Off Hours' Last Page!

dueeast on July 29, 2010

There are still a few more thanks to give out. For those who could not contribute art but lent us other telents and/or their characters:
1. Even though Silentkitty could only do 2 pages, she let us user Cai and Aisha (from Purgatory Tower) for the whole series.
2. DAJB from Shades let us use Stan for a cameo and assisted with storywriting in Chapter 2.
3. JunoBlairb from Star-Crossed Destiny loaned Juno (Rae Asano) and Shades (Tristan Holloway) from the end of Chapter 1 onward.
4. Vakanai did a couple of fillers for us.
5. PyThomas from Times Like This let us use his Cassie character (as “Destiny Logan” and her evil twin).
6. Even before she contributed art, Skyangel from Simply Sarah lent us her James Bond parody character “Jane Blonde.”
7. Skoolmunkee let us borrow Abby Sanders from Abby Sanders Lawyer To The Supernatural.
8. Thanks to the creator of Craving Control for letting me use C.K. to channel his Lalia character.
9. And for the characters in the “Monster” segment (that got shortened to one page), thanks to Ron Bender from Magical Misfits, Pitface from Putrid Meat, Azaeziel from Karen the Marilith and bittenbymonk from The Uncanny Uper Dave.

In addition to that, my undying thanks to the creators of Scooby-Doo, The Herculoids, Sliders, Die Hard, Doctor Who and Star Trek. These shows played pivotal roles in the direction some of the parodies in Off Hours took.

And lastly, special thanks to Tantz Aerine and Vickie Boutwell for helping me get started with Off Hours' writing and to the rest of the OH artists for working with my scripts and ideas. To everyone: your comments would be appreciated.