Book Two, chapter 2, page 4

bravo1102 on June 24, 2019

Does not look like this new format is taking off. I'm beginning to tire of it.

Any ideas?

I experimented with using some filters to make the photos look like line art. Mixed results so far and that would mean I'd have to get the figures out and start taking pictures again. But then, I'd have to get them out anyway for any additional drawings as I prefer to do them from the figure.

Also need to lay out the facial proportions as opposed to winging it. I'm trying to do this drawings in between cars at work, so it's been hectic and catch as catch can. A line here, a line there while running in an out of the guard shack. Gotten so accustomed to being tied to the computer.

I know, draw digitally– just never got around to installing it.

This might be the last page for a while so I can work through these issues. Maybe if I do it more like Prince Valiant with more illustrations and less text. Have to work these things out. Plus, there's a ton of other projects in the way.

There's also a debate over whether I want to do an adult comic.