His Superhero

Amelius on Sept. 28, 2018

Not everything Blaine said to Vic was total BS, but he did gloss over a few things rather than have to make up some guy named “Ron Barlowe” who taught him about monster hunting before mysteriously disappearing.

Vic having had an eventful childhood himself didn't bat an eye at Blaine somehow just training himself to hunt monsters by his lonesome just like every single obnoxious “Kid Hero” in movies and cartoons. Vic certainly made his own share of makeshift shivs… caused his mother quite some concern.

But Blaine absolutely did hire people to kill monsters for him as a young'un and got his hands on some guns for himself anyway. He's lucky the Families didn't come collect him themselves.

So here we have a few somewhat familiar faces! From the left to right, Dennis, who got left behind in the Netherworld, “Lucky” and Bert, and Duncan without Ixzerit tree roots growing out of his face!