SS7 Under Construction

skyangel on Jan. 15, 2019

Hi guys,
I hope you all had a nice and pleasant break. Some people think me a bit weird but I actually enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas much more once it's over. I tend to feel more stressed than excited before the big day these days but now it's all over, I feel very relaxed and I'm just taking it easy, reading comics, playing games, watching too many good movies and of course… working on this final chapter.

Looking at the stats I can see a lot of you have either been reading the archive or checking for a new update and we're still bouncing in and out of the top ten despite not having posted anything since the beginning of last November, so I thought I should let you know how things are progressing.

What you see above is the page layout for the final chapter. I've reduced it to save spoiling the story but you can see roughly which pages have been scripted and which still remain blank. I always work off a basic skeleton so that I know where each scene or incident comes on the timeline before I do it but it's only when I start fleshing out and writing the script properly that I can see how many pages each event will take. If it's a big scene or a really dramatic moment, I tend to stall for a lot longer as I love playing it through in my daydreams as if I were watching a movie and that tends to make the art and writing stronger. In all the previous chapters I've followed the timeline but written the scripts a few pages ahead to keep moving with the art which is why my eventual page count often ends up horrifying me! So this time I'm writing the entire script first so I know almost exactly where we are at all times. I think originally I might have said 30 pages, which then felt more like 60 but as you can see it looks like I've finally nailed it down to 100 now the scripts are almost finished!

I still have some linking pages to write in those blanks and one or two tie-ups I'm undecided on at the moment but I'm hoping to be able to put a preview poster up fairly soon to give you an idea of what you're
in for. I can't make any promises about how exciting or absorbing this last chapter will be but once the posters up I'll be able to get some idea how keen you are too!

Happy New Year!