#1 Shiny Objects

Evil Emperor Nick on Jan. 16, 2006

Hello and welcome to 3rd Party Fantasy. Fans, if any still exist, will recall this comic came to a crashing halt around issue 122. Well I am reposting and continuing the serries. I'll be reposting my work cleaning up a few of the weaker points in the serries and then be continuing with the serries possibly changing it from a sprit comic to a different format. My plan is to update daily till the archive is restored and then update 3 times a week.

Incidentally this is Gil (The Blue haired one) and Vance (The one with the sword) De'Ras. They didn't get names until issue 18. Originally this was going to be a ten issue mini-serries just for an experiment but it was so well received I decided to continue it, lets hope it is again.