#148 Spelling Contest

Evil Emperor Nick on March 9, 2008

3rd Party Fantasy is back!

With the Night School manga all wrapped up 3rd Party Fantasy will be return for updates as time allows. I'm hoping for twice a week but that might be ambitious. I can't really promise anything at this time.

Joining me on 3rd Party Fantasy is my wife Amelius who is bring a higher quality to 3PF then ever before. My goal is to finish Amulet of Velsuvius storyline by the end of 2008 at which point I might start up a spin off comic following with a new story arc. I frequently worry that the old quality of the archives (3PF was one of my first series) makes the series hard to read. For example how Vance and Gil lack names for about 25 issues is something I new realize was a mistake.

If I could finish up the main story and move into a spin off it would let new readers get into the story and then choose if they want go back and read the first 3PF adventure. I'm not a fan of restarting comics though, I think 98% of the time it is a waste, so I'm not going to go back and redo them.

Although I'm just talking about the comic itself today I hope to bring back my humorous rants as well in future.

-Empire out