SS6 101 The End

skyangel on Nov. 3, 2018

So this is absolutely it for now! This leaves us with two big questions I know, which are ‘Will Janey and Sarah ever get back together?’ and ‘Will they find that Witch bottle?’. I must admit I was very tempted to just end it here and let readers decide for themselves how they preferred it to end as there's always been a divide over Janey cheating on Sarah as well as the idea of whether Lenore is real or imagined.

But…as I've said before, this was never the planned official ending as we have other characters whose pages were put into storage for the sake of pace and focus on the main Laura/Lenore story line, and these are pages that all help wind up the entire SS series much more nicely so I'm still excited about getting those done. We're also finally preparing SS for publication too!

Most importantly though, Sarah has been like a child to me these last 10 years; she's re-lived a lot of slices from my own life, expressed my most private thoughts and feelings in a way that felt safe and fun to do so and even allowed me to live out a few fantasies too! So my Sarah really is what SS has always been about for me personally all these pages and in the epilogue my main attention will be on her again just as it was in the beginning showing how she has evolved since those early school days, become a strong and confident woman and how her friends have grown with her.

To those who have supported us for so long and so passionately, we thank you! :)