SS6 98 Nagging Doubts

skyangel on Oct. 13, 2018

When Niccea mentioned we had taken an award this year for ‘Best Plot Development’ I was over the moon because as you're all aware, the story over these last 98 pages has been a lot different to the previous chapters before it!

In my case the idea of Sarah falling in love with a girl who had a secret past was the basic spine I set out to build on which fleshed out to Laura dying in mysterious circumstances along with a sideline story about Sarah feeling haunted by her ghostly presence. I then thought it would be interesting to have Sarah's imagination fuelled by Lucy talking in her sleep, rightly or wrongly about what really happened to the girl.
At some point the story seemed rounded off enough but then the idea of Laura turning out to be alive after all started to play on my mind as it caused everyone problems in all directions, especially Sarah's relationship with Lucy. Then the story started to really write itself, because all the main characters seemed to have different levels of guilt, fear, and resentment towards Laura still being alive depending on whose perspective I was viewing the situation from and as old ideas no longer worked out I was forced to reconsider different motives, attitudes and events which started to feel comfortable with everything else going on. At one point I had so many unexplained loose ends that I was beginning to think I'd made the story too complex for it's own good so it was a nice feeling to be able to start tidying all those up at last. It's been a long, long story I know but I'm so glad you guys stuck with it as I was sure you would enjoy it in the end.

The funny thing is that I can't even remember how the Legend of Lenore became entwined along the way! It was never planned from the start but something that grew from the idea of Laura trying to connect with her dead mother and a confusion of spirits stemming from two similarly traumatic losses; Laura with her mother and Lenore with her child.

But that's enough of that for now.

Have a nice week, and thanks as always for all your lovely support that has kept this comic going for so long! xx