Jenny's Realization

smkinoshita on July 13, 2019

This is something that originally wasn't going to happen until a bit later, but since I'm wrapping up much earlier than I originally planned to due to my wife's passing I figured that the process started in motion while her shoulder healed.

While Skully hasn't been especially nice to Jenny, she's still treated her better than anyone else has. I'm not sure if I really illustrated it terribly clearly, but Skully's the one who taught Jenny how to better utilize her abilities using her ninja training.

As being in pain literally makes her smarter, Jenny became more aware of what her co-workers thought of her – but the only person who doesn't hold a grudge is Skully.

I had planned for awhile that Jenny and Skully would be friends later on, especially after Jenny's back story was delved into (she's a genetically engineered prototype).