Maxi-dress fail

Jonko on June 2, 2012

True, this could happen to anyone, but it happens to me…
But that's Jonko isn't it? as always!
It's been a while again. Great news, I got a new job! I will now be doing business development and marketing for a big American law firm!
Life is good now. Will probably be even busier than before but hope I can still make time to draw. Reunited with an old friend this week and was told never to stop drawing though, so will try the best to keep doing it!
As long as I keep having these fails, I will keep drawing them!
Please stay around to watch and laugh and feel better about yourselves by reading my fails too! Life is too short to be ashamed of the mistakes you make, should just laugh about them!
Late night rant by Jonko, love you all and thanks for reading!