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  • Adventure |
  • 17 pages |
  • last: June 23 2015 |
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One pig. One sword. One big adventure.
  • Parody |
  • 4 pages |
  • last: July 8 2019 |
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The tale of down-on-his-luck Rax and his shifty sidekick Coon sidewinding their way to the American dream. It gets racial.
  • Fantasy |
  • 2 pages |
  • last: Aug. 24 2012 |
Tales of the shape-shifting-smartass-superhero!

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Wade West had it all, he was the sidekick of the world famous Blackhawk! Once tragedy hits, Wade has to learn to live out of his mentor's shadow.

About a teenager named Evan, who goes to a school to teach him how to be a supervillain! But he's no good at it and hilarity ensues!

Josh Cole aka Blue Jay makes the choice to become a hero rather than pursue crime. See how his choice affects his life.

Bombshell is a kick-ass, no BS vigilante who is determined to fix the world - as UN advisor by day, in latex by night. She also appears regularly on Heroes Unite and Heroes Alliance.

The Energize: A powerful entity that assumes a human host, gifting it with incredible and sometimes uncontrollable power.

A community project bringing together some of the finest talent and characters in superhero webcomics. (And the official sequel to "Heroes Unite".) DD Awards: "Best Overall Story Comic" (2014), "Best Community Project" (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). Featured on dd main page in June 2011.

The Heroes Unite #2: The mysterious force that has seiged New Rossco city have revealed themselves to the heroes, but with their leader, Tazer, defeated. They have only one course of action that they can take. Retreat...if they can. Story by: Spudsy - Artwork by: Nepath

The greatest heroes in the Legacy Universe against the greatest forces of evil!

A comic based magazine featuring characters from the Legacy Hero Universe!

At anytime, Larry Wulff transforms into the vicious werewolf known as Lucky Dawg. While Larry thinks Lucky is a ruining his life, Lucky is really a force of good. Lucky does, however, have a major attitude problem. These are their adventures.

Retake follows the adventures of Brad Stone, world-famous actor, as he starts down his path as Relik, a dark superhero with a past shrouded in mystery!

An evil plot to wipe mankind from the face of the earth is being planned, and fate's champions must band together in order to take out Mayor Mishiba's clone warriors and a Ancient evil.

In the clash of superheroes and supervillains, a man's wife and daughter become collateral damage. In his despair, regret, and sense of responsibility, he creates humanity's last line of defense against the super-powered individuals dictating their fate.

A stranger approaches a city. He awoke with no memory, except for the name of this city. He attempts to look for answers to questions he doesn’t even know there, but no one seems to know him. Something is off though, as they need him to save them.

the tale of a guy that gets Supreme command over the forces of Sound, Lightning, Flight, Speed, and his mass density. but the price for that is the loss of Command over the forces of his personal life...


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