SS7 65 Hunting Lenore 1

skyangel on July 11, 2020

The story so far: Sarah claims she sometimes glimpses odd snatches of Lenore's past life at times but whether it's a paranormal connection or just Sarah's fanciful imagination is anybody's guess as she's never found any physical evidence to support her story.

It's been quite an amazing two weeks for me with regards to the comic because after being on this site for so long it's understandable that over 13 years you will lose some readers so it's been really nice to hear from a couple of new ones who have been ploughing through the archive recently and also a few readers from way back who have popped up to say hi. And then during the week Becky tells me that we've been getting a few messages and comments on our Facebook page too so as I say it's been quite a wonderful atmosphere here just lately.

But I just want to remind you guys out there that the success of our little comic has really always been down to you and your support. Simply Sarah would only ever have been a short 58 page story had it not been for the amount of enthusiasm and encouragement from our wonderful readers that kept pushing us along. This has to end though now regardless, as this last chapter has been written in what I feel is the best ending I can could come up with. From the very start I wanted to end this on a high note and the original planned ending which I've had had in my mind for almost 10 years now still remains intact but it's been enhanced by the Lenore story line as you will soon find out.

Have a nice week :)