

A modern world filled with mythical creatures and beasts! Lin Peckett is a Chicken Harpy who wants to become a fashion designer but after being denied she gets a love letter from a secret admirer inspiring her to chase her dreams again.

By collecting stones the the band of assassins gets closer to defeating Malik, an evil warlord. To do so they must confront his henchmen--and their own inner demons. Comedy included :D (Violence, innuendo, partial nudity, foul language: Mature rating)

When your fate seems sealed, sometimes the world shifts anyway. Literally. This story follows Jano's journey through his ever changing views of the world and his own strength.

Joanna, a transgender gray vixen with an interest in the paranormal, is trying to develop a following on ViewTube looking for ghosts. But has she bitten off a bit more than she can chew when she encounters an ancient spirit that seems to have claimed her? Updates Wednesdays. Scriptwriting by Zarpaulus, art by Thiger.

Following the Japanese tradition of writing a "picture diary" while in elementary school, this is a cartoon version of random events in my every day life in America and Japan. Updates every day except Friday and Saturday!

A demon possessed killer gets a glimpse of what life could be like free from his Master...but freedom, like all things in life, is difficult to attain and even more difficult to maintain. Includes both the first and second incarnations of the comic.

Latitude Zero. The misadventures of a rag-tag rookery of penguins on the Galapagos in which they run into mishaps borne of their shenanigans, discover themselves, and struggle to survive; armed only with the power of friendship and a steady supply of shipwrecks. Content warning: May contain subtle "mature" humor, and angst (possible injuries, cartoony/serious. no blood or gore). Visuals remain SFW and the majority of the comic is wholesome.

Welcome to the feline world of Setar, a mostly sand covered world, with a hidden forest deep in a crater. Here lives Ragus city, and Zara Vallaru. A holy knight, of a sorts, whose allies are a child and a dark knight who obsesses over her.

A centaur trying to find their way home. A unicorntaur with no magic. A dangerous journey through a magical forest filled with giant monsters. All traditional media!

It's about zombies. :D

An American teacher in Japan finds romance and wacky misadventures when he gets engaged to a gothy mob princess. We have Time Monkeys.

Medusa is five years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes froma magical land. Now she lives with Jake. Updates Monday and Friday!

This is Manga. Please read  ← ↘︎ ←

A woman suffers a tragic death. When she awakens in a land that is beyond life but not entirely past death, she must seek a way to discover where she is and how to return to the land of the living...

The Japanese proverb “穴があったら入りたい”

A giant cave monster and an aspiring mortician search for light in the world of eternal darkness they are doomed to inhabit.

After a long day of work, a doctor trudges home in the pouring rain only to find a dying teenage boy in the road. He takes the boy home, saving his life, only to discover the he has no memory of who he is. The doctor and his daughter invite the boy to stay with them and as time goes on, discover some strange and unexplainable things about their newest family member.

You thought death was the end? Well think again, will you? Three very different people tries to survive in the darker side of our world were the line between real and imaginagion does not exist.

A "Dark Comedy" genre, Odd Days is a semi-autobiographical comic strip. The series depicts real-life mishaps & shenanigans, but also breaks boundaries with a sick-of-life-character consistently challenging social norms.

What if DD webcomics were tv shows, and its characters (or rather, the people who play them) were celebrities? What are these actors like off the set of their shows? And how do they deal with each other?! This community project aims to find out!

The adventures of Bagley, the OK Magician for hire who completes jobs in his own OK way!

Happy New Year 2018! It's time for another #Pageant! This time #Pageant 2 will be hosted by #Pageant 1's crown winner Xara (with help from Princess January, Dragonaur, and Vinomas)! A much easier and faster competition, #Pageant 2 will run from January 2018 to April 2018 (still going) and will require artists to complete 3 pages. Category One : LOOK: Personal Fashion Style / WORDS: What is your talent? Category Two : LOOK: Beach Wear / WORDS: What are your hobbies? Category Three : LOOK: Evening Wear / WORDS: Why should you be the next winner of The Drunk Duck Fashion Pageant? Send your entries in the link and check out the webcomic for instructions and fun!

Even in a magical world, unexplained phenomena can happen. That's where Eredicus, Aries and their colleagues come in. They explore the paranormal in a world of fantasy, mythical creatures, and strong magic.

Lilika is a Lovecraftian Disney princess mage. Sheol is a superpowered undead monstrosity. They escaped life alone. Now, they'll fight for life together.

When Con artist Nule discovers and plays a note on a magic pipe belonging to the infamous pied piper of Hamelin, he unwittingly awakened an ancient evil. Now our unlikely hero must flee for his life, unlock the secrets of the past and fight to save a world that never cared for him. He will discover that some fairy tales are a great deal darker than he ever imagined.

A comic about superhero figures who are anything, but Pegwarmers. It's a blatant ripoff of Twisted Kaiju Theater. Characters are owned by Marvel and DC, respectively.

Pinky TA is a diesel-punk comic set in an alternative version of the 20's. It features the sexy Pinky, war, blood, steel, and fire!

An ex sky pirate struggling to live the straight life reluctantly helps two detectives hunt down a former crew-member-turned-terrorist. The corruption runs much deeper than any of them imagined, leading to a very unexpected source with peculiar intentions.

Mason moves to an island of monsters and finds fitting in as an ordinary human may be more than he can handle.

Within Chansha Forest, there are a wide array of unique and unbelievable creatures residing in its borders. Po and Casiea are just two of these creatures. There are those who wish to exploit both the wildlife and resources of Chansha; Po and Casiea must use their immense strength to prevent that at all costs! Updates bi-weekly.

What do you get when you cross a hypocritical demon hunter, a naive angel, and a weeks' journey across the globe on foot? Go find out in Project: Demonhunter!

the misadventures of Bones, the back alley,thrash metal mutant mad man and his side kick friends, Puke,Charlette the Harlot and Jack the Ripper.

Funny, sendimental, and deliciously bizarre

or "What Happens When You Eat Breakfast in Bedlam"

Annie and Danielle, just two girls from the city looking for a last adventure together, will discover that there's something hidden in the woods, covered in snow and in secrets. Are they ready for it?

She Used To Be Fractal is a semi-serialized slice-of-life and fantasy webcomic about a non-binary trans woman navigating her life and maintaining relationships while struggling with mental health. The world is messy. So is her room.

Sarah is a fairly ordinary person who just wants to lead a quiet life but seems to have a habit of getting herself into extremely complicated situations! Contains themes of an LGBT nature.

Slither and Friends features the daily struggles of its principle character, Slither J. Garter, against the backdrop of his quasi-mythical homeland, the Plateau. And while Slither never lacks in enthusiasm, his wild antics are rarely appreciated in the minds of his fellow woodland creatures.

A sluice is a channel and gate that regulates the flow of water. Bees, puns, blood, tears, bald guys, drama, romance, potty jokes, rats, mice, vampires... the works!New pages tri-weekly. I command you to read it.

The story of a Martial Artist Monk who comes down from the mountain Monastery to take up a life in the outside. Wishing for a peaceful existence, he instead becomes a reluctant hero, body-guarding his intrepid, trouble-prone friends on their adventures.

Chapter 8 "Blood of the Gods"! Will a group of college friends be able to find and rescue a one time acquaintance? Ended

The story of Krystal Amorer and the bizarre series of events that follow the night she supposedly died.

A story of death, betrayal, and power. Zombies and voodoo come included.

SUCCUBUS: Ten years ago she was violently murdered by a group of spoiled, rich sons of privilege. Privilege that would protect them from justice. But her death was the beginning of their end. Ten years later, she has returned with a thirst for revenge...And blood. Hell hath no fury--Like a woman reborn!!!

The misadventures of Skull Girl -- a recent graduate of a super-villainy school. She faces two major obstacles to her career as a super-villainess: No work experience, and she's sweet and adorable.

And it's back with a new format. Illustrated text. The epic fantasy of sorcery, civil war, Vikings and horse archers, undead knights, crazy white faced witches and family reunions. On hiatus, searching for a way to do it.

Born in the back of a maths book when my attempt at a seal went horribly wrong was Super Maths Beaver, making my Maths lessons less boring and my grades unimportant.

The cherub brothers are maybe-kinda-sorta legitimate cherubs who live and help out people in an unfunded retirement town that's rumored to be demolished for condos. To be honest they're not brothers, but it's a catchy term the kids coined for them. The local gang/wannabe cultists fucked up and brought something back that was supposed to be sealed along with the darker secrets of the dying town...

Joey is a ghost possessing his own zombie. The problem is, he can't always keep control. Follow him as hunts strange monsters, fights strange foes, and just possibly... finds the cure everybody has been looking for.

The world of Terra is plagued by a living nightmare in the form of an angelic child. Ancient beings that give Terra life can no longer control what they have created and the only way to awake from Terra's nightmare is for the planet to die. This is the tale of a girl created solely to assist a planet with it's own suicide.

Earth's fate is in the hands of 2 alien races! Luckily 1 of them isn't so bad. Attempting to stop a vicious horde can 2 specially gifted humans (Fenny & Sally) actually turn the tables of balance on this war? Year 2132 Fantasy, SciFi, Action, Adventure

Kizzy is an energetic, clumsy, and somewhat innocent cat who happens to be a shape shifter. She learns a little shamanic magic and poof gets herself in over her head with some dangerous shadow runners.

Archimedes, a magical researcher, journeys back to his home on an expedition. But the sleepy village isn't all it seems, and he'll soon find himself face to face with unfathomable horrors.

The moments that happened, need to happen, what be great to happen...computerized.

A series of one-shots, gag-a-days, and other miscellaneous things featuring the world and characters of the Drachronon/BGTE universe

This Guild Wars 2 fan comic focuses on the misadventures of an asura named Muffin the Mad, and her (slightly) less insane friends. Updates Saturdays!

Set in Victorian Era England, a young man tries to be a butler. He's not very good at it. What we get is somewhere between Buster Keaton, Monty Python, Golden Boy and Mr. Bean.

Chessie and Dook come from opposite sides of The Window. But that won't stop Chessie from being Dook's best friend...whether Dook likes it or not. Now updating Tuesdays AND Fridays!

Body of a man Mind of a vacuum demon! A one shot about a dying man and a silly vacuum demon and their (Short) but unexpected friendship!

A twist on Super Hero comics.In this comic the story is about the villain,his struggles and inner demons.

A dark drama about awful people, abuse of the sick and vulnerable, and mental health. CW: mental illness, suicide, abuse, violence, trauma, bigotry, substance abuse, and nudity.

The year is 2072, and 16 year old Scarlett Randal has been sent by the worldwide aeronautics research organization to repair a space shuttle far from earth. Due to a low budget and general laziness she was sent off on a faulty rocket, which malfunctioned and caused her to land on the alien planet, Vulparia. She has to stay on the planet and get along with the beings on it, until she can hopefully get back home.

WarriorBorn is an action comic told through the eyes of the main character Eclipse. During a mission gone wrong Eclipse was led to believe that his mentor had died. He quit being a superhero...until troubles around him caused him to fight again.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, society is shattered into factions and all live in fear of a second alien invasion. Wren and his team fight to unite the earth against its real enemy: fear itself.

What is the definition of a witch and an angel? How about twisting it? With slaying the children of the eldritch and eating hearts of them? TW: Violence, blood, gore(limb cut or dragging heart outside body and ect), and cannibalism This comics will be upload irregularly because of the author's irregular schedule. It could be fasten or slown. Each pages are immediately uploaded when it is completed, and when a episode is ended up, episode complete notice will be uploaded.

A lighthearted slice of life romance featuring an unlikely pair. (Contains strong language and sexual humor.)

An Adventure in which Prince Aiden learns more than he ever wanted to about the Wizard Vicus, while trying to save his kingdom. (Updates Monthly)

Meet Wonkedo DePest, an impish and idiotic dunzoid (from Dunzoia; go figure.) that refuses to stay out of trouble! What will he do next? What won't he do next? Read and find out!

Working around is still some kind of working... isn't it??? Well, it is for Sil - a workophobic elf bard who will do whatever it takes to avoid getting a job! Even if it means being kicked out of his house, kidnapped by pirates and being locked under the deck... oh well.

An Adventure about a french Zombie trying to get his life back

2 Aliens. Disguised as dogs. Here to study human life. Hilarity ensues. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri. Check back for monthly fill-in-the-bubble CONTESTS, too.


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