7th Anniversary

stinger9 on Aug. 15, 2023

Unsurprisingly no one here gives a crap. On the offchance anyone stumbles across this in future and wants to keep reading, you can find it here, as is, I see no point in continuing to upload on a site where no-one is ever going to bother reading it.

And here we are, the first pages of Drachronon were uploaded 15th of August 2016 over on DD, making this the 7th anniversary! (Or at least, going off my time! Wanted to get post this as early as possible, got stuff to do today!)

It's not exactly been the smoothest ride to get here, but I'm still going, I want to keep going, and yeah, figured 7th was a good point to start doing art for these!
Had a few ideas for the art, settled on this one though, just Tan, Edan, their respective dragon-forms (Best not think too hard on how that works) and a big ol' 7.

Also, decided to get a bit of every chapter in there too at the bottom. I kind of wanted an object for each one, but that was kind of tough, some chapters just didn't give me much to work with, one in particular ended up just being a more abstract representation! Also had to resist the urge to make, like, half of them rocks, that cave has been through so much!
Still, if anyone wants to take guesses at what those things are supposed to be, be my guest! Some are probably a little more recognisable than others

Thank you everyone who's stuck with it, whether it's from near the start, or relatively new!
Also, going to add another unrelated thing here. If you can help with a gofundme, fellow comic maker Xade needs help! As in, family on the street in a week if they can't get some support (And its a miracle they even got that extra week). I've contributed as much as I can, and this is pretty much the last place I can signal boost, so please, if you can, go check the Gofundme page here for more info.