Royal Retreat

Amelius on Sept. 7, 2020

I was having some real bad luck getting my fingers sliced up while cleaning up the home (and a cat food can giving me a good slash just as the others healed up!) but things are all healed up now, that's half of why the page took a little longer to produce. The other half, I've just got a new work setup that's taking a bit of getting used to, had to replace my tablet finally (I've been using the same one since 2006 and the pen grip disintegrated, which made drawing for hours on end really painful) and we got a nice monitor tablet, which has improved things as much for me as there has been setbacks (photoshop SUCKS, I still need it for text and it absolutely glitches out constantly and most advice has been “uhm, driver tablet update?” and it's a brand new tablet with up to date drivers, it's Adobe that's garbage not my tablet, I may need to mess with some wintab files or something) but drawing in Clipstudio has been absolutely wonderful and glitch free, if it had the same depth for texting I would abandon photoshop in a heartbeat. Might try illustrator again because I have it, and the UI doesn't look like it was made for ants on my new tablet, but ugh is it a program that feels hostile to users. To say it's unintuitive would be an understatement.

Anyway hope you all are doing well!