SS7 109 The Witch Bottle

skyangel on July 25, 2021

You may recall… way back at the start of this whole thing in chapter six I think, Sarah believes her gf's house is haunted by some evil spirit and even meets an elderly local lady walking her dog who enforces the idea and invites Sarah round for tea and cookies to hear the ancient ‘Legend of Lenore’ from her historian husband. Since then Sarah has had continual daydreams and nightmares which slowly unveiled a story of a woman possessed of certain unique talents who was denounced as a witch by frightened locals. Things came to a head when a nasty landowner, Lord Carlingford burnt down the caravan in which Lenore and her family were living in, causing the death of her husband and child as a result. Lenore swore revenge and Carlingford, afraid of what she might do tried to protect himself by the use of a ‘Witch bottle’ but not understanding how it was supposed to be used left himself open to her eventual retribution.
After Carlingford's mysterious and grisly murder a local Witchfinder was hired by the frightened villagers to deal with Lenore and after much effort he finally has her at his mercy..

Next week: Back to the present as Sarah finally finds what she's been looking for for so long!