Evil Emperor Nick on Nov. 29, 2007

Sorry this is so late and the lack of a Harbringer update. I just moved out and honestly I don't have internet access at my new home. In fact I can't even find my computer right now. (I hope it didn't get lost or worse while I was moving.) And I only just recently got the gas & heat turned on.

Which leads me to so bad news. The VM files were lost while moving and all the issued we had done up ahead are missing. This is the only update I have left (because I mailed it to myself to be uploaded from elsewhere in anticipation of my lack of internet.)

Currently Amy is under a brutal deadline to finish our graphic novel by the end of january so she can't take the time to redo them. Unless we find the disks they were saved on I'm afraid that VM is either going to have to get a guest artist for a few weeks or go on hiatus.

If anyone is interested in helping out let me know. If we can get a guest artist for that period we might do a Mary spin off story or something like that until Amy can return and continue the normal comic.

PS: If anyone has suggestions for a good high speed internet provider let me know because I am looking for one.