Pinky TA 8: Page 24 - end

Ozoneocean on Oct. 10, 2023

Page description:
The stolen land battleship is destroyed in a huge explosion, killing the enemy officers, scientists and engineers who were working on it. Cc and Ace seem to be taking credit for this eventuality… so her goal wasn't just to mess things up for Pinky after all.

This is the last page of the chapter. Weird how long it takes- I'm a pro graphic designer, I routinely knock out work super quick, but when it comes to this I slow right down.

I didn't know what the text would be till I finished the page, but it perfectly sums up the difference between Pinky and Cc so neatly that it wraps the whole thing in a bow- she favours subterfuge over direct action, and loss of life in pursuit of the national interest is unimportant.

People normally write spies as cynical in regards to politics and the goals of their country, while soldiers are generally written as more nationalistic and idealistic. I flipped that with these guys. I think you HAVE to be a bit of a nationalistic nut to want to be a spy, while soldiers tend to have that nationalistic zeal and idealism stomped out of them by experience.

End of chapter 8.