No one can ever keep me down.

bravo1102 on Oct. 24, 2018

With the black dress she just had to try on the pointed hat and sit on the broom. How did I know she knew the words to “Defying Gravity”? I knew sorceresses had powerful singing voices and she had been keeping to herself of late–

But when she announced she was leaving to go on tour in Wicked?

She does have a mind of her own. As a sorceress she wouldn't need the flying effects or the green make-up.

There'll be a second concession page with Searsha in the green make-up.

This hiatus is indefinite. Disappointment, lack of motivation and a script outline that I can no longer make heads nor tails of. It's gotten too big and there is no way to work with it as things stand right now.

I had promised to keep going as long as the DD Awards. With their outcome, it's over – for the foreseeable future. Who knows, in four years it might be this comic getting a “Best Return from Hiatus” award.

I find the song to be very inspirational, but inspiring me to go in other directions. The characters won't go to waste, there are a bunch of other more promising scripts they will be used for.

No one can keep you down (including yourself)