SS7 73 Emotions in motion

skyangel on Sept. 19, 2020

As you may recall:

Sarah is at a concert being held and performed by her current partner Lucy. During the planning of the concert Sarah has spent much time with her ex-partner Janey searching a local field for a legendary artefact
which she has come to feel is perhaps just a wild goose chase after all but it has helped her struggle with her bitterness and anger towards Janey for having cheated on her in the past.

This is the last page of Sarah's short trip back in time to the events that took place between her and Janey. We're getting fairly close to the end now with only three weeks to go in Sarah's world before she finds herself sitting where she is now but there's still a few more exciting things to come so I'm trying to keep things moving as best as I can. I've got 2 of the 8 pages of the anthology story completed now which allows me to relax a bit and work on the next SS page!

Finally: Apologies for not responding to last weeks comments sooner, they were wonderful, thank you!. I read them on my phone during the week and then got so distracted by the anthology art that I forgot I hadn't responded. I know most of you probably won't mind anyway but I do like to keep the connection going! :)

Have a nice week :)