Thank you page

bravo1102 on Aug. 15, 2018

It's a filler page while I do casting call for the upcoming sequences.

I ran out of previously done pages from the Old Go a Viking! So everything after this will be brand new shooting. That means lots of preparation for new costumes, new characters, fixing broken figures that have been storage for nearly ten years, and the property. Need sets and props. Need furniture. I have tons of stuff purchased over the years just sitting in its boxes. This all has been planned a long time.

And then there's the rewrite. I am going to to try to string all my ideas for the originally envisioned Go A Viking! franchise into one narrative. There were supposed to be two or three sequels. Instead it's mostly going to be squeezed into one. There will probably be two mini-sequels {u}Twenty Years Later and Cursed knights: the return of * No spoilers. Those two may even be combined into one story. Let's just say for now it'll involve Searsha's second daughter.

But in the mean time there'll be pages of extras. There will be some mini-bits about the casting call which will be sort of cross-over with Belle's Best or at least Belle and Trisha's production company casting this fantasy epic series.

This page includes a picture of the real me as well as my decision to cast figures I haven't used before.

And the contractual obligation? Belinda Brandon has to appear in every comic I do. If not in a leading role at least a cameo. And if she wants family members to co-star I have to make allowances.