#147 Carnal's Peril

Evil Emperor Nick on July 16, 2007

Well I promised a big annoucement and here it is. I, along with the tallented Amelius, have agreed to do a Night School: Kojo Academy graphic novel which will, if successful, possibly be the launch of a larger Night School series.

We've been talking with Platnium Studios and working on ideas for the series for over six months now and we just signed the contracts over the weekend. Amy and I will be working full tilt on the Graphic Novel and will be launching a new Night School series on Drunk Duck. We will of course be continueing the Night School fan series which is already here on drunk duck and we are always happy to have new artist for that project.

For those of you not familiar with Night School well I can only tell you to keep your eyes open for it because I think you are all in for a real treat. I don't think it will come as any great surprise to anyone that I think very highly of most of my work, but I assure you Night School is in all serious some of my best work to date. It isn't the same as 3rd Party Fantasy, Villainy Minor, Charby the Vampirate, or Unlife is Unfair. It is its own thing with its own flavor and style.

So that is my news and one of the main reasons up until now 3PF has been on hiatus. I hope you'll find that it was worth the wait.