Zerlocke's Fursona

Amelius on Aug. 2, 2022

His day has finally arrived, and he has a proper excuse for it! Maybe Tony could've even got in on this fake boyfriend act if he wasn't aware that it's giving up the game he was following her out here because he's still worried about her and wanted to see if that wand was actually effective at all at protecting her! (And she barely used it so he still doesn't know!)
Well well well now, what's all this talk about being the most powerful Orycalope and, what, related to their Queen somehow even? Mye's mother was a human! She's not gonna correct them right now though! Also she's fairly sure these rabbits are not all there.

And indeed, Rondo did expound on Mye's importance– the only thing she focused on is they want her to make healthy babbies for the kingdom, something that sounds as horrifying to her as it does to me! And Rondo (her representative in charge of giving her some Orycalope exposition who is now very dead) did go on about the other candidates being “weaker”, but that kind of talk flew over her head too because it does sound a little twisted. Mye just knew for some reason guys act weird around her so she chalked it up to that and dismissed it as them making her Queen just because they thought she was hot (even though Rondo is like “that's totally not the reason, but it helped”). Hey and how about that, we finally learned the previous Queen's name was Tilda! (That was previously knowledge I just had tucked somewhere else.) Hill Kingdom is only one of several population centers of Orycalopes and (was)the second largest– there are 2 major splinter groups that have their own royalty, the Eastern Kingdom and what's left of Hill Kingdom, technically Eastern is actually “South-Eastern”, these bachelors have traveled a pretty good distance just for the opportunity to impress whatever new Queen might be there.

Anyway I can't thank youseall enough for the comments last page, it really motivated me! I know this page still took forever to get posted, but that's because of tech issues rather than flagging motivation. I know you can't see it all because it's still in process but I got more art done this past month than I have in a long time! In bits and pieces, but at least there was some forward momentum on projects and I'm looking at things and saying “I need to finish this”.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!