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OrcDaddy on Nov. 17, 2021

I imagine the baying this hound makes sounds like that broken air raid siren. If you've never heard it before, go listen to it on a video site. It's terrifying.

Synopsis for the first volume of “Catch22”

Olivia Drache has always been able to interact with the Unseen Realm, and uses her Sight to assist her criminal life, combining the human underworld with that of the supernatural. Addicted to danger, she navigates this life towards her ultimate, as yet unknown goals, all the while, charming and manipulating her way into powerful, supernatural allies. Unfortunately, that has to be put on hold for a while when she finds herself trapped in a faerie forest with murderous, Baobhan Sith (BUH-BAWN shee)! With her only reluctant companion being the cop that arrested her, the two have to try and get along at least until they have a chance to escape, or else, they will be eternal pets to the horrendous fae beasts…