SS7 15 Finding

skyangel on June 15, 2019

One thing I'm often very conscious of is script vs artwork. Too many pages of two girls in the same setting such as this feels artistically restricting at times and although the easiest way to skip through them is by just doing head shots I do like to try to keep each page visually interesting.
When it comes to writing the script however I feel some things are very important to the story itself, some things important to the character relationships, and other things which feel important for the reader to know to give depth or meaning to the other two, but without burying the art in text either to accommodate all three.
So as always I tend to to think we can have so much in this scene before it starts to get a little tedious and then cut to a side story or different scene to keep things feeling fresh and exciting. So when at this point I'm thinking we have been in this field for five pages, I get the strong urge to take the ‘camera’ some place else just to give us all a break!

Just thinking aloud! :)

Have a nice week!