The End

strixvanallen on April 19, 2018

(The three pages of the epilogue are already up!)

It was a long ride, wasn't it? I wrote a journal on DeviantArt explaining on detail why I wrapped B&V up now, of all times. You can read it here:

I don't have words to thank all the kindness and support The Duck community gave to me during my run here. You are a wonderful community. Which is why I didn't want to just vanish from here. I'm entering which might be a kind of a sabbatical year for art, in which I'll try a lot of things and see where it takes me, while trying to give some love for my writing. More details in the journal I linked above.

I don't know what will happen, but I know that I'll probably keep making one-shot comics and comic strips to keep myself sharp from time to time, and because I love doing them. Until I pick another project, I'm concentrating all random things I do into this “Strix's Lab” comic:

I'll make my announcements there and in my DA page. I also have an Instagram page: @laboratoriodastrix and a Twitter: @strixvanllen

Let's see where the future takes us!