SS6 p88 Talking of Witches

skyangel on July 21, 2018

This page acts as a refresher for ‘The legend of Lenore’ more than anything but not just for the readers benefit but Sarah's too because it's important she now has Lenore and the Carlingford Curse on her mind again.

Out of interest I'm putting a link to the real shop that inspired me to create my own macabre shop. As I said last week this shop is in the grounds but not in the actual Mill itself as mine is. If you check out the collection there is some really weird stuff around page 4 onwards including a full human brain for £1500 or half of one for £900 depending on your budget!

Fifth Corner Museum

Fifth Corner items on sale

Next week: Events for Sarah become more sinister as she becomes aware of Lenore's presence at the Mill!

Have a nice week ;)