SS7 96 Bad Vibes

skyangel on April 17, 2021

Rejection has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. When I think back to my very first relationship which was in my late teens, still living with my parents and besotted with one girl who seemed so much more special than any other girl in the world, it felt amazing to hear she felt the same way about me and in my cute fluffy world we were going to be together forever! But after about six months I started to get these vibes that something wasn't quite so even any more. The excuses for being busy, the drop in tone when she picked up the phone etc and in my heart I knew it was over but kept hoping I was wrong.

Several relationships later it felt easier to look back and realise she wasn't so special anyway and also to accept why some of my friends and family never like her much anyway! It's all part of the natural healing process I guess, that and focusing on all her bad points rather than her good ones! What a curious thing the human ego is.

Next Saturday: Sarah meets Lucy for a heart to heart!