Heads Will Roll

Amelius on Nov. 29, 2022

Poor Lemrya, maybe some day you will meet someone who doesn't react like they wish they had a flamethrower in their hands. :(
Orrotta “blood” doesn't dry out quite like the real thing, it's more like a motor oil as I think I described it before. It tends to leave a stain.

I do hope you'll understand why these pages take so long to finish, this could be multiple pages of update normally but I couldn't bring myself to chop it up so I never have a buffer. Also my string of bad luck this past year with injuries setting things back; but hey my sprain doesn't impede drawing on the tablet by that much right now, so the moment my pain was manageable I worked very hard to get this done before the month was up. Oh it still REALLY hurts when I do something like pick up heavy things (cats) or kittens that squirm when you pick them up but the false impression I get that it's fine when I don't do these things leads me to do these things without thinking and then it's a sudden reminder that it still needs to heal. But I cannot resist holding a kitty!!
I don't know why but my motivation tends to go really high when I'm supposed to be taking it easy, so the 3 days I waited after the injury before plunging forward into work were torment. I needed to seize that motivation before it waned.

On the bright side for me, this past weekend I finally got to see my family again and visit with my beloved parents I haven't seen in too long, got to see my sister, and we had a family movie night with my awesome nephews, and I also got to hold adorable kittens.