stinger9 on June 28, 2018

Why hello “least favourite page so far” nice of you to finally show up! Yes, I had a ton of problems getting this one done, for reasons I don't even want to get into! Had to start working at a lower resolution again halfway through, because for some reason I just couldn't get anything looking even remotely the way I wanted it to. Probably not that noticeable anyway! Should have redrawn some of it, but at this point it was so late I just needed to get it over with!
That orc's clothing may look a little familiar, we saw it all the way back in chapter 2, that being the uniform of the the more lower ranking grunt soldiers in the city, generally getting stuck with all the slightly less glamorous or showy jobs. The building Edan is living in is actually more used as temporary accommodation for any important visitors to the city, or just more of the Guardians (since most of them wander in from other areas, and few of them stick around/live for long!) But, that's about all I'm going to explain for now, I'm sure we'll actually get to some of that sort of stuff story wise sooner or later!
Next page may be a little late too, have a lot of other stuff I want to get worked out. Really need to get around to those height charts for my own sake! Plus I want to get around to re-adding a certain element of one characters design, and that'll probably have to be added back into some of the older pages! That'll probably become apparent next page!
(And I really need to cut down on these notes!)