JillyFoo on July 12, 2020

RED Part II is coming soon. Maybe Friday or this is Friday's update.

In the meantime refresh your memory of RED part one.

Two places you can read RED part I:

Patreon (It's a free post. Scroll down reading.)


Big thing happening at this site: DRUNK DUCK AWARDS

Volunteer if you want. I judged… one of the years (maybe 2012?) It was a overall good experience and man I judged some weird comics…I didn't know people made comics with shirtless Barbies until… Basically you gotta vote to get some overall good comic treasures from your favorites in there.

Anyway Demon Eater always gets pigeonholed into the Horror category. (it's the body horror I know…) My dream is for Demon Eater to make it into the SciFi Category, Best Plot Development, or or… the big one Best Overall Story Comic. (That's a pipe dream though. Modest Medusa is too good.) Even if I don't win it would be great to get into those categories if… you think DE deserves it….