JillyFoo on Dec. 22, 2020

I guess I have some explaining to do.

I have been cheating on DE. I have been drawing a new comic for the past four weeks. So far 35 plus pages penciled.

2020 has been one wild ride more than anything I have ever experienced. Projects that I felt intense passion for burnt out due to the changed environment. The Red story was inspired by a friendship I have, but I haven't been able to see this friend since before the pandemic so I feel it will rekindle after this is all over.

I have been wanting to do a all ages/PG story for a long time due to the environment I work in and small town I am currently residing in. I feel like have to keep it a secret from everyone that I draw comics because my stuff is weird. I want to draw something I can show to students and my family.

It's just that I couldn't come up with one until a few weeks ago when it hit me like lightning. I felt like my brain was on fire for a week as I rapidly drew pages. It feels so great to just draw a story and not post it. Like I post now a days and my motivation dies because the feedback was not as huge as it was years ago(sometimes even the opposite I get a lot of attention and my motivation dies). It's my own headgame. Those that are reading this are in the choir(preach to the choir). You are still reading and I thank you. I think it would be great to pencil an entire short story, complete it, THEN post it online. I won't be able to change it from feedback but at least I am learning to beat my own motivation headgame. I am also post it modern webtoon style.

DE is great as a cult hit. Believe me I love it and have been obsessed with it immensely, but boy it is hard to find those readers in our culture that has changed a lot since ten years ago. It's not the wild west anymore where you can post anything and people will come at it with an open mind. Also there was much less competition. And that's OK. Adult stuff should not be seen by everyone.

I also consider that my formatting is not with the times. People want that nice scroll down webtoon format. I read a lot of comics in that format. It's too late for DE but…

Anyway my point: I am not going to say the dreaded H-word. It's going to just be slower for a bit.