Super Monkey Weasel Ball

Amelius on Jan. 13, 2022

This page took forever, and I'm posting a wider version than usual because I didn't want to lose certain details in the shrinkage. Also still working on potato quality adapter for my monitor so things like say, gaps where lineart didn't fill all the way are little surprises when I zoom in because I sure as heck can't see them until then! But I found a real game changer in ClipStudio, the Correct tool apparently also works on raster images and fills, I thought it'd only work on vectors but I found out quite by accident it works on both.

I apologize for the extra long gap, it wasn't just the size of the page but other factors like stress/anxiety and lack of sleep, but I pulled a couple all-nighters with the idea that if I can't flippin' sleep, I may as well be up working, harnessing that Night Owl Energy.
You can be assured though it's not comic burnout or me spinning my wheels about what to do next– this has never been a seat-of-the-pants written comic, I'm very excited for things that are coming up in the story.

So let's get down to it!
Tree Fortress, Eldenlon (The Elf Kingdom) and the Capitol are all South-East of our dear Cabin 6, and Thanelvia is a bit further to the East and just North of Eldenlon.

Devil's Footstep (which is a term used for barren, no man's lands) is a long strip village, it's situated on the borders of the Ash Troll, Demon Kingdom and Elf Kingdom. I good portion of the citizenry are half-demon Elves that were pushed out of Eldenlon when the anti-fiend barrier went up. No kingdom lays claim to it. This one is directly South of the cabin. This group has a tracking orb, we haven't seen one of those in a while (Kavonn was always the one to produce them from his hat) so let me just say that's it's not exactly a common item you'd find any ragtag group just casually using to find things.

Samrick's castle and the Wilds are South East, but further North by many, many miles from the other locations. Unless these folks have a way to fast travel (my bet is on the Fairies!) it's going to be a while until they catch up with Fay. Unless a certain group is closer…

Perrdinal is the closest to the cabin, his shop is fair few miles of walking distance South West, close enough that Mye has even travelled there for a spellbook or two. Also, Rollo completely misread his uncle in regards to Grisbelma the Grimalkin– she's his third cousin, or so he claims. His nephew is just one of those guys that assumes if you respect a lady, it's because you have a crush on her. Also yea Catnip is really catnip, but magically enhanced. Clover on the other hand is just weed they get from “humans” living in a town in the shadow of Blackforge, North of the Chaos Kingdom.

Also, we get to see the bestiary expanded a bit here outside some of my own critters. The lady with the ears giving Samrick's paw a massage is a Panotti, a human-like creature which has giant ears from Greek myth. Their ears are so long they can allegedly use them to fly, but also wrap them around themselves to keep warm.
The two little guys meeting with the fairies are Kobolds, from German myth. They're usually house-bound spirits or haunt mines (Kellwood was a mining town at one point) and they have a counterpart, Klabautermann, which haunt boats.

And speaking of original species and mythology…
Hey it's a week past due my webcomic's anniversary so here's a poster with some of the cast species changed!
I think some of them are more obvious than others, but I had a blast doing this. I might do more later for some of our pals that got left off.