Find your own magic

Jake Richmond on Jan. 17, 2022

- Some of you were pretty upset at Jenny's response to Ekans last strip. I thought that was funny, since Jenny has always been pretty awful. But her comment about learning to sword fight wasn't just a dismissal. As some of you know, the Mermaids of Yeld were created by the Deep to be soldiers in a war against Prince Dragul. Mermaids are kind of terrifying. They're stronger than humans and can fight just as well on land as in the water. They also can breed with local populations, and the results are always more Mermaids. The implications of that as a war strategy are of course terrifying. Anyway, traditionally Mermaids get two career paths, mage or soldier. Of course, the war is long over now and Mermaids live all over Yeld and lead all kinds of lives, but that binary is pretty built in to who they are. If you can't cast spells, you better learn to fight!