The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Amelius on July 16, 2018

Sorry for the long wait between updates, had yet another run of bad luck the start of this month.(and let's be honest I've just been depressed since essentially losing my website to this ridiculous racket SiteLock and Fatcow are running and that's hit me right in the motivation)
I did get some good news recently though so hopefully all the garbage luck might turn around soon.

Thanks all for reading and being great support, I'm not giving up just because things are slow. There's lots I'm VERY excited to get to once we get past story time with Grandma. :D

These aren't ALL the Hunter family folk, by the way. Just a few of the ones that were closest with the Marlowes before things went down. ReVamped readers, you may even recognize one of them…